I got Clear Care contact lens solution in my eye!

What should I do if Clear Care mistakenly gets into my eyes straight from the bottle?

Immediately remove your lenses and flush your eyes with large amounts of water or sterile saline for a few minutes. If burning and/or irritation persist, seek assistance from an eye care professional.


This would have been information to know BEFORE it got in my eye.

Let me tell you that once it gets in your eye you panic; it BURNS like you wouldn’t believe.

I guess I should have read the bottle – you know the part that says “do no put in your eye, do not rinse your contact lens and then put it in your eye.” But it is contact lens solution – contacts go in your eye – you put the solution on the contacts that go in your eye – it seemed pretty straight forward to me. I mean seriously – how many people read directions these days?

AFTER – I remember reading the part (a couple months ago) about letting the lenses soak for a while before wearing them but I was in a rush, I needed to rinse my lens so without thinking I grabbed my Clear Care contact lens solutions, rinsed off my contact lens and shoved it back in my eye…. OMFG IT BURNED! I couldn’t even get my lens out of my eye it hurt so bad – after much swearing I managed to rip the contact lens out of my eye and fill my eye with Visine for Contacts – it pretty much then looked like someone had stabbed me in the eye.

At the time (being in a hurry) I didn’t even think to rinse my eye with water (because that would of made too much sense) so after my eye stopped burning I put my contact lens back in my eye and ran out of the door.

Where was I going? To get my passport photo taken of course! Let’s hope they don’t reject my passport photo because my eye looks weird. At least they took photo in black and white.

I seriously can not be the only person out there to make this mistake. Who reads directions these days? Especially on something like contact lens solution? I have been using solution for years and recently switch brands – my old brand was safe for my eyes! Or was it? I guess it wasn’t safe but I could put it in my eye without it buring!

Contact lens solution is DANGEROUS stuff. The stuff I used before: Complete All-in-One Moisture Plus – was RECALLED because it was causing infections in people’s eyes. Funny – a couple months before it was recalled my eyes were driving me nuts so I just started wearing my glasses more. Recalls, eye burning…. this is dangerous stuff for a very sensitive part!

Am I going crazy? After writing this my eye hurts again.

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407 thoughts on “I got Clear Care contact lens solution in my eye!

  1. christine

    I am sitting here with one eye covered with tissue like a friggin’ pirate because I did the same exact thing with the contact stuff this morning. I was at my boyfriends and I asked him to go get some of his roommates solution because I forgot mine. I closed the case all night so I guess this is why it didn’t neutralize. Dear lord, the pain… and yeah, its’ like your eye squeezes shut so hard there’s no use even trying to get the damn thing out… I hope it goes away by tomorrow, I have my first day as a hostess at JIllians and who wants their drinks from the girl with the drippy infested eye? Not me!

    I was freaking out, I thought my boyfriend has used something like, I dunno, poison. haha Anyway, I just wanted to tell you you are not the only one. :) Cheers!

  2. Joy

    I just did the same exact thing about 3 hours ago and my eye is still hurting like crazy. I have worn contacts for 30 years and it never occurred to me to read the box. It said NO RUB cleaning and disinfecting solution, so assumed it worked the same as all the other “all-in-one” solutions. I hope there is no lasting damage from this mistake. Ciba Vision needs to display the warning on the box larger, and not just on the box flap. This stuff is dangerous.

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  4. eric

    I was burned by this stuff this afternoon. Like the others I just thought this stuff was “all in one” solution. After putting the contact in my (from an overnite soak) my eye spasmed shut from the intense pain. I took all i had to get the friggin contact out. I then ran water over my eye off and on for an hour. The pain was severe. This solution is part of a unique cleaning system that most contact wearer’s don’t use. It’s been 4 hours and the redness is starting to recede.

  5. dustin

    stay away from this solution. I just dropped my contact on table and rinsed my contact with clear care and put in my eye. OMGGGGG…. it hurts like lots of needles stick in my eyes. and the contact is kind of desolved in my eye,a nd it took me about 15 min to squeeze it out. i’ll never use this solution again. this is so dangerous. Ciba vision should take some responsibility for this.

  6. duh guys


    Live and learn, I guess.

  7. Cameron aka One Pinkeyed Party Monster

    My boyfriend had something in his eye this morning and was bothering him. His bright idea was to grab my contact lens soloution which had a bright red tip and warning labels all around the tip that warned not to put directly in his eye. Apparently the bottle of vodka and keg from the night before gave him such a hangover that his ability to read had been hindered. So in a rush to relieve his aggravating pain of what was probably a eyelash. Shoots directly in the eye a liquid fire,of molten lava straight from the depths of hell(clear care contact solution ).I swore he had just give birth to the spawn of Satan, the fowl words that were spewing from his mouth.The horror of seeing him jump around like a rabid rabbit that was lit on fire. All i could do was start laughing hysterically as he tried to explain what had happend. I was supportive in helping him google some help. But only to find there was no relief of the pain that would endure for the next several hours.I called into his work and tried to explain the situation. Which his boss just was in disbelief as to my explanation of why he would not be showing up. So the moral of this story! There isn’t one. Just adding one more name to the list of morons who did not read the obvious bright red WARNING label! LMFAO

  8. Kellina

    You guys make me much less depressed, I felt so stupid and thought i was the only one. I had been alternating cleaning solutions with this one and a cheaper one, which is not a good idea if you are are low on sleep and feeling kinda spacey, and i put the wrong contact solution in my regular case… o the burning…

    1. Mrs. R

      I just did this very same thing just now reached for the wrong bottle. Going out to buy more saline to flush with. Clear care is now in the garbage. I don’t want to take a chance of it happening again.

  9. Robim

    Yup, did the same thing! My mom bought this for me in a value pack and I never saw the case. So when I woke up this morning, lazily, I went into the bathroom and rinsed my lenses in this put the lense on the tip of my finger and put it in my eye. Worst pain ever, pryed it out of my eye, flashed back to high school biology class and rinsed my eye with water. My eye was watering, red, and had a cloudy coating over it. Later that morning I realized the tip of my finger had a slight “bleach stain” on it. I am a hairstylist and when you get bleach on your fingers your fingers burn a little and turn white. I definently had that on the tip of my finger where my contact was. So.. fabulous! Felt great having bleach/hydrogen peroxide in my eye! Still red and my mom thinks I’m gonna lose my eye sight. Hopefully not!! Don’t buy this shit, not worth making a mistake and starting your morning off to such a GREAT start!

  10. nessa

    Dude! so i found this site only because i am making sure i’m not gonna be permanently blind after doing the same thing! silly me thinking, oh, can’t find the saline stuff, how bad could it be???
    uh…yah. wishing i would’ve trusted the instructions. it’s been 7 hrs and my eyeball is still red and feelin funky, and water didn’t even really help, i had to pour milk in my eyes and that helped stop the burning for a while!
    ugh. hope all you ppl can still have some cornea left, i feel like the kid on christmas story, dreading blindness when i wake up tomorrow!

  11. rita

    I used my boyfriends solution not knowing that it would burn the crap out of my eye its has been almost ten hours and it still burn like crazy and i cannot open my eye. I keep flushing my eye out with water. Any edvise?

  12. lucy

    Guess I’m lucky number 5. I just did this too. Was so sleepy last night when taking my contacts out that I accidentally soaked my contacts in the wrong container (I know, isn’t that the stuff commercials are made out of?). My eye spasmed shut so fast that the contact didn’t get a chance to stick to my eye, thankfully. I flushed my eye with water immediately for 15-20 minutes. That happened 30 minutes ago, and I hope it’s the last time. It looks like pink eye, hope this goes away soon!

  13. lucy

    Guess I’m lucky number 5. I just did this too. Was so sleepy last night when taking my contacts out that I accidentally soaked my contacts in the wrong container (I know, isn’t that the stuff commercials are made out of?). My eye spasmed shut so fast that the contact didn’t get a chance to stick to my eye, thankfully. I flushed my eye with water immediately for 15-20 minutes. That happened 30 minutes ago, and I hope it’s the last time. It looks like pink eye, hope this goes away soon! The eye still feels warm, but at least the intense burning pain is gone.

  14. gayle

    Yep. I did it today.. I put the contact in my eye and it seemed like it needed to be cleaned more so I took out contact and then rinsed with clear care and put it back into eye.. OUCH>. the buning was horrendous. I too had a hard time removing the contact since the eye was so soar.

  15. Jesse

    Ahhh! yea I did this…. I grabbed my sister’s “contact solution” thinking it was just the regular stuff, now I’m writing this with one eye covered… holy crap this hurts! Initially when I was trying frantically to get the contact out of my eye, the contact stuck to my eye and I had to use my fingernail to peel it off! This bottle needs a bigger warning… big and red… like my eye right now…

  16. Abby J. Lava

    Yea..i just experienced this pleasureful experience this morning..my eye is as red as the blush im wearing…i felt like someone sliced my eye open and poured alcohol in it…i dont think i have ever experienced pain like this ever in my life! im wandering if Child birth is less painful…

  17. Elissa

    I did it this morning!!! Who should be responsible for this though? I only caught the part about not putting it directly in my eye as I was JUST about to re-wet my eyes last night after taking out my contacts for the day. My eye doctor didn’t say a THING about it when he gave me the kit two days ago.

  18. LINDA

    YEsterday afternoon I cleaned my contact with cleaning solution, rinsed it and on put the conditioning solution, just the way I have done for years. Some of the cleaning solution must have stayed on the contact or on my finger and i immediately felt intense paint. I rinsed my eye with water all day (even under the shower four times) and once during the night and I still feel the burning. My eye is still painful, red and swollen seventeen hours later. I don’t know what else to do.

    Why should cleaning solution hurt your eyes? How can this be? I even feel a bit of burning in the other eye.

    I will never use this stuff again. I am buying the all in one solution.

  19. Jeff

    Happened to me this morning. I was aware of the danger but knew it would happen eventually because I have the cleaning solution and the all purpose solution right next to each other on the sink. I immediately removed the lens and flushed my eye with water and 2 hours later my eye is feeling fine but still a little red. The cleaning solution is part hydrogen peroxide, salt, soap and some kind of acid. I think from now on I’ll keep the cleaning solution in the closet or drawer so I don’t accidentally use it to rinse my contacts before putting in me eyes.

  20. tuba

    Yes I had experienced the same pain. I can not believe it…It is very silly what CIBA vision company is trying to do..I have read the instructions, but it is not clear at all, there is not any warning. Rest them in solution, shake it do not shake..Does it matter? Of course contact lens solution should contact with your eyes.I still did not get how we suppose to use it.First evaporate the solvent and put it..It should be wet isn`t it?
    I was about to call the company or something, but I did not bother. I WONT BUY CLEAR CARE ever..That is it..and nobody should buy it..

  21. tuba

    plus who is counting the hours? rest them in case..I have rested them in bottle over night!! But when you handle it, it gets dirty again or dry, so I always flush some more..How practical to count the hrs? How practical could that be..Oh! It is not 6 hrs yet, I should not wear them..I sometimes sleep less than that, and I take them off after gym, take shower and put them.Who can depend on that? I am asking the creator of this solution Cuba Vision what were you thinking?

  22. Elizabeth

    I bought the two pack of this stuff last night for my fiancee after I noticed he was running low on lens solution. After a long day (and night) at work, he used his regular case, and then got this stuff in his eye this morning. I woke up to sounds of pure agony. The neighbors probably thought someone was dying. Despite the warning label… how can this stuff be sold right next to the other solutions? I don’t read the instructions for a new toothpaste, shampoo or mouthwash… come on! Ridiculous! The poor guy is at work all day with only one functioning eye!

  23. aa

    Geez, I cannot believe we’re that many who did that mistake!! I knew about the danger of the solution and I just took the wrong bottle (I have both saline and clear clean beside each other…) to rinse one of my lense. Horrible!!!! I forced myself to take out the dam lense out of my eye and still, 10h later, it feel dry and it hurt. I am gonna write a big NO!!! on this bottle for the future… Does anybody know about the possible consequences on the eyes that can cause?

  24. Debbie

    OMG it hurt so bad I did the same, how long before the swelling goes back to normal. The red should be on the outside of box in big letters..

  25. Troy

    Don’t feel bad. I’ve been using the Clear Care solution for 6 months. You’d think after so long I would know full well…

    I stepped out of the shower and started to put my contacts in. Somehow a piece of fuzz got on the first one and I wasn’t thinking when I rinsed it off. I grabbed the bottle (you know the one with the big red line that says not to do this…) and rinsed it off. Put the lens in my eye and….

    Oh Holy God in Heaven it was awful. I then realized what I’d done and somehow managed to pry (yes pry) my eye open within about about 8 seconds or so (or it could have been longer…I was too busy emitting extraordinarily loud man-screams) and started rinsing my eye out with water and Visine.

    I have absolutely no idea where the contact lens is now as during this whole psychotic mayhem, I flung the thing…somewhere…

  26. Gale

    I’m glad I’m not the only one who keeps the regular saline next to the Clear Care. I mixed them up this morning. It’s been over 12 hours, and my eye still looks like it’s been stabbed. Does anyone know how long it will take before my eye is normal again?

  27. Colin

    Thank god. I googled this right after this happened to me. I didnt realize that I wasnt supposed to rinse. I did my normal quick rinse then in my eye and it burned like nothing else. I immediately took it out and started rinsing my eye. Doesnt really hurt but my eye almost feels puffy and it’s all pink. I will rinse a bit more but no one has said the out come of their situation.

    Does anyone have any time frame of which it will return to normal and if there were any complications?

  28. paBoan

    I did the same thing yesterday. I had not worn contact for a few months. I grabbed the solution, rinsed the contact and stuck that it in. I was alone, but I am sure the neighbors heard me screaming every obsity known. There was absolutely no way I could open my eye to get it out. I left it in and rinsed it like crazy till later in the day when my kid got out for me. YES child birth is not near as painful! I have not been able to find if anyone has had any permenent damage.

  29. Allison

    Ditto. I knew better, and yet I still managed to pick up the wrong bottle.

    Dear God, the pain was memorable! At one point, the whole right side of my face felt odd. Flushing my eye with water and saline helped, but hours-and many eye drops-later, my eye still stings!

    This is one mistake I doubt I’ll make twice; the memory is too vivid.

  30. Jenny

    I’m joining the Clear Care Trauma club as of this morning. And I’ve used this stuff properly for a few weeks and was just not thinking straight. The red label and tip are about as obvious as it gets but “clearly” I needed more coffee. OUCH. It’s portrait day at work, no less. Contact lens FAIL.

  31. Ed

    I did the same, nearly blinded myself with this stuff, the burning was unbeleiveable.

    Who would know that the black disc in the bottom of their bottle neutralizes the solution.

    I was having such a time trying to open the lens holder that after three days I put my lenses in a flat case with the solution overnight. Next morning, wow, like a hot poker in my eye.

    No where on this product does
    it warn you what he dangers are if you don’t use their bottle. I have written the company and told them about this, and that they may face numerous complaints and possiblt lawsuits. They need to clearly state what will happen if you do not use their bottle. The burning was beyond belief, they really need to explain this on the bottle.

  32. Jenna A.

    I just did the same thing – thought I was reaching for saline solution and put the freakin’ clean and clear in my eye. Holy f-ing crap (!) I am really scared I seriously messed up my eye. If course I am going out in a few minutes and now I have to wear my glasses instead and my one eye looks like a drug addict. I seriously think this sh*t should be taken off the market. I am going to go back to the all in one stuff for sure now! I seriously think this could qualify for a law suit! WTF? The warning is really not all that big and if someone had not told me that you can’t put it directly in your eye, I would have done it a while ago. This stuff, along with the anal-leakage causing Wow chips has to be the most ridiculous excuse of a product to ever dawn a store shelf.

  33. Jenna A.

    P.S. Regarding the red warning band on the top of the bottle, if you are not wearing your contacts (i.e. are about to put them) in AND have pretty bad eyesight, how the F are you supposed to see it?

  34. Alex

    This happened to me yesterday. My eye is still painful, red and swollen after 24 hours. What I want to know is, did anyone go to an eye doctor to get eye drops, or did your eye get better on its own?

    1. Mark

      This happened to be the eye doctor told me not to wear contacts as the solution burned the protective layer off. He gave me drops to prevent infection. Told me to come back in a week and it should be fully healed.

    2. shirley felchak

      I did that 2 hours ago and, mine is a lot better, just a slight bit irritated and red. My Gosh how can anything hurt sooooooo badly?? That crap is now in the trash, never again!!!!

  35. Alex

    For all those that are worried, my eye is much better today. (48 hours later) Try not to wear your contacts for a day or two and you will be fine. I am sure none of us will do THIS again!

  36. John

    We ran out of contact lens solution this morning and my wife and I opened a box of Clear Care by Ciba Vision and BOTH got burned! It’s 18 hours later and I am still in pain. My eye is puffy and constantly tearing.

    The front of the box says NOTHING about being a different kind of cleaning and disinfecting solution. In fact it uses the exact same words as all the other stuff, ” One bottle solution for cleaning and disinfecting, No rub, #1 in comfort.”

    My eye hurts SO much. Calling their 800 number did nothing. They basically said call a doctor. They gave me no information about treatment and possible consequences. I want to know the effects on my eye! I am very upset at the company.

  37. Diane

    Go to the eye doctor. I did this today. The doctor gave me antibiotic drops and lubricating drops. Now we have to wait and make sure I haven’t burned my cornea. Needless to say, I threw away all the Clear Care.diane

  38. John

    Put my contacts into a flat case (not the one it came with) and yeah my eye started burning…the case it comes with has a neutralizing pellet that normal flat cases do not have. This stuff is WAY to complicated, comparatively, and it BURNS!! Not ever using this stuff again.

  39. Tina

    I took my contacts out of the soaker a couple hours ago(albeit after 36 hours) and even rinsed them real good with regular solution while on the tip of my finger. I guess I should have given them a good scrubbing in the palm because it was alarming the instantaneous burn. It took a few trys to peel the contact out. Thought about calling 911 while I rinsed my eye under runnning water for 20 minutes – jumped on google first and found you guys. Better now -Scary stuff! Hope we all don’t have permanent damage.

  40. Steve

    Grabbed my sisters contact solution from hell…rinsed my contact and put it in my eye. Immediately felt the pain(worst pain i’ve felt in years)…only I thought it was from the face soap I had just washed my face with. I tried to rinse my eye out with the same solution(new worse pain). Still burning 12 hrs later and I hate my sister.

  41. CMH

    I made the dumb mistake of checking my luggage as a stand-by passenger en route to Denver. My baggage made it, I did not.

    Needless to say, I was left without any toiletries for two days (thanks to all the new security regulations with liquids, etc.) I needed to store my contacts in some sort of “liquid” for the time being and thought the Clear Care contact lens solution I found in the family medicine cabinet would suffice.

    Sure, I read the directions (printed conveniently small for all the blind contact wearers out there) but thought I would outsmart the bottle. Boy was I sorry.

    The next morning I rinsed my contact with the solution…Oh the burning…Words can’t describe. And then the irony was that I couldn’t even get the dumb contact soaked in the deathly solution out of my eye to attempt to relieve the pain. It was like a suction cup had sealed it shut.

    I finally got it out after wrestling with my eye lid. I just hope the red eye goes away before my job interview this week…Go figure.

  42. Mike

    Alright I;m glad that I won’t be blinded after this..

    I took off my contacts and put them in a “FLAT CASE” the one which your not suppose to put them in, and in the morning (After about 8 hours of them being in there) I put them in and WOWWW did it hurt…

    Yeah I dont see how a different case will change anything.. I’m not using this crap again

    ALSO my eye has been red for about 2 days now.. the first day the bottom half was like pure red.. Now its started to go away a little to where you can see some white ..

  43. Jon

    i used this stuff to put in my contact holder and yesterday, when i put my contact in my eye, i thought i was going to die. i fell to the floor and had to PRY my eye open to get my contact out. worse yet, my contact broke in my eye so i had to dig out the peices. this morning, the pain was less, but my eye is still very red and my vision was a little cloudy… did anyone have to seek medical attention for this? i thought i was blind and going to die!

  44. Abigail

    wow. as everyone else has posted…I did the same thing this morning. I knew that you weren’t suppose to put it in your eye but when I put my contacts in after soaking them all night they were still kinda dirty, where I could see like little speckles on one. So I figured if the solution is for contacts WHICH GO IN YOUR EYES, then it must not burn or anything? DAMN MY EYE STILL HURTS AND ITS BEEN OVER 12 HOURS. DO NOT buy this stuff and take the chance. It was one of the worst pains ever. My eye was totally blood shot. I repeat, DO NOT use this product.

  45. joe

    wow, its now august of 2009 and well, same thing happened to me and i might as well add myself to the list of horrifying stories. every comment i’ve read so far reminds me of the first few seconds of tremendous agony i experienced with this product. its now been 25 hours since i burned my eye. again, the agony was best described by all before me. i still have the red, teary, throbbing, swollen eye i had since yesterday morning. hurts to blink and the worst part is that i had to drive to work today with a contact in one eye and a tissue conveniently held under my right to catch the waterfall of hell. after reading everyone’s comments, there is still the “burning” question of what to do now. do i consult an optomotrist or let it be. alcon has a whole list of drops in order to avoid scarring, but is this problem the same thing, where that’s a necessary step? please advise. and to anyone else who’s experience this as of late, join the club and hang on for the ride!

  46. BabyLove

    I just did this this morning before going to work! I just hope I don’t go blind in one eye :(. It has been 2 hours and that eye is still red and kinda fuzzy.

  47. Jenn

    I did the same thing few hours back and my eye is still hurting me after 3 hours. Dude, I seriously think it is definitely not good for eyes.

  48. Dennis

    This just happened to me. I can’t believe the pain this caused. I couldn’t get the lens out fast enough. After reading the bottle I found out my lens did not soak the required 6 hours in order to neutralize. The only reason I bought this stuff was because it was on sale at Target. It should be taken off the market. After all contact lens solution has come along way. Most are no rub and you use the solution to rinse your contacts if need be. Never again. It’s been about 3 hours and my vision is still blurred. I felt like I had poured acid in my eye. And I ruined a new lens ripping it out as fast as I could. I can’t believe this stuff remains on the market!

  49. Alana

    Oh my god. All I did was google “burning red eye contact solution” and this site came up immediately. I’m so glad I’m not the only one.

    I thought since my contacts were by Ciba vision everything will be ok, but NOPE! I was lucky enough to pry it out of my closed eye but then I had to go to work! My eye felt like it was bleeding! It’s been 6 hours and my eye is still red! This shit is dangerous!!

  50. Tracie

    My boyfriend said the stuff didnt look right – told me he had put the wrong solution in his eye as a kid and it hurt like hell. So I reread the FRONT of the box – nothing that said dont put in eyes on the front! So used it even AFTER being warned. My eye is burning and blurere after 10 hours still!

  51. Megan

    i did the same thing about 48 hours ago, contacts were just put in, thought one was still dirty and had already put away my solution so figured i’d use my friends since it was right there, didn’t know it wasn’t to be used as solution, only put 2-3 drops on it and put contact in my eyue but it burned so terribly and i’m not even sure if i got the contact back out! kept flushing my eye with regular solution and it stopped hurting after a bit and was really red the rest of that night, looked like i had pink eye the next day and is starting to clear up today. so hopefully it’ll go away by tomorrow…but there was nothing on the bottle that said what to do to fix it! or even that big of a warning, i think on the back of the bottle on that little red strip it said don’t use as regular but i thought the red tip was just a different design. and i’m partially relieved to see others have done this since i thought i was the only one who had done it!

  52. Christina

    This stuff is the devil’s blood. I might as well have poured flaming hot lava into my eye and then sealed it shut with superglue… because that is the only way I can describe the pain.

    I too am pretty much blind without glasses or contact lenses and like most people who have posted… reached for the wrong solution to clean the lens once more before putting it into my eye. It’s almost like clear care acts as an adhesive to the eyeball because the contact lens had such suction I couldn’t even get the damn thing out of my eye for 20 minutes. Meanwhile, it was eating away at my eyeball and foaming like the mouth of a rabid dog.

    It’s been three days and my eye is still red and still burns every time i try to put drops in it. My vision is fine and i don’t think i did any damage but this shit should be taken off the market. Who wants to wait 6 hours in hopes that the solution has diluted enough to place the lens in your eye. it’s almost as if there should be some color changer on the bottle to let you know it’s safe.

    Wait, what am I saying? No color changer could make this stuff safe! I’m throwing the bottle out and going back to my old solution. I’d rather put in the work to clean the lens than have to learn to read braille!

  53. llisa

    OMG – I did the same thing this morning. I keep regular solution and the Clear Care together on the counter by the sink – I picked up the wrong bottle and soaked my lens before popping it in my eye. It was the worst pain – think strong shampoo x 100 in the eye!! It’s been about 5 hours now and the pain is starting to go down – the redness is still bad…I rinsed out the eye with half a bottle of saline solution right away after – the lens ended up flying on the floor somewhere – I’ll find it tonight. I wore my glasses this morning and just put back in my lenses – the vision is still a bit cloudy on the affected eye – and it looks horrid…I really hope there is no damage…I’ll wait until tomorrow and see how it goes. I think I might stop using this stuff – I can’t take the chance anymore with my tired brain in the morning!!

  54. Jon

    This happened to me last week. I was so angry! I was away from home, heading to a meeting, bought and used this solution to rinse my lenses and felt some of the worst pain I have ever experienced.

    I felt that, if this would have happened to any of my children, there is no limit as to what ends I would go to seek justice.

    Class action lawsuit, anyone? Pain and suffering. Punitive damages for misleading (“No Rub”) labeling.

  55. sarah

    I too have just used boots own make of this solution in my eye, at 10am this morning lenses was only in my eye for less than 1 minute i rinsed well with water eye drops,optrex but now im sitting here at 10.06pm my eye lid has swollen the white in my eye is now red and constantly running, i hope i look better tommorrow not a good look for work

  56. Shireen

    OMG, I am relieved to read all these posts. But let me warn people out there, I followed the directions, for once in my life, and I let it soak for 6 or so hours, and then I put it in my eye, as the directions say, no need to rinse, and it had the SAME exact reaction as so many of you had by rinsing it directlt with the Clear Care. So even though I did what I was supposed to, and if had been working fine for about a month, it burned, my eye is read, it hurts, I’m SOOO pissed. Don’t buy this stuff ever.

  57. Rosie

    So I was up late last night and went to bed around 11:30. I got up at 6:50 to get ready for school and as I was putting in my right contact I dropped it. Being in a rush I ran into my room and grabbed what I thought was saline. I doused that sucker in the solution and popped it into my eye, only to have my eyelid slam down like the iron curtain and that unbelievable pain stab my eye. still thinking I was holding saline I poured even more of the liquid death into my eye. It was only after I got the contact out and rinsed my eye with water that I realized I was holding my bottle of Clear Care instead. Its been 12 hours and it still looks like I have pink eye and stings. That stuff is evil!

  58. Eric

    Yeah! The exact same thing happened to my girlfriend this morning. We just got back from the doctor’s/ running around in panic trying to figure out what happened. I hope the burning goes away soon . . . .

  59. Grant

    It just happened to me yesterday. I can’t believe Clear Care isn’t being sued for this. Evidently their package warning isn’t large enough to prevent people from putting it in their typical solution cases.

    1. Sandra

      Thank you so much for linking this! I too have currently been in pain for more than 8 hours now, and will re-rinse. It seems this website is great for horror story sites, but not so much for advice on what to do until I reached your post! :)

    2. CK

      Thank you for this link!!!
      And yes! Same thing here I first thought that i had some sunscreen left in my hands when I put the contacts so I got the Clear Care from hell and poured it straight into my eye!!! It’s been a little over 24h and it’s swollen. My eyes are very red but the tearing and discharge has reduce to almost zero so it feels better. I rinsed my eye with water and put red eye relief drops several times throughout these 24h. I’ll probably go to the doctor this afternoon.

  60. Dan

    Rinsed a new lens because it felt like it had a piece of dirt on it. Pain that followed (follows) is much worse. The crappy part is it was five minutes before leaving for my child’s 5th birthday party. As I was jumping around like a leprechaun with a poked out eye, my child comes to investigate. He then cries and this makes the wife real happy. In retrospect that red tip and cardboard collar should have rung a bell. I am glad I am not the only dumbazz in the contact lens wearering world.

  61. Melanie

    yep…did the same thing-put my contacts in a flat case with the Clear Care Solution I grabbed from my sister’s bathroom and burned my eye the next morning. It hurt all day and gave me a headache, drops didnt really help with the stinging, just took away the redness. This was yesterday and this morning it was a little better. I went to my eye doctor- she said my cornea was burned in spots and really dry and that i shouldnt wear contacts for a week! She gave me some moisturizing drops and i’m going back next week for a check up. Its been 36 hrs and they still hurt but not as much. Hope this helps anyone else who failed to read the label carefully like I did. Yeah its not big enough I agree, but we should be reading labels on things we’ve never used before anyway… :)

  62. Krystie

    I just posted this on Facebook right before I googled and found your site; I’ll be calling an optometrist, contacting the FDA, AND the Consumer Product Safety Division (if that’s separate, who the heck knows)…PRODUCT WARNING for all your contact users: Be VERY careful when grabbing your “multi-purpose solution” off the shelf…I just burned one of my eyes to death w/ this solution my Husband bought, thinking it was the same ‘ol, same ‘ol “multi-purpose solution”; it says, “No Rub” like all the others, and “One Bottle Solution for Cleaning & Disinfecting” (don’t they all say that?!), but, NOOOOO! see pic; I noticed it had a red spout under the cap & thought I read all the directions, and noted it saying, “No final rinse w/ saline is necessary”, so, I squirt it on my contact, put it in my eye, and…
    INSTANT B-U-R-N!!!!! BURNING, BURNING, BURNING! Of course, then you can’t get your contact out b/c your eye is like glued shut, so I’m running around, screaming, trying to find another bottle of “real” saline/multi-purpose, and I finally get it and flush my eye and finally rip the contact out. I go back & look at the bottle & see all these “other” directions about just using it to clean with, letting it “neutralize” for 6 hours, etc., etc.!!! Jesus! What a freakin’ nightmare! I understand that I bear some responsibility, but, I’m tellin’ ya, the average person would NOT think this product was any different from any other multi-purpose and/or saline solution; I’ll be reporting this and pushing for different packaging! My eye seems to “see” okay, thank God, but it’s still burning, two hours later, and I probably won’t be able to wear contacts again for forever. BUYER BEWARE!!

  63. Larry K In Seattle

    I accidentally used clear care to rinse my lenses yesterday morning. I had the bottle sitting on my bathroon counter close to the normal stuff that I use. I only use Clear Care to wash my lenses every 2 weeks to give them a good cleaning. I really don’t think they should sell this stuff. Even though i knew of the risk, it was a total accident that I even used this for rinsing my lenses. It wasn’t until I arrived home from work that I saw that I used the wrong solution. My eye feels better today, 24 hours later, after flushing it with water last night and using Thera Tear (fake tears) and some eye drops that my eye doctor prescribed. Closing my eyes made it feel better and the night of sleep certainly helped. I’m not sure of the long term consequences of this but I really think that they need to pull this stuff off of the shelf until they find something that isn’t harmful like Clear Care is.

  64. Pat

    I have used contacts for years with no problems. recently my eye doc switched me to Clear care. This morning my contact felt like it needed a little more cleaning, so i threw a few drops of Clear care on it and threw it back into my eye. The pain that followed was enough to make me think about switching back to my old solution. Also, waiting around for 6 hours as the lenses clean is too damn long for someone on the go like me, does anyone know if you can pull them out around say 2 hours and wash them off with regular saline solution?

  65. Edward

    You people are bloody idiots (pun intended). The warning that says “Do not put this before insertion” is printed pretty clearly on the bottle.

    I don’t mean to gloat btw… And don’t let your one bad experience with Clear Care stop you from using it. It’s the most comfortable and thorough cleaner for my Acuvue contacts, better than Optifree and Renu.

  66. Xxmintt

    You know how the case has two parts? I was really tired the night before, and I filled the solution part, but I left the part with my contacts out by accident. This morning, I decided that I could quickly revive my contacts and then wear them to school… Not so. I waited like, ten minutes, and put the first lens in… I thought my eye was going to melt right out of its socket! X.O It hurt so bad, I thought I was going to have to stay home from school! NEVER doing that again!

  67. Nika

    Omfg I just did that like 20 minutes ago!!! I eye burns so bad and I have to go take pictures in an hour I was rinsing water in my eyes but i look like my eyes about to bleed most of the pain is gone but ughhh I hate it

  68. George

    just did the same thing this morning. glad to hear it takes a couple of days to be back to normal, right now I look the the hunchback of notre dame with my swollen face.

    never using that stuff again, I bought it cause it was the only one in travel size at the store I went. I cant believe its in use, its dangerous as hell

  69. patrick

    My god what a way to kick off the morning. It’s hard enough for me to wake up at 6 am for work. It’s even worse when you have a drop of acid in your eye. My account was very similar to everyone else’s: extreme pain, cursing, jumping up and down.

    I had this little accident yesterday morning, roughly 30 hours ago, and I’m happy to say my eye is more or less back to normal. My advice to those unlucky that this happens to is to wash that eye out thoroughly and as quickly as possible. Also get some natural tear drops.

  70. Lizabeth

    I just did the same thing this morning by mistake. I was also aware of the warning and grabbed this product instead of saline to rinse my contact. It’s been 10 hours and my eye is still sore -I’ve been rinsing the eye periodically and hope that by morning I should be OK. I am glad that I am not the only one that has done this!

  71. amy

    this stuff is the WORST!!!! my mom bought it, thinking it was regular solution, and i used it in my regular case. when i put my contact in, it stung so badly that i thought i put a handful of soap in it, then i doused my eye with more of the solution to clean it out!!!! OWWWW!!!! its almost been 24 hours and it still looks like shit, and i have very important events today. they should not make this stuff come in the same size and shape as regular solution, it is poison!!!

  72. Rick Taylor

    Did the same thing yesterday..was traveling, and was all out of my usual brand of solution,stopped at a target,they didnt have the brand I was looking for,but saw the clear care brand,and it virtually said the same things on the package as my other brand,(NO RUB,rinse and store contacts,fine for soft lenses,etc.)as I was getting ready to leave a family christmas party the next day,I went to put my contacts in so I could drive home..OMG..THE PAIN WAS UNBELIEVABLE…at first I thought maybe my lens was torn or had something on it..to determine if it was the lens or the solution,I put one single drop in the other eye and quickly learned it was the soution…felt like somebody poured gasoline in my eye and lit a match to it…will never use this stuff again…the warning should have been on the front in bold letters,not on the back…I can not beleive,as many people that this has happened to,that either this product has not been pulled from the shelves or at the very least,the packaging changed..I hope that I did not do any permanent damage to my eyes,they do not hurt after 24 hours but are still red.

  73. Stephanie

    Seems like one of the common denominators is using someone else’s solution, which happens all the time. Like all of you – this happened to me last night — but my contacts had been soaking in a flat case with the Clear Care solution for probably 2 weeks. Yes, my eye was stuck shut and on fire. When I finally got the contact out and rinsed, I noticed a white splotch on my cornea and went to the ER. Turns out that a layer of my cornea or eyelid peeled away. Being treated with an antibiotic and need to go back to an opthalmologist today. This post made me laugh until I cried — which I’m sure helped flush out more of the toxins — thanks to you all !

  74. kate272

    I use this stuff everyday and it works great. Just follow the instructions, people. It’s not “Ciba vision’s fault” they clearly labelled the package: DO NOT put in eyes!
    I feel sorry for everyone who this happened to, but the instructions are there for a reason. I guess everyone learned their lesson

  75. Edward To

    My mom just had the misfortune of experiencing this herself. I did not realize the legitimacy of her cries until I did some quick Googling and stumbled across this website. There really needs to be more obvious warnings on the packaging of this stuff. A skull and crossbones would seem quite suitable.

  76. Steve

    Contact solution is medicine. Read the labels if you don’t know what you are doing. You don’t run into the bathroom when you have a migraine and grab the first bottle of pills and slam a few and ask questions later. When a funny looking contact case falls out, how do you not question what it is and then read the labels if you are lazy enough to not read them in the first place..

  77. Liz

    I did this myself 36 hours ago. I was so worried I’d go blind. It is still red and itchy. I didn’t even think about flushing with water after. The only thing is, my eyes feel better WITH my contacts in, so I kind of want to wear them.

    I have been afraid to look into this until now. My question is, is there going to be permanent damage???

  78. Gillian

    I am yet another one “gotten” by this stupid, ill marked product. I’m sooo mad. 9 hours later still red and burning.
    They don’t put much emphasis on using their own contact case….not the regular flat ones. I thought the case was strange…the last time i had seen that design was over ten years ago! That should have tipped me off. Boo Clear Care!

  79. Maree Gallagher

    My husband bought Clear Care for me thinking it was regular Saline. Since I have been a contact lens wearer for years, I did not read the box or label. This stuff needs to be labeled and marketed differently. It is dangerous! I am filing a complaint. I cannot believe this product is still on the market.

  80. Josh

    Wow I did the exact same thing has all of you yesterday. Borrowed some of my sisters clear one, put contact into it. Put in on my eye,and it burned so bad. Next day my eye is still red mainly in the part where it was burned, I hope its ok. To all the people that this has happened to how long did it take your eye to heal? Was there any damage. This clear vision stuff is rediculous clear vision is about the last thing you will have. They were so stupid to put this stuff in the exact bottle that no rub contact solution goes into!!! Do they realize that people that are putting in contacts can’t read before they have there contacts in? Stupid Stupid!

  81. Scott

    The bottle with the blue label and “no rub” marked in bold text is supposed to be my friend. I’ve been wearing contacts for 20 years and have been using the no rub formulas just about exclusively. There is something wrong with the fact that they market their product to look like all of the other brands. I have always had the same results with the other no rubs so naturally I thought this would be the same. Sure it is my responsibility to read the label and I am sure I would have if it didn’t look like every other bottle of solution I have opened over the past 20 years. I’ve had snot running out of my nose and tears flowing for 12 hours now. The pain is unimaginable. They should use this to extract info from captured terrorist. Drop it in one eye and threaten to do the same in the other. They will tell all. This could be our secret to finding Bin Laden. Yes, folks who read this without making the ultimate mistake, it is that bad.

  82. Lin

    Yah, I just did the same thing (not quite awake when I was inserting my lenses), grabbed the wrong bottle (the one with the big red warning ring on the top!) and ouch…that hurts. Flooded my eye with the regular solution while trying to pry the lens out. I have put a couple of drops of ‘tears’ in hoping that will help. I am going to store the ‘nasty red bottle’ in a different place after I have put my lenses into the basket to soak at night. Hopefully this will help. Ouch!!

  83. Jane

    Me too. This morning. 25 hours away and I am so miserable. Went to urgent care, brought the bottle with me. The doc recognised it and has made the same mistake, so did his wife. No permanent damage. Hurts like hell, the only relief offered was ibuprofen. Now my sinuses are getting messed up from all the tearing and rinsing. Pleeeeeeaaaaaassssseeee let me sleep in peace tonight. Today was ruined.

  84. Becca

    I’m really glad I happened upon this site. I didn’t do anything as drastic as most of the rest of you, but apparently I had a little on my finger from filling the case, and when I went to remove my contact it got on my eye. It hurt like the dickens! I cannot imagine what it must feel like to pour it directly in there. Ouch! Anyway, I flushed it for a couple minutes straight at the tap (with my helpful toddler throwing the shampoo bottle at me demanding a bubble bath), and now four hours later it still burns. I’m a fan of the solution. I was just careless in not making sure my hands were dry. I’m glad to know that with such a short exposure it will likely get better on its own. Thanks!

  85. Z

    OH My! The exact same thing happened to me earlier today, ergo me on the internet attempting to see if I’ll recover or not. Yes, it feels like someone dropped hot acid into my eye. I couldn’t even get my contact out right away because of the stabbing and burning pain. I just wanted to let you know that you weren’t the only one, obviously, and I’m grateful to find out that I wasn’t the only one to foolishly and injudiciously place Clear Care into my eye.

  86. lauren

    Ouch. Your stories make me cringe just reading them. I love this solution, (when used properly) it makes my eyes pure white and i dont look like im high all the time like my other brand did, but, i ran out last night, i had some left, so i said, awww, why not, and i took my contacts out and put them on the little trap of death and tried to squeeze all the remaining liquid out of the bottle, it didn’t quite reach the line but i put it in and screwed it on anyways.it didnt reach over my contacts. crap. so i took out the lenses and rinsed them with other saline, then left them to soak in regular saline over night like i use to, well, apparently this was a big mistake because both my eyes hurt really bad and are red,not as bad as you guys, but prob really close

  87. th

    I unfortunately had this painful experience on more than one occasion. I was given the solution from a friend who neglected to tell me that Clear Care was a “special” type of solution which REQUIRED a special case. Thinking that it was your typical lens solution I stored my lenses in a flat case. Big mistake! As soon as I placed a lens into my eye, I immediately felt horrendous burning pain! Redness and pain would last for 24-48 hours… What the hell is going on?!

    Of course my first thought was the solution… I therefore tried a different solution, however the Clear Care must have contaminated my case and I experienced the same pain again! I kept trying to figure out what I was doing wrong. Was I contaminating my lenses with chemical from another product (such as shampoo)? Was dust or debris getting into my case? My lenses couldn’t have been the problem, as I kept using fresh pairs. So after ruling out the lens and solution, I thought I was developing a medical condition – perhaps a sensitivity to contact lenses or lens solution in general. So for a while I stuck to wearing glasses or wearing fresh pair of contacts only (and then throwing them away).

    It was not until I googled my problem that I found out that Clear Care was the problem all along and that I needed a special case! Of course if I had read the bottle carefully, I would have seen the warning. However, the makers need to make this warning clearer in big bold lettering. After all, the average person would not even think that contact lens solution would require a special case!

    I’m so angry as I experienced this pain 2-3 times before I figured out that Clear Care was the root of my problem. I feel kind of stupid, but it appears that several people have run into this problem, especially if they are borrowing the solution from someone else. Bottom line – the warning needs to be much more clear!

  88. Eduardo

    I’m really not trying to be snarky, but I’m browsing these comments after googling ‘Clear Care’ and I can’t help but laugh.

    The bottle has a warning placed 5 or 6 times over it. The tip of it is bright red. How can you guys/girls mess up so badly?

    What I do is place my bottle high up in my medicine cabinet, and I only retrieve it at night when I clean up my contacts. That way I’ll never mix up my bottles. No mistakes after 2 years (knock on wood).

  89. Chandra

    OMG!! I’m SO glad I found you guys! I have been treating my eye for a slight inflammation and then this morning I did this!!! I can’t even believe it! I screamed so loud and painfully that my husband dropped his plate of food and came running to see what happened!!
    It is the same eye so I guess I can tell people that it is still inflammed and not have to tell them that I am a moron!!! I saw that someone said about 48 hours. I hope so! My son’s taekwondo awards banquet is in 48 hours!!!

  90. Cher

    I studied the various lens cleaners, all on the same shelf at the Pharmacy…Renu is along side this crap. No where on the box of Clear Care by CIBA does it warn you that it’s different than the other lens cleaners. Like the rest of you I cleaned my lenses like I do every morning, put the left on in my eye and then screamed bloody murder. I was literally frantic with pain, I couldn’t get the lens out, my eye spasmed shut. For a number of minutes I was in sheer hell. Finally I managed to pry it out but the pain was like nothing I’ve experienced. The upper and lower lids became enflamed and red and my eyeball was on fire and remained red for 1.5 days. I emailed CIBC, a division of Novartis but let’s face it folks, they don’t give two hoots. I haven’t received a courtesy of a reply. I went back to the pharmacy to tell them of my experience and the pharmacist was definately concerned and said she’d bring it to head office attention. Trust me…one day there will be a very serious injury or loss of sight and this crap will be off the market. And for those of you who are so high on the product, good for you for being so intelligent – it’s only a matter of time before you have a small mistake and experience the pain.

  91. Julian

    OMGGG, was at a friends house last night and i was blazed. One of my contacts fell out so i went to his bathroom, rinsed it with solution and put it in. Worst pain everrr, especially when your high and have no idea what is going on. Right before my eyes clamped shut i looked in the mirror and saw my eye bubbling! And then it felt like my eye was glued shut. I was freaking out. Now its the next day and i think it screwed up my vision or something, but my glasses arent really workin right. Idk, scary shit. Guess we’ll just see if it gets better.

  92. Lisa

    This happened to my husband this is ridiculous!!!! We need to do something and at least force them to re-package it. The bottle looks EXACTLY like regular contact solution and if is not! My husband has been in pain for two days his eyes are blurry and red. I am livid.

  93. Brooke

    I did the same think this morning. My seinor prom is today and my eye is bloody red and hurts like all of hell. Guess who’s not getting a seinor prom picture? This girl! Lawlz. I’m not really too worried because it’s just prom. Haha JUST PROM. *twitch*. :P

  94. NTTTTTTq

    Worst pain i’ve ever felt in my eye! I went to my friend’s house and my contact lens came out.. so i used this in his bathroom, and my eyeball literally burned like a motherfukr. I think it’s such a stupid product, because accidents happen, and sometimes people do need to rince their contacts right before they put it in their eye. 20 hours + and still red and watery.

  95. Mike

    Thanks for posting all this data…it’s very alarming when this type of accident happens to your child and there is no real explanation or detailed warning on the product box. Definitely go to your eye doctor and get treated. My son had damage to his cornea – he’s okay now – and was in severe pain for hours. I did contact a lawyer as it is amazing there’s no real detail on the box as to how bad you can burn your eyes. Probably no case as he is recovering, but I hope someone from Clear Care reads this blog. He accidentally used the wrong container and in the morning put the contacts in his eye and entered into a world of pain.

  96. Jack

    It happens to me today after my doctor suggest clear care.

    I want to drop this into the product manager and CEO of CIBA’s eye, than we can talk about how to properly display a warning label/message.

    I think it deserves a class action!!

  97. Camille

    I can’t believe how many people this has happened to. I am so glad I was not the only one! I was thinking, “Damn, Camille… this is a silly effing situation you got yourself into here.”

    I made the same mistake as pretty well all of you. Clear Care was on the same shelf at Costco as all the other contact solutions and it was far cheaper, so why wouldn’t I get it? Mistakenly soaked my contacts in the devils blood OVERNIGHT, and went to put them in yesterday morning and I swear I heard my eye sizzle. My eye immediately slammed shut, not really allowing me to get my contact out for the better part of 5 minutes.

    Went to a walk-in clinic and got some lubricated eye drops, which helped some – but the pain was quite unbearable at some points.

    The best advise I can give to you if you’re reading this and are within a couple hours of this happening to you is give your eyes plenty of time to rest. And flush them, flush them, FLUSH THEM. Putting your eye under a faucet is a little awkward, so try using a shot glass or a dixie cup or some small cup, fill it with water, and tip the cup back into your eye. (Just like your eye is taking a drink.) Repeat this plenty of times over the course of the day, flushing them out at 15 min intervals. Make sure you DO NOT wear your contacts for a couple of days. (24 hours min.)

    My eye is still quite red and swollen and it’s been a little over 24 hours. I was afraid to go to sleep last night thinking I would wake up without sight in one eye.

    I hope this site has given you some insight! Once again, am SO glad to hear I’m not the only one out there.

  98. chris

    It happened to me this morning, it’s been 7 hours and my eye still feels like it’s on fire. There needs to be a huge warning on the front of the box about the dangers of this product.

  99. CHERI

    OMG. I was getting ready to go to church this morning (Easter Sunday) and just received my new contact lens the day before. The eye doctor assistant gave me this Clear Care solution and I put some directly on my lens and then put into my eye. That was this morning around 10:00AM and now at 8:00PM, my eye is severly inflamed and red. This stuff burned like I lit a match to my eye. Terrible stuff to get into your eye. Be very careul and follow the instructions on the bottle and do not keep near your other saline solutions or eye wash, please.

  100. CHERI

    OMG. I was getting ready to go to church this morning (Easter Sunday) and just received my new contact lens the day before. The eye doctor assistant gave me this Clear Care solution and I put some directly on my lens and then put into my eye. That was this morning around 10:00AM and now at 8:00PM, my eye is severly inflamed and red. This stuff burned like I lit a match to my eye. Terrible stuff to get into your eye. Be very careul and follow the instructions on the bottle and do not keep near your other saline solutions or eye wash, please.

  101. Kristen

    I did this two days ago and my eye is still red and hurts it feels better to have my contact in but I took the plunge last night and took it out… how much longer is this going to be like this!!

  102. Tal

    Joining the club. Owwwwwwwwwwwwww. I just had some keratitis in my eyes a couple of weeks ago (inflammation) and I thought it was back with a vengeance, but now I know to blame the Clear Care.

  103. Dan

    This is some scary stuff! I don’t even know why they even sell this over the counter.

    This exactly happened to my friend who slept over and forgot her contact lenses stuff. I will say, it was majority of my fault. She needed some solution for her contacts and there were two bottles, which one of them was empty, and the other, Clear Care. While being slightly intoxicated, not paying much attention to the bright RED labels and warnings on it, I gave it to her. The next day she put on her lenses on, and all I heard was the sound of agony and pain. I didn’t know what to do for her. She rensed her eye out for a while, immediately after prying out the lens from her eye. It’s still red, and slightly puffy, not being able to properly open her eye, but after applying some eye drops (I think Visine. Not sure lol) the redness slowly began to fade. Though she kept mentioning the excruciating pain is still there. Any suggestions? Perhaps from the CIBC?? Good lordy.

  104. LetsGetCibaVision

    I bought Clear Care when it was on sale a few months ago. There were no warnings on the box. I opened the box and I did notice that it was not a regular solution. So I did read the instructions, then I made a minor mistake of putting the contact lenses back in my eyes after a couple of hours’ nap and it hurts, but nothing like it was never neutralized. I took the lenses out and my tears washed the remaining solution away and I wore my frame for a day and I was fine. Then I made a BIG mistake of letting the remaining two bottles around in the cabinet. My wife just made a trip to China and she took one of the bottles in a rush without consulting with me. She soaked her lenses in the solution overnight in a flat box and put them in. Since it has been months and I totally forgot about the solution. She called me complaining about the pain and thought she got pepper in the eye. I calmed her on the phone and let her nap for a couple of more hours before going to emergency room. Now she has a hole in her right cornea! It was my fault to leave dangerous chemicals around in the house. Or was it my fault! How come Ciba Vision can sell this dangerous chemical for eyes without proper warning on the box for the risk of burning your eyes like hell into holes! I am going to consult a lawyer and I am serious. Let’s keep in touch and let’s get Ciba Vision. Just for the record this is posting number 102 and I think we have a team!

  105. LetsGetCibaVision

    And don’t forget the reason for further injury to many of you: there is no first-aid instruction on the bottle or the box for such a dangerous chemical. First-aid instruction on the website does not count. And the reason for posting 101’s injury to children: the bottle of such a dangerous over-the-counter chemical is not even child-proof! Let’s make a team and let’s get Ciba Vision. Please come back to check for further postings.

  106. Loser

    Goodness gracious, the pain!!! I just totally spaced out, while being preoccupied, and used the new Clear Care solution to rinse before putting a lens in and OH MY GOD THE PAIN! THE PAIN THE PAIN THE PAIN!!! The box and bottle are clearly labeled, and it is my fault, but I don’t think this product is safe anymore just for this reason. I feel lucky to still have my eye in its socket, but I’m afraid it will never be the same again. Is it permanently damaged?

  107. Steve

    Scared my students!!! They all looked at me like I was the creature from hell. Haven’t found the contact; it melted or flew out as the hot lava hit my eyeball!!!!Should have a HUGE label with DON”T PUT IN EYES on it! I had just eaten a grapefruit, so I thought it was citric acid. It was acid, but not from the grapefruit!!!!!

    I’m currently on 18 hours and still have a gross eyeball. I might resort to the milk idea someone else posted. Is it possible to just pop out you eye?

    I’ve had kidney stones that felt like marshmallows compared to this pain. Thank you for all of these posts – I don’t feel smarter than a 5th grader:-(

    I agree with many; all I remembered reading was that you don’t have to rub to clean-ready for your eye. The 6 hour wait needs to be extremely clear!

  108. Keith

    Happened to me an hour ago. I immediately put water in my eye, which helped. It still hurts though. The above link to dr’s advice says to use artificial tear. I am going out now to find some.

    Has anyone followed up on the class action idea? It is worth pursuing.

    My bottle of Clear Care did not come with a special case. Of course I did not read the warning against using it with flat lense cases. Who would? The bottle is the same size and shape as regular solution. And it says NO RUB on it, which clearly identifies it, to a regular contact lense user, as the solution we all store our lenses in. The fact that 100 of us on this thread have had the same thing happen shows that it is an inherent problem, not just a few idiots who can’t read warning labels. (The only one I look down on is the one who had it happen more than once.)

  109. Maryjo

    Mistakenly rinsed my contact with Clear Care and inserted it into my right eye. Rinsed eye & went to Dr. for ER Visit. Pain lasted almost 36 hours. The first 24 hours Dr. recommended an eye lubricate (such as Blink tears.) Eye teared excessively all day & was very red and swollen. At night Blink Gel was used to keep the eye closed. Felt better in morning. Hour 25-32 eye not as red but extemely swollen. Used cold compresses and continued with eye lubricate – about every 2 hours. Hour 36 still some pain & dryness along with very slight swelling. Only wore contact today for 4 hours so eye could continue to heal.

  110. Latha Gokhale

    I used Clear Care to rinse my lens before placing it in my eye. I was given this solution by my opthalmologist. I have not worn contacts for many years. I had no idea that a solution that is in the same style container as all the other solutions could do this to your eye. I am very near sighted and would not have seen any warning label, even if I had thought to look. No one would put a household cleaner in a plastic jug shaped like a typical gallon milk container. No one would put a toxic substance in a typical soda can. I could go on and on. Bottom Line…How can something that shouldn’t go directly in the eye be packaged exactly the same way as a million other products made to go directly into the eye????

  111. Michelle

    Well I did read the directions several times because I did not want this to happen. My eyes have been red so I thought I would finally try this solution recommended by the eye dr. Followed all the steps to the T. Took out lense in the morning to put in eye and OMFG you are right. If I thought my eyes were red before… So after some research I have discovered that the brown cap is what makes neutrolizes the solution. The cap was really hard to get off and it didn’t seem to be needed so I figured I would just leave it off. Maybe they should mention in the directions that you MUST use the damn metal/brown cap that wouldn’t unscrew properly.

  112. Michelle

    Oh yeah and I even put the bottle away so my husband wouldn’t accidently use it. I mean I thought I was covering everything.

  113. tommy

    Did anyone else goto the doctor to check their cornea? I was traveling and grabbed the roommates solution. Not cool. Call me stupid but when u grab contact solution, u don’t usually think you are putting acid in your eyes.

  114. Jacob Garber

    I just did it. They should have a different sized bottle and a huge warning. My eye is still burning and all red! Of all the tyhingsd we regulate this isn’t one of them?

  115. Annalisa

    My husband just got a bottle of Clear Care and his neutralizing case from his new eye doctor. However, I used his solution because when I read the front of the bottle, it said the exact same thing that all lens solutions do.

    The tiny, skinny, red strip across the top of the bottle did not deter me from using the solution. It just looked like another colored strip on the bottle to me, not a WARNING. I experienced the HORRIBLE pain as described in other posts.

    After I finally got my eye opened, removed the contact lens and rinsed my eye, I was finally able to read the fine print on the bottle. It said not to use it in your eyes but it did not tell you what to do if you got it in your eyes. A MAJOR correction needs to be made if they are going to sell this in the stores alongside other solutions. This is RIDICULOUS!

    I’m hoping that all the redness and irritation will clear up in the next 48 hours. Good luck to everyone out there that makes this same mistake! It’s awful! I can empathize!

  116. Annalisa

    What worked for me:

    Eye Rinse

    Purified Water to rinse with as well

    Lubricant Eye Drops

    After a good night of sleep, my eye felt a TON better (24 hours later). It was still pink and slightly irritated but by the end of the second day, I was able to put a new pair of contacts in.

    The doctor that I spoke with told me to throw away the contacts that I had put in the Clear Care solution. This is dedicated to the next person that makes this awful mistake.

  117. Nancy

    I found your site after having this awful experience myself. Night before Last night I was too tired to go to the trouble to put my contacts in that crazy holder they sent with it so I just stored them in my little old case but used the new Clean Care Solution that cam with my contacts, I didn’t even order this S___!Didn’t even wear my contacts yesterday so they’d probably been in there 30 hours. I took one out, poured out all that solution and rinsed them with my regular cleaning solution. when I put it in my eye, it set it on fire. It is red like your picture. Still burning like fire; I can hardly keep it open. I wonder if this will go away soon. Help!
    It’s been an hour now and it’s still blood red and I can’t keep it open. Will somebody please tell me how long this lasts?! I didn’t even go on my appointment because I couldn’t see hw to drive, can’t type either.

  118. Mari

    I also am among the hundreds or thousands of people who are suffering the consequences of at least one eye that feels as though its melting in the socket. Grabbed the wrong bottle and filled the case and soaked overnight. Went to put the right contact in this morning and shot out of my chair as if I was jet propelled and ran to the bathroom and tried to desperately remove the contact through a tiny slit and probably damaged the eye much more as I was clawing at it for several seconds. It was glued to the eye so in desperation I grabbed THE SAME BOTTLE to squirt in the eye to try to loosen it and almost passed out at that point. Finally retrieved it and flushed several minutes with tap water (filled with more chemicals) It has burned all day but eye doc says it should heal in a few days with the use of Systane lubricating drops but the preservative free kind and use every hour to restore moisture. Also I flushed with bottled water and felt sooo much better than tap. I used aquafina water that was slightly cool and it gave me alot of relief. Hope this helps some of you that are suffering as I am. And by the way, how the hell are we supposed to read anything without our contacts. That bottle should have a skull and crossbones all over it!!

  119. yll

    Hate this product. I got it couple days ago. WHO knows it is so differenr from other stuff, hate it. hope it disappear

  120. Lisa

    I just burned the heck out of my eye and there is NOTHING on the package to tell me what to do. Thansk for all the posts. Back to rinsing with water and saline solution. WHY is the bottle the SAME blue/white color that all saline bottles come in? It should be BRIGHT yellow/orange for DANGER!

  121. Laurie

    My story is the same as everyone else, except I woke up with a large BLISTER on the white part of my eye the next day! I didn’t know that was possible. 3 days into it and I still cant see well, eye is very read, swollen, and sore. I was on vacation in St Kitts, so I couldn’t find an Opthamologist. I will pursue this with the company to get better labeling and warnings. It should be taken off the market!

  122. Anon

    I hate this f’ing crap!!! No one should buy this. It’s ridiculous. The bottle looks like regular contact lense solution so it’s very deceiving. Why the heck they would use such harsh chemical in something that goes in your eye is beyond me. Yes, there is a warning that says don’t put it directly in your eye. BUT ALL CONTACT LENSE SOLUTIONS SAY THE SAME THING!!!! Accidents can happen way to easily with Clean Care so just don’t buy it!!!!

  123. Sidra

    OMGGG i did this to my lenses and they burned soo bad! It is very easy to confuse this bottle for a regular saline bottle. There is no warning of the ill effects of putting this solution in the eye. They should clearly say that it can cause potential blindness and burning!!

    Right now i have a dull ‘ache’ near my lower lash line. I have rinsed the lenses with copious amounts of water and the correct saline solution but they still burn. Is it because there is some residue on the lenses or because my eye got burned? I am not sure and don’t exactly want to keep testing. I am hoping I can salvage my expensive contact lenses and prevent future pain.

  124. Laurie

    I am #128, Laurie. A week and 1/2 later, I still have corneal damage with vision changes. My doctor prescribed Systane, which can be bought OTC plus steroid drops to promote healing. And yes, I have a lawyer friend who is very interested!

  125. Debbie

    I purchased Clear Care without realizing it was different from other saline solutions. I rised my contact and popped in my eye. I was screaming in pain and had a hard time getting the contact out. My daughter came running in the bathroom and helped me flush my eye. THEN i read the directions and felt stupid at first. Then I started thinking..OMG how can they make something for your eyes that is so harmful. It’s been hours and I’m still very uncomfortable. I hope I haven’t permanatly damaged my eye! SCARY!

  126. laury

    This happened to me this morning. I’m 14 and extremely scared that there will be something wrong. My mom says it will be fine ad then redness has decreased and it doesn’t really hurt anymore. I’m scared that something will happen. It was in my eye for maybe 30 seconds. Will my eye be okay

  127. Crystal

    I just rinsed my contact this morning with the wrong bottle of solution. I have now felt the burn, unfortunately. I agree with everyone’s comments on here. It is very dangerous stuff. I don’t care if its suppose to clean my contacts like nothing else, it isn’t going to do me much good if it burns my eyes out first! I am a bit scared to go to bed because I don’t want to be blind in the morning! I think I will call the company and complain tomorrow. Has anyone heard what they have to say for themselves?

  128. Vivian Lee

    It just happened to me 1/2 hour ago. I have makeup on, I successfully put in the contact lens on my right eye no problem, then when doing left eye, the lens did not get in the first time and get some cosmetic on. I use the clear care solution to rinse and put it back on to my left eye. BURN like crazy. Luckily, I have Refresh Tears eye drops and Systan Ultra with me. I use them one after the other for 1/2 hour, and my left eye feels much much better. Still a little pink, hope I don’t have to suffer for 10 hours. I heard this solution is good for disinfecting. But they should provide a bottle of solution for cleaning when something happened, like dropped the lenses.

  129. Cherry

    I heard great things about this solution in how it cleans and retains moisture very well, so when I ran out of my Opti-free, I decided to try Clearcare out. I read all the instructions the night before, put it in the given lens case, left it over 6 hrs, but I made the terrible mistake early in the morning when I was still half asleep and my hand naturally followed the routine with my old solution and rinsed my contacts before applying, omg I screamed and thought I was going to go blind! Embarrasingly, everybody at work had to stop and asked what happened to my eye! Now I know this works if instructions are properly followed, but I cringe on thought of accidentally making the same mistake again, so my two bottles are going straight to the trash!

  130. janice

    I’ve been wearing contacts for 15yrs and all i have to say is f*ck clear care. #1 in comfort my ass. Most horrible experience ever from a veteran contact wearer!! Rinsing your eye is the only ‘solution’

  131. Angela

    This is #129, it happened two days ago, after several visits to emergency and specialist, my left eye is still under recovery. The doctor said the vision shall come back to clear: now it’s still blur. but
    he’s not sure when/if I can wear contact lenses ever again
    that’s the biggest concern for me since I’m not able to wear glasses.

    DID any one of you ever put contact lenses back after this injure? if yes, how long?


  132. Stella

    DEAR GOD it happened to me as well. Thankfully it was only in there for about…3-5 seconds. Redness subsided after rinsing for 10 mins with cold water and it just feels a bit uncomfortable and tingly now. For those with completely red eyes and continually burning sensations please go to the ER. For those with the same after-effects as mine, I guess it would be best to go to the doctors just to be safe.

    It’s a great cleaning solution, just have to be very careful with it.

  133. Audrey

    so glad I found this forum. I too made the mistake of grabbing the wrong bottle. Knew as soon as the contact was placed on eyeball, I was in a world of trouble…was stomping the floor, cursing, as I frantically splashed with water. Tried to pull my lens out immediately, realized 10 minutes later, it was still in. When I pulled the lens out, it hurt even more. Saw the doc, got antibiotics and eye drops. 24 hours later, I’m in severe pain; holed up in the house.

  134. Suzi

    THE DAMAGE IS NOT PERMANENT. Our eyes are extremely regenerative, very good at healing themselves. But you have to give them time. Flood your eyes with saline solution right away, and do that several times a day for the next couple of days. DO NOT USE VISINE, which is just more chemical on your sore eyes. If possible, leave your lenses out until the burn heals. Yes, that’s what it is – your eyes are burned by the 3% peroxide.

    I swear by Clear Care because nothing else thoroughly cleans my lenses, but I agree that the warnings need to be HUGE and noticeable on both the box and bottle. Even then I’m sure people will make mistakes. The type of case is important because the black disc in their case neutralizes the peroxide over the 6 hours you’re supposed to wait. Even so, I always flush my lenses thoroughly with saline solution before putting them in my eyes. This stuff is wonderful when used properly, but the potential for injury is scary as hell.

  135. Lynz

    WOW. Mom had bought this on sale sometime ago and I am on a trip, so grabbed the bottle, as it’s ‘small’. Soaked my contacts in this stuff over night, and YIKES! SHOCK when I stuck it in the next AM! LAVA in my eyes! Thought it was just extra lotion or soap on my hands, so rinsed them off real good, then tried again! Again, extreme pain! Wow.
    Question: Anyone have long term permanent damage?

  136. hassan kachal

    how long will it take to go away??!
    that happened to me yesterday and i washed my eye with eye wash, water and everything i had in hand
    i put visine in my eye too the only help it did was that the redness went away a lil bit
    but it was still burning
    and today morning i woke up the burning went away kinda but its still red



  137. Barbara

    My daughter came home for a visit and used her sister’s contact solution to store her contacts in her regular case. I woke up to her screaming that her eye was on fire when she put in one contact full of that Clear Care solution. Her eye was red the whole day. She is going to see her eye doctor tomorrow to see if she did permanent damage. This stuff should be banned.

  138. jessica

    I made this terrible mistake yesterday about noon.I had sent my lovley fiance out to get some contact lens solution for me. So when I woke up yesterday I rubbed my eye and my contact fell out.I picked up the bottle and looked at the front with my one good eye and read no rub. I put my contact in my palm put some solution on it and popped it back into my eye.I quicly realized what I did, I was in so much pain, all I could do was cry. I tried to pry my eye open like the rest of you and after many failed attempts I finally got it out. I rinsed my eye with saline and water using a shot glass, for almost an hour after. My eye hurt all day long. Everytime I blinked , when my eyes were open, and even when I closed them it hurt sooooo bad. I took prescription strength ibuprofin and it help a little. Fell asleep 9hrs after it happened and woke up an hour later and my eyelid was swollen almost shut. I took ibuprofin every 3 hours since it happened. Now it is almost 24 hours and I see some improvment in my eye it still is red as all get out, sensitive to light and very dry. I had to call in sick today , Everytime I looked at the bottle or pass by the bottle I wanted to pick it up and throw it across the room! This company really needs to do somthing so that this dosnt happen, not only could we all have damaged our precious eyes, but we also had to deal with excrutiating pain that can only be described by putting acid into your eye! Somthing needs to be done.I’ve been wearing contacts for 15 years and I have never had any pain worse then what I felt yesterday. I hate this product!

  139. Dustin

    I have been sitting here reading all of these stories and laughing my ass off. I wasn’t laughing though 10 hours ago. I was at my parents swimming w/ my little boy and we got out and dried off and my contacts were a little dried out and foggy. So….I headed to my mom’s medicine cabinet, grabbed out the contact solution, and popped out my right contact. Like I’ve done thousands of times before, I blasted it w/ solution in the palm of my hand and popped it right back in my eye. It was IMMEDIATE pain in my eye. I quickly popped out the contact and ran out and yelled at my mom and said “what the hell’s in here….acid????” She was like “yea, it’s cleaning solution”. WTF??? I’ve never NEVER heard of this shit!!! I spend the next 15 minutes with my head dunked in a sink full of cold water with my eyes open trying to get some relief. Meanwhile my dad calls the number on the box to find out if I should go to the E.R. or not. So anyways….here I am 10 hours later, my eye still burns and is as red as a baboons ass. Just some advice: if you have Clear Care contact solution sitting around……throw that shit out!!! It’s not worth it.

  140. jo

    this just happened to me too,i accidentally poured the solution on my lens and inserted it into my eye. Thought i was going to pass out (vasovagal syncope) from the pain. Rinsed with tap water and then renu solution. This is dangerous….i can’t believe they would sell this on the market! My eye is red and inflamed. Will keep you posted on the outcome

  141. Outraged

    My wife just accidentally put it in her eye, not realizing it wasn’t like the other brands she normally uses. Intense burning and pain, etc. Now I am so angry at this company and the government for allowing this on the market! There ought to be a CLASS-ACTION LAWSUIT against Ciba for all the pain they’ve inflicted on people! The product is too easily confused with other solutions that aren’t harmful to the eye, even with the bit of red color on the bottle. The dozens of cases reported on this website are proof that this is a massive problem. Burn in hell, Ciba executives, you are scum!

  142. Randy

    OK did the clear eyes in the eye thing and my eye is half red and it has been 20 hours ago. My upper and lower eye lids are almost swollen my eye shut. I saw a doctor who gave me bacteria infection medicine. Should I be worried about prolonged effects or is this just a simple chemical burn that will go away?

  143. Gary

    Just got burnt by this f*king solution in the morning my eye is now bloody red and hurts like hell. I now just found this site and saw so many complaints and wondered if any of you would consider class action against the company and put this product behind the counter?

  144. Dave

    Dear Lord the pain… I did exactly the same thing. I could not find my contact solution, borrowed some of my roommates solution last night (no knowing the stuff was any different than normal no-rub solution). And went to my knees ripping at my eyeballs to get it out this morning after they sat in acid all night. 2 hours later my eye is still very irritated, during lunch I’ll be headed to the nearest cvs to get some eye-drops. I have some normal contact solution which helps a little, but I think I should get the real thing. My vision is normal, just my eye hurts.

  145. sky

    Im in canada, well I did this JUST an hour ago. I saw nothing package wise that immediately jumped out at me at all or alarmed me to say DANGER!!! this can make YOU BLIND!! and have some ugly little eyeball picture on it or something right on top of box, which they should! I always used solo care by ciba but I have 700.00 custom color contacts and was told this was best solution to use by company. WELL today after having had them in a flat case all night in this stuff then rinsing with it before placing in eye OMFG!!! my eye slammed shut and I had to pry it open luckily not ripping my new contact! took 8 weeks just to get them made then sent. I thought it was something I did to contaminate it, so I rinsed it again with clear care and tried the other eye this time I barely touched it and BAM instant. my entire head is aching now literal migraine from hell!! I rinsed my contacts with my regular all in one solution cleaned the flat case I have stored in well, and filled with solution and placed my contacts in the case. My question is this these are not cheap contacts 700.00!!! brand new just got them yesterday…if stored in regular solution now for a bit (and if so how long?) will they be alright to use again? if someone knows please let me know by responding. MY god seriously ciba needs to be sued!!! I have neevr in my life seen a such a product to be so highly dangerous and they can get away with a little red line blurb you can barely see or notice amongst all the other SAFE solutions. My head is about to explode right now, I cant even drive to get into work today! This stuff is so freakin dangerous that you could accidentally get abit on the outside of something else not know it touch it, by accident and put it in your eye! holy hell. Class action law suit should be the way

  146. Teresa

    WOW. had no idea this was so common. I’ve been wearing lenses for 15 years and never even heard there were two types of solution. burned my eye this morning and have to go to my brothers wedding tonight! hoping my eyes will be ok to wear contacts by then. blah…

  147. EP

    It’s been 8 hours since my wife has the Clear Care solution in her right eye. She has tried everything to rinse it but to no avail. It still burns like HELL! She told me that it is worse than child birth. Where’s the personal injury lawyer when you need one? Someone needs to file a class action lawsuit against CIBA, Novartis and FDA!!! The product is dangerous and needs to be RECALLED!!!

  148. Jason B.

    Ok, now I’m glad that I’m not the only one. This happened to me 3 days ago while I was on the rez. It was dark and I was fumbling around our house looking for the saline solution with a faulty flashlite that kept going on and off, so I see a bottle that was my fiancee’s, you have to remember that this is nite time and I’m tired with a lousy flashlite and contacts are ready to come out like 2 hours ago. So I read that its a “No Rub” solution and I’m thinking put in your case and get to sleep. Fast forward to the next morning, my fiancee is already out of the house getting coffee with her family and I’m waking up to the nudging of my daughter who is 20 months. Feeling good I walk to the bathroom and do my regular buisness and then OMFG I felt like someone put a hot nail through my eye it took a couple of minutes before I got my contact out and walking to try and find my regular saline solution tripping over moving boxes and my daughter asking me for more milk. It must have been a sight but finally rinsing my eye out and covering my right eye I read the warning on the bottle that says don’t put directly in eye. So the warning was there but I felt like a big idiot but i’m glad that i”m not the only one. so I’m going to stick to my opti-free replenish. And I’m doing okay got my vision back with minor irriation 36 hrs later.

  149. sophia

    i’ve been crying for a while and i napped with my contacts so my eye was dry and i needed some solution. my bf’s sister had this big bottle of renu the other day but it disappeared. i went to the bathroom, opened the cabinet and saw Clean Clear calling to me. the red non-flip cap was weird but i’ve only had contacts since may and used only renu so i could care less that the bottle had some differences because it was a different brand. i skimmed this company’s copy-and-paste-from regular-contacts-solutions description on the front of the bottle and thought, perfect. i rinsed my lens, popped them in my eye, and hell let loose in my socket. fml. Clean and Clear needs to be warned.

  150. Marnie

    Add me to the list of sufferers. And for those gloaters who think we are “stupid”: why should we be endangered by not reading fine print (which many of us can’t read without my contacts anyway) when we can assume from the bottle’s appearance and the larger print “rinsing solution…for all soft contact lenses” that Clear Care is as harmless as every other brand of solution I have used over the past 20 years. My bottle was a sample and has no red tip or anything else that would indicate a difference from other solutions. (Maybe packaging in Canada is different?) If Clear Care is going to masquerade as normal solution then it should perform as such. Ridiculous to think that users are liable for their own pain. This product should be banned. I hope someone sues.

  151. Unknown

    I just experienced this and read all 137 comments above me.
    My story is the same…burning, pain, etc…

    The only way to ‘fix’ this is to keep rinsing eyes and wait. Keep waiting and as time goes by, your eyes will return to normal.

    Only thing to be afraid of is corneal damage…if the redness doesn’t go away after 7 to 10 days, consult and ophthalmologist.

    Finally, using clear care does not make sense b/c by using their special case, you are depleting the solution bottle fast…it will last probably like a month.

    Other multipurpose solutions will not drain down that fast b/c you are using a flat case…besides it is more convenient to use multipurpose solution.

    P.S. The creator of this Clear Care product should be castrated. We should also pour hot liquid silver into this person’s eyes and then say, “Here, use your clear care bullshit now…you F*** BAG!”

    Sorry, just pissed…

  152. Emi

    Hahahaha I JUST DID THAT and ohmydeargod the pain. Who invented this crap? I already had a swollen eye to start the day with, then i buy this solution and (after screaming) yanked my eye open to get the contact out. geez! I was surprised they made something so simple this complicated. :P

  153. red eye

    I JUST DID THIS TODAY. oh my god, the PAIN. i was innocent during all of this! i didn’t have any instructions because my brother thought it would somehow be okay to remove the instructions from the bottle before giving it to me. it probably wasn’t intentional but STILL WHY WOULD YOU TAKE OFF INSTRUCTIONS LIKE THAT. so there i was thinking it was just normal saline solution but nope. NEVER AGAIN, will i ever use clear care.

  154. Han

    I just burned my eyes with this soulution couple hours ago !!! OMFG !!! I was so scared and thought I was going blind.. looks like Im not the only one….><

  155. Michelle

    Uneffingbelievable!!! I bought this crap because it was on sale. Who reads the label of stupid effing contact lens solution???? It looks the same as every other bottle of stupid contact lens solution. Seared the eye nearly out of my socket after storing my lenses in the normal flat case overnight. Some bloody demon seed produced this sh!t. Honestly, I am outraged. This should be behind the counter to ensure that buyers are properly aware that they might sear their eyeballs out if the product isn’t used properly. These are just peoples’ eyeballs after all. I hate these effing sadistic makers of this acid juice.

  156. Gabriella

    i was on my way to my soccer practice and you know usually i wear my contacts…. so i needed solution but i couldnt find the one i always used so i looked in my closet in the bathroom and i found two bottles of that clear clare and i read the front nd it said exactly wat my old one said…soooo ofcurse i used it nd i put it in my eye nd once it touch my eye holy mother of god it burned….so i tried to get to my bathroom but i culdnt even open my eyes so i was runnin to my bathroom blind….finally i opened my eye wit my hand pulled out the contact..my eye was beat red all over. i ended up going to my soccer prac with my glasses :p it happened 6 hours ago…and its still red nd burns my moms taking me to the doctors tm if it continues….i really hate having to wear glasses/ contacts lol…dont worry your not the only one that did tht as you can see hahaha

  157. hate clear care

    Hate this stuff! Stupid design! Wondering why store still sell it! Have to go to work with a super uncomfortable red eye. Gonna hear a lot of question :”what’s wrong with your eye today?” Such a pain! HATE CLEAR CARE!

  158. Mary Ann

    I am here to chime in on this horrible product! I used it this morning for the first time. I had purchased it because it was on sale (big surprise). The intense pain, burning and spasming of my eye was excruciating! My eye is still red and swollen. I am using lubricant eye drops, but wow this should not be on the market. It is a danger to the public.

  159. Collin

    Hey guys, your eye doctors need to take responsibility too.

    My eye doctor sat down with me and gave me a 15 minute lecture on using Clear Care properly – like using the provided case so the solution will neutralize and how everything with a red tip (Clear Care, Boston cleaner) aren’t supposed to go in your eye.

    He also gave me a 2 page printout with the directions on them – including “DO NOT PUT CLEAR CARE IN YOUR EYE.”

    Guys, there’s a reason for the red tip – it’s a last chance warning.

    I’ve been using Clear Care for my hard contacts and never had a problem.

    So I’d like to thank my doctor for being so deliberate – from the lecture to the 2 page printout – and the constant smattering of questions every time I visit …

    As for comfort, Clear Care is great, especially when used in conjunction with Boston deposit remover and Refresh Celluvisc.

    I stay away from cheap junk like Visine because as my doctor said, they have preservatives, and they might feel good going in, but after a while they don’t feel so reliving.

    And one more thing – today I dropped my contacts in the drain! Literally, in the drain – past the sink. Luckily, I was able to fish it out from all the hair and gunk down there. I rinsed it with Clear Care (a very powerful solution, it seems :p) and have soaked it for 10 hours now.

    I’m about to put it in, hopefully Clear Care will have annihilatedd all the bacteria, just like it nearly annihilated yalls eyes :p.

    Wish me luck :). Don’t want to go blind from bacteria.

  160. Julie

    I did it today – I had accidentally stored my contacts in the Clear Care in a regular flat container. Oh my goodness, was that terrible! It was hard not to completely panic as I started calling to my 17 year old that I needed help while I was desperately trying to get my eye back open to get the contact out. She came waltzing in casually, apparently oblivious to the fact that I needed her to find the saline solution QUICKLY. It felt like I imagine acid would feel. That as seven hours ago, and my eye is still horribly red.

  161. Sandy

    OMG! I accidentally left my lenses in my eyes overnight, had given my son my bottle of solution, wanted to get them out so i could wear them later. Found this stuff and well, you know the rest of the story… read the previous 138 posts! I am hoping for no permanent damage! Vision is fine so far… but it has only been 20 minutes.

  162. Jeri

    If there was ever a product that should be removed from the shelves it is Clear Care. I spent 4 hours in the emergency room yesterday because of this product. I am on erythromycin eye ointment and I am still in pain. I thought I was going to lose sight in my right eye, all from putting in a contact lense that was cleaned with Clear Care. I am seriously thinking of initiating a class action suit after reading about how many people were injured by this product.

  163. May

    Same thing happened to me last night. One lens slipped through my eye when I was at work and I begged one colleague to take me to Costco to buy solution. With one eye having contact lens while the other not, I have to grab one solution and rush to the restroom. You can imagine, how terrible when I rinse it using this damn Clear care solution and put back to my eye. It burned so badly, I swear it was the worst thing ever happened to me. I hope I can get better soon, taking sick leave today at home.

  164. Suman

    omg!!! i did the same thing but thankfully i felt the burning before i put it into my eye and now im left with questions like should i throw my contacts out? can i keep my contacts in the box it came with for more than 6 hours. im so confused i dont want to go blind lmao

  165. Carrie

    Holy crow!!! Had to stay with a friend bc of an emergency and she handed me this not realizing what it was. It’s been 12 hours and my eye still feels swollen and a little bit of burning, like I’ve been crying all day with that one eye. Am I going to have to throw away my contacts?? I had just opened them yesterday. :( I can’t believe the lack of warning and how it looks so much like a normal bottle.

  166. Barbara

    I also accidently put Clear Care in my eyes with the same results as everyone else. I was very uncomfortable for about 24 hours and couldn’t imagine ever putting contacts in again. However, the following morning my eye was nearly back to normal. I gave it another couple of days and then I started wearing my contacts again – with no problems. I was a bit annoyed that the warning on the bottle wasn’t more visible, but I’ve never found anything that keeps my contacts cleaner and easier to wear for longer periods, so I will continue to use it (with more caution from now on). In the past, I had to take my contacts out after about 6 hours because they started to get “greasy”, but when I used Clear Care (properly), I can wear them til I’m ready to go to bed.

  167. Amber

    OMFG!!! I didn’t even read the box & burned the SHIT out of my eye! 12 hours later & my eye is still bright red & watering & burning like crazy. I hate this stuff & will never use it again…..

  168. Buzz Lightyear

    Hey! It would be nice if some of you that posted here would come back with your “Outcome” stories! So we could get a little peace of mind reading about how things turned out!! OK? Thanks! -Buzz :)

  169. Sarah

    Omg I just did the exact same thing… And actually this is the 2nd time I did it. The first time I thought it was burning because I didn’t clean my contacts properly. Second time it happened again with a different pair of lenses. Then I actually read the back of the bottle haha WHY WOULD THEY INVENT SOMETHING LIKE THIS my eye is insanely blood shot right now ):

  170. Alishka

    Wow. I can’t believe you guys don’t read directions! You only get one pair of eyes. So maybe now you’ll actually read and research what you’re putting in/on your eyes.

    I guess the BRIGHT red labels and tip didn’t warn you?

    I <3 clear care! 6 hours and you’re good to go :))))))

  171. Mariannahie

    Most of you are blaming a PRODUCT for YOUR inability to use it properly. Read the effing directions and the product works wonders.

    This site is FULL of morons who don’t pay attention.

    Next time research and ask your eye doctor for his/her opinion on a product. PROTECT YOUR EYES PEOPLE!

  172. Amada

    I got a free sample and stashed it i
    n my purse.Today I got something in my eye. I thought it was like my usual stuff!! OMG took the contact out right away, flushed my eye. This happened about 12 noon and here it is 10 pm and my eye is still watering like crazy. I put my contact back in after rinsing but when I took it out around 7pm it has not stopped burning and watering. Bigger warning on something that looks like all the other stuff!!

  173. Patti

    So am I going to lose my eye or my eyesight?! I have been through 3 ALL NATURAL labors and it did not compare to the acid wash my eye experienced about 10 hours ago AND IS STILL BURNING! I read the directions and it was somewhat misleading where it tells you additional rinsing is “not necessary” I of course always do additional rinsing therefore I burned my eyeball! And yes, the contact stuck to it searing the pain and in those several seconds of struggling and burning i thought my eye was going to be lost. i’m still not sure it wont be.

  174. Effed Off!

    I did this myself. I hadn’t worn contacts in a while and just got a new prescription and went and got some new ones. Went to the store and grabbed one that looked good, right in the middle of all the other saline solutions. I hadn’t even opened the box or read the instructions yet when I rubbed my eye and my contact fell out. I caught it in my hand and ran to the washroom. With basically no vision and assuming that it was like all other solutions I ripped open the box and squirted some on the lens and put it back in. All I read was that there was no rinsing required! I noticed the red top, but thought it to be a marketing gimmick. My eye spasmed and I had no idea whether my contact was even still in. I immediately started flushing it with water, yet I think my eyeball swelled and obscured the lens because I could not figure out whether it was still in there for another five minutes as my vision was obscured and I basically went insane with pain for the first couple minutes. This product needs better labelling and needs to be in a different bottle than your typical solutions. Honestly, who in my position would think any different? The people above who support this crap obviously work for the company and if there is a class action lawsuit I want to be involved. I have documented the results and will be going to see my doctor and lawyer. I just visited the alcon website and it turns out they produce Systane(Sp?) – the very product that is recommended to remedy this problem(Alcon is owned by the parent compnay of CIBA as I understand it). Please let your Pharmacist know about your experience as they are the ones who will let the company know through their actions or at least move it on their shelves.The website for Clear Care does not even have readily available contact information, go to their parent company directly.

  175. Tina

    Glad to know I am not alone here. It just happened to me. I thought I would try something new as what I used is getting expensive. I was in a hurry, saw the words on the box that said “one box solution”, also didn’t feel the need to read the directions….besides the fact that when I go to put on my contacts, I am blind as a bat, as I am sure many of you are, so putting the red label warning on the bottle, INSIDE the box doesn’t help. You would think the company would at least change the wording on the box after this many of us had this problem. FRICK my eye is hurting!

  176. amy

    hey guys, im the latest victim to clean care’s liquid pain. but just to let you know, putting ice over my eyelid helped the pain go away!

  177. adam

    RIGHT. i bought this product in Japan. It did have clear warnings on the label, and I do read Japanese. it said ‘Do not rinse’ on the bottle, but I didn’t really take it seriously ^ I mean, what kind of contact lens solution do you buy that you can’t use to rinse your lenses? So I did the same as everyone else – put them in my eyes and Dear Lord, it hurt so much all I could hear was wind passing through my right ear, like when you wince so much you can actually hear your inner ear. Now my eye feels like a dried out potato. I think I will be fine, but this stuff belongs in the the paint stripper section of your local hardware store.

  178. pam

    Yes, I did this too…
    I have been using this product for months and felt like it was cleaning my contacts so much better than saline. However, unusual freak cicumstances caused me to need to use a regular flat case instead of the case from the box – I knew I had plenty of time to wait the 6+ hours to neutralize, I just did not know how the neutralization process worked!!
    NOTE: special case that comes with Clear Care has a neutralizing tablet inside with a limited life span that works with product to neutralize the cleanser overnight – that is why you should NEVER use the flat lense case – it will never neutralize the chemicals cleaners, even with the lid off.
    The warnings are there, but the company should also include what to do if this mistake occurs (and why)- I had to search the internet. Eye dr recommends flushing with bottled water for 15-20 min and use OTC preservative free lubricant drops (Refresh Optive for LASIK). Redness will last 48 + hours, avoid contacts for 2 days.

  179. Christy

    Uggg, I did the same thing and hour ago. I was gettig ready to take my son out and got the wrong solution in my eye. I felt like my eyeball was being skinned alive. And I’m supposed to have left 2 hours ago but look like I have the worst case of pink eye in the history of mankind and am too embarrassed to go out like this.

    Blasted Clear Care! They should make the shape of the bottle unique so it can’t be mistaken for another solution when one is fumbling around on their counter with their eyes tearing up and are unable to see. Maybe make a square shape bottle or make the bottle have a hour glass shape or something.

  180. Fuck My Life This Shit Burns

    Holy Fucking shit!!!
    Early this morning I needed some solution for my contacts & used the bottle of Clear Care my mom gave me
    Why..Why would they make this shit.

  181. Cynthia

    I must be #139. This is by far the worst pain that I’ve ever experienced. I already posted on facebook and I am going to contact the manufacturer. My eye is still red and the pain is unbearable. I was told it will be better tomorrow or I will have to take $80 antibiotic drops. I can’t believe this company is still making this sh**. I have worn contacts for 20 years and never had an issue. Good luck to anyone else that goes through this and hopefully I will be the last!

  182. Jason Weiss

    I win the award for stupidity. I did it twice. Bought two bottles at sams club because it was cheaper. Put some drops in my eye and felt the burn. Then next morning after soaking them for over 6 hours in the normal flat contact case I tried to put one in. Now I’m typing with one eye.

  183. Jon

    My wife did not have the DUPLEX (Activating Lens Case Provided) container from CIBA Visions’ (A Novartis Company) Clear CARE product, and really needed to clean her lenses. So, without noticing the warning statement on the top of the bottles’ label like the other 138 posts since 2008 above, due to its smaller than average print size, she let her contacts soke all night in a flat container, and inserted them into her eye the next morning. Needless to say after she completed the 15 minute water rinse, she is still in excrutiating pain, and is considering the ER. CLEAR CARE needs to increase the print size of the bottles’ warning label.

  184. Eve

    How can this product still be on the shelf??? It doesn’t even have any instruction on what to do if you get the crap in your eyes.

    And all those people defending the product are probably the PR team of CIBA – if you didn’t have the misery like most of us here experienced,how the heck did you even get onto this site???

  185. Nicole Kay

    Clear care NEEDS better labeling! happend to me today, I was at thanksgiving dinner at my husbands aunts house, when my contact was bothering me, i noticed i had a little spot of makeup on it, so i go into her bathroom searched for contact solution, (i knew she had contacts) and there it was, clear care no rub, well i even read the lable with my one good eye, as i had taken my makeup contact out, i looked for anything that had a warning didnt see anything, i thought to myself, well my contact solution is no rub also so this has got to be, so there it was “clear care no rub solution” rinst my contact out a bit then put in in my eye, LET ME TELL YOU IT BURNED! it burned so bad i could barley get the contact out of my eye. i grabbed and grabbed as my eye burned more and more with each second. finally i got it out , i was almost certain i was blind and it burnt my eye out . I flushed my eye with as much water as possible put my glasses on and it feels a little better , its been a couple hours and it still hurts a little, feels like it got scratched. If this many people are mistaking clear care for solution something needs to be done with their warning label!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  186. Vickie

    Stupid here… Yes I did the same as all of you guys. The one thing that nobody says, is what will happen to the eye. It was about 10 am when I foolishly made the mistake and it almost 11 pm. My eye is still cloudy, puffy and very very red. Will I recover? Did we burn something off our eyeball? Did any one beside the last entry go to the Doctors? I dont have insurance because I have a disorder that keeps me from getting it. Any answers out there!!! Thanks :(

  187. Alison

    Had a speck of dust in my eye this morning and rinsed with the wrong contact solution.
    The burning sensation and pain was something I hadn’t experienced before ! It looked like I had been punched in the eye. Now, 8 hours later, my eye is starting to look normal again but I still feel the burning sensation !

  188. OMFG!!!

    The same thing happened to me too! The only thing is, I read the label and I knew that you’re not supposed to put the contact lens in your eye but the directions are so F**n confusing!! So I rinsed the lens with normal saline before I put it in my eye and it burned and was red for >12hours!!! This happend to me this morning. I flushed my eyes with cold water but my eye is still red and watering. This crap needs to be taken off the market before somebody gets blind.

  189. Becky

    this is the WORST product i have ever used. It says wait 6 hours before putting contacts in your eye. I waited one day…still burned very bad. I rinsed contacts first also. It didnt help one bit. I tried putting in a new pair of contacts but they burned also because the clear care was on my eye. #1 in Confort??? maybe if you dont use it!

  190. Suzan

    I just put Clear Care into my eye by accident, too. I have been using this system for a couple of months and I just knew one day I would make this mistake. I poured out the liquid immediately and threw the bottles away. This is a very dangerous system that should be taken off the market. I just phoned a laser eye surgery clinic and requested a consultation. I’d rather pay off the surgery in installments than go blind, thank you!

  191. Heather

    I only wish I had seen this site before I bought my 14 year old son this product. Between tears of guilt for not reading this product packaging I am filled with rage that there is a product on the market like this. With all the articles I have read I am amazed they can still sell this. It is Christmas eve and after a trip to emergency we came home. My son feigned interest in opening his gifts before heading off to bed with his flaming red and excruciating painful eye. How can this be allowed to go on?? The one thing I have not seen on here is if anyone kept their contacts after this happened or if they replaced them with new ones. Should my son ever want to wear his contacts again I want to be sure this will NEVER happen again. Please as a guilt ridden mother who has been peeking into her sons bedroom while crying through our Christmas Eve Don’t ever buy this product. I have never seen my son in so much pain(tears) Please DO NOT USE THIS PRODUCT

  192. Dawn

    Never use this stuff without its special case!!!!

    Went to parents’ for Christmas and forgot my case. Used sterile cups and put lenses in with Clear Care. Let sit for 13 hours. Enough time to neutralize, right? WRONG!!!!! Put lens in eye and have never felt such pain. 24 hours later, eye is still swollen, painful, and goop-filled.

  193. Shannon

    Well happy to see as others have said that I am not the only one who did this!!We just got home after a 12 hr road trip and could not find the right case to use so I used a flat one to put my contacts in! I was aware that it could hurt your eyes so I rinsed them with a regular solution and it still did not help my eye is red a burning!! and I for got my new contacts in another province!!

  194. Nancy

    My Dr. had warned me to only use the case provided with Clear Care and that it would burn if I put it in my eyes. I just grabbed the wrong bottle so at least I understood what was happening. I knew I had to get the contact out, but I couldn’t stop jumping up and down and spinning in circles :(

    I was ready to give up on using contact lenses until I tried Clear Care. It’s the only solution that cleans them well enough that they feel comfortable. I agree tho, much stronger warnings are needed on the front of the bottle. Also, detailed instructions must be on the bottle stating exactly what to do if this stuff gets in your eye. It took a while before my husband found them printed on the inside of the box.

    Thank God I had an eye glass handy. It is shaped to fit over the eye filled with water. I put in artificial tears (lubricant eye drops) every 15 minutes and my eye is much better 12 hours later.

    The Clear Care is now stored way out of reach labeled with a giant red X!!!

  195. Josh

    I bought this devil’s wine (clean care0 just yesterday. The special contact cases lloked too difficult so I put it on my normal one. Next day I put on my contacts really easily, it burned at first but I thought it was normal 5 seconds after I was cursing and jumping all over the place. That this is cursed from hell. All day Ihave my eye red and it burns a little, Can anyone help me? How long does this last? PLZ respond

  196. Dana

    My son got up in the middle of the night sleepwalking and put his contact lenses in (yes, while sleep walking) and the solution had not yet neutralized (it had only been 3 hours). His eyes are stinging and bright red!! They need to have an 800 number on the box to call in an emergency!!!!!!!

  197. peggy

    So, like everybody else, I’m an idiot! 6 hours later my eye still burns like heck. Is there anything that will take this pain away?

  198. lauren

    I did this last night, Im new to wearing contacts and i took them straight out of the case and put it in my eye but the 2nd contact got dirty so my friend helped me squirt solution on it and i put it straight in my eye. I doubled over in pain screaming so we took my contact out. My friend said i just didnt put it in right (stupid… i know) so we put more solution on it and tried a second time… i put up with the pain until it got a little better and wore my contact for 5 hours before i found out the affects. My eye was super red and still was when i woke up so i went straight to the doc and got eye drops cuz it did significant damage to my eye but not my cornea (thank god)

  199. Gforce

    So here’s an initial OUTCOME for all of you that are wondering… I thankfully had only squirted it in my left eye (my eyes were dry and I mistook it for normal saline solution).
    After several hours of increased redness, swelling and pain I went to the ER. At that point I finally read the bottle and realized what I had done. The doctor in the ER looked at my cornea to make sure it wasn’t damaged and gave me antibiotic solution for my eye.
    I would advise anyone who has done this to be evaluated by an opthamologist immediately if it happens during the day, and go to the ER if it happens after hours. Also, I should have thoroughly rinsed my eye with water after the initial burn. That should be your first move.
    The doctor said this is common and for most cases the eye heals just fine. Just looks bad for a few days.

  200. Lisa

    OMG, I can’t believe that they haven’t done anything about changing the packaging. I thought I was going to go blind.

  201. Sylvie

    Just did the same damned thing as the rest of you. Stupid stuff. These bottles are going directly in the garbage. “Clinically proven to be #1 in comfort” in big letters on the label doesn’t exactly constitute a warning. I swore up and down. Thank you to the person who wrote that the doctor they consulted had done the same thing himself and that there is no permanent damage. I’m doing what’s recommended: rinsing with large amounts of water, putting saline drops and taking ibuprofen. I’m speaking in front of 20 people tomorrow and I was hoping to wear my contact lenses. I guess I’ll have to wear my glasses that I hate.

  202. Lynn Hayes

    I have used Clear Care for years with no problem. The problem was me grabbing the wrong bottle, sitting right next to the all purpose saline solution. Hurt like nothing else I have experienced before. 24 hours later my eye is still read and stings. Have been used drops and flushing with cool water. Will never do that again.

  203. Debbie

    I’ve been using Clear Care for about a year. It’s the only solution that cleans the protein buildup on my contacts and has allowed me to keep wearing contacts. I’ve been very careful, keep the Clear Care and the Saline in separate drawers and always check the bottle before I use it. Until yesterday – that is.

    I had soaked my lens in the special bottle overnight as I always do. I mistkenly pulled out the Clear Care and rinsed my right lense and inserted it into me eye. I cannot begin to describe the pain and burning. My eye, of course, locked shut and I had to run water through my eye to get it open enough to get the lens out. I continued to flush for several minutes and the worst of the burning passed – I thought. After about 5 hours the burning and pain intensified to where it felt like someone was pushing a stick into my eye. It was Sunday afternoon, so I went to the emergency doc at a large eye center here in town. She used drops that instantly numbed my eye (but only for a few minutes). She gave me two kinds of drops and antibiotic ointment and I have to see her again in 3 days. I resorted to Percocet to get through the late afternoon and night.

    Pain and redness are much better today. My eye hugely swolen this morning but has subsided some during the day. Under ordinary circumstances, I’d say that my eye is really hurting right now, but by comparison to yesterday, I’d say it’s not too bad!

    This stuff is really a good cleaner, and I was aware of the warnings and the need to soak in the special container. I just made mistake. I don’t know if I will ever be brave enough to use the peroxide soaks again and that could mean the end to contacts after a lot of years for me.

    I wish they would change the sahpe of the bottles. Seems like a small thing. The Peroxide Soak bottle and the Saline bottle are exactly the same size and shape. Maybe it would help if they were markedly different. Wouldn’t help if you didn’t read the label or follow the instructions, but maybe it would help if you just picked up the wrong bottle.

    Doctor said that she didn’t think there would be any permanen damage, but won’t know for sure until I see them again later this week.

  204. Bri

    I just did it to myself. I was all out of solution and I found some of my sisters. I read the label but I didn’t think it would honestly matter if I didn’t use their case. I soaked it over night since it did say do not rinse your leans immediately before putting them in. This morning I was going through my regular routine and wow…. it hurt… I managed to pry my eye open to take the contact out throwing it to the ground. Luckily it wasn’t in there more than a few seconds, but it still hurts. My eye is still red and in pain. The only good thing is that I am missing school to go to the eye doctor.

  205. Kathryn

    I’ve been using Clear Care for over a year with RGP lenses and it works great…apparently I used their special lens case that was old and didn’t have enough neutralizing power…liquid fire! Took several looong seconds to get it out. I bought this at Sam’s Club in the double box-nowhere on the bottle does it have first aid instructions that I could see. The first aid instructions were printed on the INSIDE of the cardboard box so I had to tear the box apart to read them. I tried rinsing my other lens with water then regular wetting solution-didn’t burn but didn’t feel “normal” so they’re both out. I’m soaking my lens in optifresh, hoping that no unneutralized Clear Care is lurking in them. I have rinsed with “saline” (bottled water and a pinch of salt-probably not correct but I don’t have a saline recipe memorized). After finding this site (Thank heavens) I’m rinsing and using the single use tears every 15 minutes.
    Cibavision’s website info to doctors whose patients have done this: tell them to “rinse and don’t worry”! Written by someone who has never done this, I’m sure.


    this has their info on getting this in your eyes-says no permanent damage, redness and irritation can last 24-48 hours.
    To the people sneering at the 200+ people who have done this: Everybody makes mistakes, so if something is dangerous, first aid information should be PRINTED ON THE CONTAINER, not the inside of the box the container came in.

  206. Cheverly

    I burned myself yesterday morning. I brought this stuff b/c I had a coupon for it from Target. When I picked it up the cashier said, “oh look, you got another $3 off coupon, for the same stuff!”. I actually considered getting another bottle, but the bottle is so large, I thought, this is the best! I’ll be back for that later. I’d been out of solution all weekend, and Monday night could not wait to soak my lenses! I did read where it said do not use a flat lens case and used the special case, and even thought it was cool that there were so many bubbles. I also read the solution had to neutralize for 6 hrs. I missed the do not rinse WARNING. First of all, when they say do not rinse, do not squirt in eye — they need to make clear this is a WARNING IT WILL BURN YOUR EYE!!! They need to say exactly that in BIG LETTERS bc then no one will do this, nor will they buy it. I do not see anywhere on the bottle where it tells you what HAPPENS if you should happen to rinse the lens or squirt in your eye? I squirted my right lens yesterday morning b/c when I removed the lens from the special case, it did not look clear. I squirted it with clear care, as I would any other solution, inserted, and immediately my eye started burning. I could not see. I screamed and hopped around the bathroom trying to take it out, but since it was on my finger, it seemed like when I inserted my finger it burned more! Plus the pain was so bad, I couldn’t find the lens in my eye. PLUS I had no other solution! literally. So I gave up trying to take it out and just splashed my eye with water for a minute until it cooled off.

    My eye hurt all day. It was red all day. Not pink – RED. Last night when I went to bed I was crying, scared I had permanently scarred my eye. I woke up to my eyelids sealed together, and my eye was oozing goo. I suppose that is the healing process. I was not able to drive to work today b/c they eye hurt and was blurry. So I covered it, and pretty much have had it shut all day. I called the eye Dr. and am waiting for a call back and for him to let me know what to do next. I can see out of the eye now, and it is not hurting so bad, it is still red though.

    I also used the other lens that was neutralized all night and just inserted that one as is, in my left eye. Even though both lenses soaked for over 12 hours the evening before the left lens also was not clear, I did not rinse it with the solution, I simply placed the lens in my eye. It did not burn, but it rubbed my left eye all day and never felt truly clean. That eye is also red.

    I will let you know once I have seen a doctor, what he says. This chemical has some pretty serious ingredients in it, and should NEVER be marketed as a solution for lens wearers. You may as well soak your lenses in hydrogen peroxide all night. It has made me wary of all solutions now, and I will be joining in whatever Class A lawsuit is going down on this one. When I brought new solution yesterday evening, guess what flipping coupon printed out!!! Yup – $3.00 off Clear Care. I am sure they are distributing these coupons like crazy so they can sell out of the stuff and pay out these settlements.

  207. Sherbear

    Well I too put this cleaner in my eye. I wear hard contacts and ran out of my solution and decided to use my husband’s (which have done before in a pinch). But he switched. My fault ,,,didn’t read it..(yes blind without corrective lenses) but my complaint is the warnings and precautions, treatment..says see box…Well that is in the garbage. Should be on the bottle. I rinsed imeddiatley and put polysporine drops in my eye then Blink eye drops many times. Within a few hours it felt better… Noone could tell by end of day…All good,except I ripped that contact out so quick that I lost it and now I have to replace it … a $120 lesson…

  208. Alex

    Thank you all for making me feel a little less idiotic. I did the same thing while riding the bus to school today. Yes, the eye immediately sealed shut, I tto the lens out, flushed and now it feels like there is something in my eye. I think there is some cloudy stuff accumulating. Thank you to the above posted who posted the link to the Dr. advice. I’ll be going to my eye Dr. tomorrow after midterms. :( Ciba, you suck.

  209. Jad

    Holy F*CK how is the product even being sold?! My eye looks as if if been pouring tear gas into it! Did anyone experience any long lasting effects? Im really nervous I might have messed up my eye.

  210. TJ

    Thank god I am not the only one who has done this!! OMFG this stuff hurts, 10 hours later and still feeling it. Seriously I wish my contact did not have to go in my eye all the way. My eyes immediately shut and took my about 3 minutes to literally pry it out of my eye. How has this company not been sued?! This is ridiculous. I was practically jumping and down yelling profanities.

    Hopefully no long term damage!!

    Never using this stuff again.

  211. Erin

    What was the outcome? I literally had your experience right now, as many of these other ones.

  212. Kara

    I did the hot lava in eye on Monday. It’s 60 hours later and I finally feel better. Redness in the eye remains, but the unrelenting pain has eased. I had 3 ten-pound babies and this chemical burn was only comparable to the time I crushed my thumbnail in my car door. At least that pain stopped after 24 hours!! Many many thanks for the helpful information. The key is flushing out your eye, lubricating eye with Systane non-preservative drops (comes in vials), cold washcloth on eye and ibuprofen to ease the swelling. Let’s stop blaming the victims…ourselves. The cruddy CIBA co should change the color and shape of Clear Care. We use it because we are vision impaired. These are accidents because we can’t SEE the correct moisturizing solution and grab and use Clear Care because it is packaged so similarly. Thanks again for keeping this website up.

  213. John

    As a nurse I should have known better but to think that the term “no rub” is used by other companies as an “all in one” solution and this company decides to change the rules make this more upsetting. Only recourse now is to contact the FDA who tracks these complaints and with over 200+ complaints on this website alone they will hopefully take action.

  214. saychell

    Hello everyone. Yeah it happened to me as well… twice! First was about a year ago, I got something in my eye and wanted to drop saline to my eye. My beloved husband told me to lay down and will bring the solution to me. In a hurry and panic he grabbed the one on the counter and came…. he offered to drop it into my eyes cause I was barely able to open my eye due to whatever was in it already. Anyway, he puts a drop into my already irritated eye…. and you know the rest :) he was devastated. He said he didn’t pay attention and grabbed my solution. I ran to the sink and washed my eye for a while. After agonizing stabbing pain and a red eye for about a day I thought this wouldn’t happen again, right? NOPE!
    today I opened the case, took out the contact-L and put into my eye…. OMFG! The same pain! Guess what, my cat got to the sink and thought that it was a great toy to paw around. Later in the night my hubby finds it on the ground and puts it back to the counter… well, I learned about this while I was flushing my eye with coldwater. Now I am laying down with a cold pack on my left eye and felt way better after seeing all this messages. Here is my take about the ClearCare: I think it is a great contact cleaner and disinfectant. Personally, I switched to ClearCare cause how well it cleans and eliminates the eye infections for sure. Yes, it has a red cap but sometimes that alone is not enough (like my hubby who never wore contacts in his life and who was panicked and picked up the red capped bottle) or the written warning on the bottle (my cat cannot read but loves things that move when he paws :). Still it is not the companies fault. They did their part. So after getting my left eye stunk two times I decided to take some action on my part. From now on, after I put my contacts in the ClearCare, i will keep both the solution and the cleaning case in a hard box (thinking of getting a box from BB&B) which has a lid that closes :) then I will put a label with a warning-not a small one. And keep that box in my closet or somewhere else that is not easily accessible by my cat or my 2yr old daughter- neither of annot read but can play with anything that doesnot belong to them. Also I will keep a bottle of saline solution in the bathroom for the days I am in a hurry, tired, sick or whatever that might slow down my thought processing, OR better yet, for the days when we have guest who realizes she doesn’t have her solution and uses the first bottle looks like a saline solution from the vanity.
    Thanks for this blog! It made the piercing pain on my eye easier to handle.
    Have a great day!

  215. p

    did this too last night… worst pain i’ve been in… systane did help. im at the 24h hour mark, eye is still red/puffy/crying but pain is finally slightly going down.

  216. John

    I have an idea! Let’s sell a corrosive product that has huge potential of going in consumers’ eyes. We can sell it over the counter in a bottle that looks like perfectly safe no-rub solution! Next, we should grow vegetables that are embedded with toxins that take 6 hours to cook off. We’ll sell those right next to the regular types of veggies. Then once we have a huge following of satisfied customers, we deliver each of them poop shaped like thin mints in a big green box. My eyes hurt.

  217. Paul

    Just last night I put a buddy’s solution in my eye and like you all it burned like a mother. My only concern is and I know it sounds stupid but the burning/pain in my eye makes me think there could have been a reaction that made the contact fuse to my eye. I tried to take it out and it was either stuck to my eye or it fell out from the rubbing and I what i was trying to pull on was the soft tissue affected by the solution. I think its out but My ignorant fear is its stuck to my swollen eye.

  218. Patricia

    My optician made it clear: do not rinse with this stuff. I am extremely nearsighted, but can see the warning. Would I have read or noticed at all if she hadn’t made a big deal about it our if I had purchased on my own? Never. I have worn lenses for 30 years. Generally put contacts in first thing in the morning. How it happened: Late night last night. Stuck lenses in my usual container (the flat kind) this am. Waited three hours, then attempted to put a lens in. 12 hours later, my eye is red and swollen. I re-inserted in appropriate case but to be honest I feel gun-shy about trying again. Optician recommended this stuff to help with my (drumroll) … dry eyes. (rimshot)

  219. Renee

    I did the same thing. Something on my lens, couldn’t see. Grabbed the box from desk, couldn’t see the label of course. Opened and rinsed my lens. Inserted and SCREAMED BLOODY MURDER! My doc says to flush – done that x2 already. Took ibuprofen for pain, but it still stings a little. Will try saline next but I am really scared to put anything in at this point. Thanks for keeping the site up.

    Ciba has not met its responsibility of protecting patient safety with its woefully inadequate packaging. I hope the rest of sufferers recovered.

  220. Zach

    I feel better now. Not good, I’m still in excruciating pain, but better thanks to this website. What kind of effing product is this????? It should NOT say No Rub on it. That implies it’s the same as the other no rub products. And yes, the warnings are clear AFTER you put it in your eye, but until then, why would it even cross your mind that a contact lens cleaning product could do this to your eye?!?! No other contact solution does anything like this. I bought this bc it was the only NO RUB solution in a travel size container. Talk about ruining a trip.

  221. Vivian

    I ended up staying at a friend’s overnight on Fri and did not have my contact lens case or solution with me. I asked if I could borrow some solution in 2 little cups. My friend grabbed the Clear Care from her roommate’s nightstand and poured it into little cups for me.

    In the morning, after my contacts had been soaking for hours, I popped one in. It burned so bad that it took at least 30 secs to a minute for me to pry my eye open enough to get the contact out. I rinsed my eye for at least 30 minutes. It is the most intense pain I have ever felt.

    We called the number on the bottle. Absolutely no help on whether there would be permanent damage. The pain subsided a little after a few hours of icing and keeping a cold compress on my eye. However, the pain started back up again after 1 1/2 hrs of relief. My friends drove me home and I ended up crashing on my couch.

    Alieve and Tylenol PM seemed to help relieve the pain a little. I spent most of the day unable to open my eye for more than a few minutes. It was red, bloodshot, and looked burned. I applied some nighttime ointment from GenTeal that doesn’t have any preservatives and that seemed to help a little.

    I think what helped most was to take the Tylenol PM to knock me out and just let my eye rest for a long time.

    Today, Sunday, I can actually keep my eye open. The pain is MUCH less, almost gone. Mostly, it’s just uncomfortable, sensitive, and sore. It’s still extremely red but not nearly like it was yesterday. I’ve kept rinsing my eye out. I will make an eye appt this week to make sure that no permanent damage was done. Hopefully, everyone else is doing ok!! This is some potent stuff!!

  222. Tiffany

    OMG!!!! I had my lenses soaking for like an hour in the clear care and went to go put my right contact in and that frickin burnt so damn bad!!!!!! I pulled that sucker out so damn fast i lost the contact on my bed. I flushed my eye out for about 10 min with water. And I got some refresh lubricating eye drops. That seemed to help out a lot. My eye is doing much better now. Glad to see I’m not the only one who did this =)

  223. Bethany

    So I totally did this today. I had the bottle in my medicine cabinet and it said no run on the front of it…It was a sample and didn’t have any warning labels around it. I hadn’t used this brand in so long I didn’t remember that it was the one that burns your eyes if you use the wrong case! I rinsed my contact with saline solution first like I always do and put it in my eye. OMG. It hurt sooo bad! I screamed and scared my husband and children while I was trying to get it out. And to the person wondering if it hurts as much as child birth..I would have to say its almost comparable! I immediately thought that during the ordeal. Oh dear. I don’t think I will ever have that brand around again…or I might just read the directions on every bottle of solution before using it.

  224. Marge

    Call me STUPID…I did the same thing this morning. I new better than using it for anthing but cleaning, it is sooo easy to mistake it for saline solution, as they are the same size bottle. I cleaned my contacts the night before and forgot to put the bottle of Clear Care under the sink where I store it for just this reason. It is such intense PAIN….my eye looks like someting from a horror movie. I just hope that I can see tomorrow and from all I read it shouldn’t to permanent damage.


    I actually knew not to rinse the contact with this solution but i completely forgot!!! It burn so bad….. i rinse it with water for several minutes…i feel so bad and angry for not paying attention..

  226. ashlee

    I grabbed the wrong bottle. I’m only human right? I couldn’t scream because my bf was on the phone so I basically moaned and groaned like a dying animal! Whaen it was all over, my bf said to check the internet. For stories about clear care, he knew I wouldn’t be the only one who did this. Boy. Was he right about that! I’ve been using it for 2 years but now I don’t think so. I’m going back to an all in one solution.

  227. Wendy

    Well, I did the SAME thing this afternoon. I am extremly pissed that now my eye is red, itchy, and feels like something is in it. This happened at about noon. Rinsed my eye, and still feels awful. It is now 8 pm. I hope I did not do permanant dammage to my eye. I was at work and was jumping up and down in pain. I wanted to post so that I can joiun this lawsuit for this company. This is crap. How long does it feel like this? Is the swelling going to go down? What did the doctor say to do?

  228. Michael

    I stock up on things like lens solution and had bought Clear Care in a two pack somewhere – probably on sale. I did not even know they still made solutions that were NOT multi-purpose, clean, store, rinse. Anyway, I too burned one eye with this. Luckily, I keep B&L eye wash in my med cabinet for an emergency. I began flushing and probably flushed a dozen times with the cup filled with solution. Burning went away right away – very soothing to hold the cup filled with eye wash on the eye for extended periods, ahhhhhh. However, the eye is bright red. My opthalmologist is near my office so I went to see him and he confirmed no corneal damage, gave me some steroid drops. I would love to see this company sued by SOMEONE even if I don’t get a penny. I agree that the package tauts all the things it does and one would not expect it not to be a rinse, though re-reading, it states it is not a rinse. There should be some extreme labeling for this product. If someone ever had permanent damage from this, I hope they sue the living f* out of Ciba. I will make sure I NEVER purchase ANY product from them in the future, even if not this acid.

  229. Aland Clark

    I just did the same this morning. This product should be discontinued. How this product can be sold after all these complaints is beyond belief. They put the product in the same looking bottle as all others and sell it right next to the others too. I picked it up thinking it was another no rub solution like the rest and didn’t bother to read anything since I though it was just like all the other solutions next to it. This product should have a big red warning lable across the front of it, but of course this would affect sales so we can’t have that can we. Assholes.

  230. Jim

    Please post class action lawsuit information. Any lawyers willing to file on behalf of us sufferers? This product needs to be off the market or clearly marketed differently. It is impossible for the pr people at ciba not to know that they are endangering people by how they package this product. The FDA needs to provide protections as well. Let’s mobilize people!!!!!!!

  231. Corinne

    I have been a regular user of this for a year now. Last night I left my usual case in my car, so just grabbed a flat case. I even left the lid open ’cause I know the usual case has a hole in it for the air pressure… I spent this evening at the hospital having my eye flushed. I have scar tissue in my eye from a retinal surgery a few years ago and all the scars swelled up and overlapped each other…so painful. I’m going to bed with an ice pack now.

    This label needs to be more clear about what the restrictions are. Yes, everyone should read the label. But the stories on this page make it clear that their labeling methods are not sufficient.

  232. A.N

    Happened to me this morning. I only had it in for about 3 seconds, but my eye still feels irritated over 12 hours later. Going to see an eye doctor in a couple of days.

  233. Alexa Brooke

    I just did the same thing last night. That’s how I found this site – Googling it. Amazing how for year we’re all commenting and have all done this. I do own an upright contact case and I forgot and at 3AM when I went to take my contacts out I just grabbed the nearest solution without looking (should’ve just not been lazy and gone in my sister’s room). I used Clear Care in a flat case all night, and then poured some on the contact again the next day before I put it in my eye (still not even looking at the bottle). It was like acid in my eye. Reading everyone’s descriptions, now I have a much better idea of a description. I screamed bloody murder for 10 minutes. I didn’t know what else to do but sit on the floor and scream. I was finally able to pry my eyes open and get the contact out. It’s not the next day and my eye is NO better so I’m going to go to the doctor. The thing that pisses me off that most is that Clear Care has directions all over it not to do that, but yet doesn’t say WHAT to do if it happens. Not even so much as a generic, seek assistance from an eye care professional.

  234. Pawan

    clear care is a real shit. My wife just did the same mistake. I am surprised why Dr. did not warn us about this when he knows, we are using this for first time.
    this is a shit product

  235. Landia

    This stuff is not safe.
    I followed the instruction everytime I use it, and onece a while it will still burn my eye like hell….
    I took my contacts out on Friday night, put in case they give us, rinse through it, fill to the line, and Sunday night I took out, run through with another type of solution and it burns like crazy…. luckly I took my contact out in one try.
    I’ll definaly leave this product along.

  236. Scorpion

    Never again am I using Clear Care, first and last time buyer. I had a late night and an early morning; I put a lens on after a 4 hour soak and the level of pain in my eye was indescribable. I would have been in the fetal position, but I was to busy trying to pry my eye open to take out the lens. Take it off the market. I should not be getting a chemical burn in my eye for not following contact lens directions — that is not a consequence I signed up for. I can still feel the pain and its 10 hrs later. If you go through this: 1) rinse out your eye; 2) ice wrapped in washcloth for about 5 hours; 3) the redness is going to be there for a bit, since your eye was just burnt — so no hints for that.

  237. Chris

    So i had to search google….had this happen and wondered how many other people didn’t really read the directions fully. So I saw the “let sit for 6 hours” and took my contacts out at 8:30pm last night, went to put them in this morning and the second the bottom part of my lens touched the white of my eye it instantly saturated my eye with about one full drop of the Clear Care. Thats when the temperate rose in my bathroom, my nose started running and my eye was pouring tears like a faucet. OUCH!!!!!!!!! Running late, and not having any other solution to rinse with I popped open a brand new pair of contacts, thankfully I had one pair left and went to work. I suppose you are supposed to use their special case with it for a reason. STUPID SOLUTION, going back to an all-in-one no rub FOR SENSITIVE EYES solution today!

  238. Manon

    Thankfully, I didn’t burn my eye but I did burn my fingers, and they turned white. It was unusual. I’m making my own label for the bottle so no one grabs it by accident and burns themselves.
    An online petition to CIBA would be a good start demanding they properly explain what could happen to you. But of course, this would hurt their sales, but maybe it should.

  239. Cassy

    Wow, now I don’t feel like a complete moron. I bought this stuff last night thinking it would clean my contacts better so they would be more comfortable by the end of the day. Ya know, stop that “burning” feeling you get after being in the summer heat and your contacts dry out. Well, I will NEVER EVER EVER complain about my contacts again. I put in my first contact a-okay, nothing to worry about. As I’m putting in my second contact I dropped it on the floor. Naturally I grab my contact solution to give it a quick rinse before putting it in my eye and OMFG!!!! I was cussing up a storm as I danced around holding my eye as if someone poked it out with a hot skewer or something. I even ran into the wall as I ran to my kitchen to try to flush my eye!!!! Finally rinsed my eye for about 30 mins with my old saline solution and water and my left eye is still red (7 hours later). At my internship I make deliveries to customers and every single one of them stared at my eye but no one asked me.

  240. Jesssss

    This is probably one of the most stupidest things I have ever done ! I had something in my eye earlier today and it wouldn’t come out for NOTHING! so I went in the bathroom and got the clean n cleAr stuff ,(my fried told me it’s like eyedrops in a way) that was a mistake. The second it went it my eye, it felt like it was on fire , I rises t with water for about 30 mins and my eye is still red ! I hope t doesn’t cause harm to it ..

  241. Timothy Alexander

    HOLY SHI#T this stuff burned my eye. Its been two days and my eye is still blood red. I had to wear glasses all this 4th of July weekend and it is STILL not better! Is there a lawsuit?

  242. Chau

    OMG, I did this while visiting my parent’s house this morning. SOOO PAINFUL! My eye has been read for like 16 hrs and still irritated. I was able to thankfully, take my contacts out within seconds of the stinging (after my eye was able to open). I did use Visine (unknowningly) and just now found some blink tears which seems to help. Wish I would’ve known to be more proactive in flushing out my eyes. i hate that I’m currently out of town and only have a pair of contacts w/ me…and I hate wearing my glasses. hopefully, pain will subside and my husband can bring my extra contacts with him. Ugh. I threw the bottle away to prevent anyone else from the pain. My mom had bought it thinking that one of my sisters would use it when we visited. GRR!!

  243. jada

    i’ve been looking through all of these for the last half-hour or so and just agreeing with EVERYTHING. as in yes, maybe we’re all retarded for not looking at the label but oh my god we’re only human, i always just reach for the nearest thing and squirt…instead of the cooling relief you might come to expect from years of contact use, the entire spherical surface of your eye gets doused in a substance that feels like equal parts acid and fiberglass, while simultaneously your eyeballs are watering and leaking and tearing up even though they’re squeezed shut

    i didn’t hurt enough to start screaming, and the pain fades to bearable a little while after you manage to rinse out, but in all honesty its the worst feeling that ive ever experienced, i thought my pupils were scoured and bleeding

    if theres any lasting damage im going to BE SO PISSED, cornea-melting is NOT an okay consequence for a simple mistake like not reading the packaging

  244. C.J.

    *Sigh* Well guys, it’s July 7th, 2011 and it appears I have become the next victim of the liquid fire from Hell. I had just got out of the shower and needed to put my contacts in. Well, I could not find my usual Opti-Free (or Fresh, whatever) and quickly grabbed the vile container of Clear Care Contact Solution. Hey it said No Rub! I’m thinking, this stuff is probably great, I drown my contacts in the stuff and stick them in my eyes…. immediately I regretted that decision. The burning sensation was like nothing else I’ve experienced in my life. I literally doubled over on the counter, trembling, eyes running…. I couldn’t pry my eyes open to remove the lenses…. so I had to wait it out. My, those 5 minutes were the worst of my life thus far… I finally got my eyes open enough to get the lenses out and rinse my eyes, but my left eye has been red and puffy all day. I really hope there’s no permanent damage… As I can assume most of you did, the Clear Care found it’s way to the trash rather abruptly lol Hope the next person finds this site PRIOR to making the brutal mistake.

  245. Theresa

    Like everyone else I thought it regular contact lense solution. I’m a registered nurse so when I burned my eye with this solution it made it diffcult to do my job. I to was given eye drops by the Ophthalmologist to use X 5 days. My eye is better but I don’t care how many thumbs up, I will never use it again except for mase. If there is a class action, I’m in.

  246. Carole

    Reversed solutions by accident. Only used a single drop to get contact from soak case onto finger. Immediately took contact back out of eye…….burned like…….still red. Only thought to use lubricating drops to reverse. That entire bottle of soaking solution should be RED!!! Can only marvel company is not being sued. Saturday morning, so obviously, cannot contact doctor short of quick care. Can see okay wit glasses…..will give a couple days before get to try contacts again.

  247. P V

    Maybe you people should read labels. I don’t feel sorry for anyone who does this because you didn’t read the box instead of ignorantly assuming it was a saline type solution

  248. dawn

    yep…me too. I got a free trial size bottle along with a big bottle of multi-purpose solution. I just assumed it was multi-purpose solution like the big bottle. I had the little bottle (unopened) in a bag in my bedroom, and when my contact was bugging me, i decided to rinse it off and clean it a bit and put it back in. To my horror, my eye instantly started buring and slammed shut! I pryed open my lid to gouge the contact from my eye, and ran downstairs to rinse my eye. It hurt soooo bad. Straight Hydrogen Peroxide right into the eye! and on this small little bottle after closer inspection i see this tiny red strip across the top saying in small lettering that i can only read with my glasses on “Use only lens case provided..Do not rinse lens with Clear Care prior to insertion”. Aside from that tiny message the rest of the bottle looks exactly like the typical safe multi-purpose solution labelling. Hey CIBA Vision!!!! Maybe you could try putting a huge red circle on all sides of the bottle saying simply “DO NOT PUT IN EYES!!!!” Contains Acid and peroxide!!!! Cripes, This many users doing the same accident can’t all just be “stupid” as some of you have called us. We all can’t see properly which is why we need contacts in the first place. Make the packaging stand apart from safer products. As a graphic designer myself, I say to CIBA Vision…POOR DESIGN!!!! Way too small type that only perfect vision people can read and poor warnings. It’s Day 2 and my eye is still watering, burning and feels like I have glass shards stuck in my eye. Heading to the doctors. One very pissed of CIBA Vision customer….Boycotting ALL of their products and writing the company. How many people have to go blind before they wake up!

  249. Precious

    My aunt and I used this stuff in our eyes as well… We have been wearing contacts for long we thought it was the same thing as all the other bottles we use, boy were we wrong our eyes are still hurting a little and its been two days already I hope it goes away soon:(

  250. ash

    im just really glad that im not a baby, aeveryone else agrees–it hurts like crazy! i squirted a huge stream into my eye about 30 minutes ago, n im still whimpering like a wounded animal. i work on a chile pepper farm too, and have rubbed my eyes with jalepeno fingers too many times to count…but this…omggg:/

  251. Hrundi V. Nackshi

    Some advice on consequences. In my case, I removed my lens very quickly after I inserted it, and washed my eye with water for a long time and every now and then during the day. Called my optometrist and showed him my eye via Apple’s FaceTime. He reassured me and said that pain and inflammation will probably recede in 24 hours, but if not, he would prescribe an anti-inflammatory. The next day, pain was gone. Redness receded a lot.

    To protest the unethical marketing of this company, I Will never buy ANY Ciba product ever again. A red tip on the bottle and a small-script warning is supposed to be enough?????? This product has Hydrogen Peroxide and should not be marketed with the other saline solutions. When you use many brands for 20 years, you end up NOT reading the friggin bottle label. Ciba, just remove your product from these shelves YOU dummies!!!! Of course they will sell less, because they want to be there on the same shelf. Completely dishonest.

    Also if Ciba does not change their marketing, maybe it would be reasonable to pressure your pharmacist into removing this product from the eye-care shelve and placing it with similar products (like Drano, and Javel for example ;-))

  252. Deborah Christianson

    OMG…over three years and this is still happening? I ended up in the emergency room for 5 hours yesterday…my cornea is okay, the clear film over the white of my eye is still swollen. This company should put a skull and crossbones on this for a warning. I read that it has peroxide in it, and the “special case” is platinum coated, and that’s what neutralizes the peroxide after 6 hours. They should clearly tell you that, and warn you that if you DON’T use the “special case” you’ll burn your eye!

  253. Sarah

    Omg ouch!!! I felt like something was in my contact and decided to rinse it with the closest solution – my brother’s. Fire fire fire in my eye… best way for me to describe it. I got the lens out right away thank God! Then flushed with water for 20 minutes. My eye doc told me to come in. She checked my eye to make sure the cornea and vision were ok. Then told me to use vials of tear drops every 10 minutes ( not bottles which can only be used few times daily ) and gave me pain relief drops. My advice is flush your eye with bottles of purified water continuously for 20 minutes… then go see your doctor!! Get it checked out!

  254. Christina

    Like everyone else, I used the Clear Care solution to rinse one of my contacts and then put it in my eye. The burning was horrible. My eye shut so tight I couldn’t take the lense out immediately. It is about 12 hours later and my eye is still sore. I’m hoping it will go away over night. This stuff is dangerous. Clear Care should put in big letters on the front of the bottle-DO NOT PUT ON CONTACTS OR DIRECTLY IN THE EYE AS EXTREME BURNING WILL OCCURR.

  255. Colby

    No offense but you guys who think ciba should take responsibility for your screw up should read the bottle. They have warnings all over the bottle, the box. They even changed the color of the tip to red what else can they do. come to your house and do it for you. I can understand the accidents but don’t blame the company because you where to lazy to read the instructions. The products the best on the market

  256. Colby

    No offense but you guys who think ciba should take responsibility for your screw up should read the bottle. They have warnings all over the bottle, the box. They even changed the color of the tip to red what else can they do. come to your house and do it for you. I can understand the accidents but don’t blame the company because you where to lazy to read the instructions. This products the best on the market

  257. Colby

    Plus my bottle had the little design with half the bottle in top white where it says everything. You just have ryukyu l too look close

  258. Colby

    after reading more posts, you guys sound like the mcdonald’s lady who spilled hot coffee on herself and sued mcdonalds because she ordered hot coffee and spilled it on herself. Don’t blame the company for you’re stupidity its a waste of your time with the suit. They have warning labels you where just to stupid to read them, once again can understand accidents but don’t blame them. And for the record don’t work for them just the only product that allows me to wear contacts comfortably. Do us all a favor shoot yourself before you blame somebody for you stupidity. F**k

  259. nancy

    I’ve used this solution for four years now and never messed up until today. I accidentally used the Clear Care solution instead of saline when I took them out of the case. Flushed with water and saline. Eye still red 12 hours later, still sore. I can’t believe the people who used this and didn’t know about the special case. That is just insane. I thought I felt stupid until I read all of those reports of people who had no idea what they were using. My eye doctor gave me my first bottle so I knew from the start to only use the special case. But today I just spaced it out and grabbed the wrong bottle. I hope this gets better overnight.

  260. IrIs

    OMG this happened to me today and i literally read most of your comments worrying..!!
    i honestly hope that i will be the last one to write a comment like this…after going thru mofo pain!
    SO yea, because this special case tends to merge my two contact lenses together when I open it, I tried to pull the contacts apart with care. I accidentally dropped them in pool of coconut oil on the bathroom counter…residue of my skincare. anywho becoz its a frkn oil on my lenses, i poured some of the solution on to my lens to rub thoroughly. yeeyee i read the instruction but hell i didnt think itd turn my eyes fking RED BLOOD SHOTTED. anyhow i put it in,screamed and managed to pull it out instantly by forcing my eyes open. but ohgod it was such a horrid to see my eyes go red to COMPLETLY BLOODSHOT in like timespan of five seconds….. after i peeled it off, i washed for like a min *i got tired from screaming my lungs out…* and got into the bathtub and tried to open my eyes there but i failed. but anyhow i think ive managed to wash it off fairly well because it didnt hurt like lots, and the redness has gone down like an hour later. I got a puffy eye from washing and rubbing but yea. it did certainly feel uncomfy tho… but after a nice walk to timmies, the redness is like 95percent gone. on my way back home, i asked the pharmacist about whether i need to go see a doctor, and he said no. Apparently this happens to most people who use it. I wonder why really…But yea i guess the amount of hydrogen peroxide in isnt abundant enough to blind someone by burning of the retina (as ive read in someof the prev comment) But im just gonna go see my college walk in clinic just to be safe. and ask when i can put on contacts again, and also if i should use my coconut oiled lenses.

  261. Maxine

    OMG, I did it this morning! My eye has gotten more red and disgusting as the day goes on. I called the optometrist who said to keep washing the eye and using artificial tears. It is the weekend and we are expecting a hurricane, so I won’t be able to see an eye doctor, who could prescribe a steroid. At least I feel better since the optometrist said it’s not going to cause any permanent damage – “just keep rinsing the eye”. However my eye looks really gross and it’s hard to believe that this is going to better in a day or so~ I liked this product because it really does prolong the life of the lens, but I’m not sure I’m going to continue using this and risk this happening again!!! This is a nightmare.

  262. Maranda

    just did the same thing, and I have an appointment in 4hours to check how well they were doing. hopefully with enough saline I can take the red away, otherwise this might be a tad awkward to explain.

  263. Cheryl

    I did it!!! Scorched my eye this morning!! 12 hours later and I am still in pain. I am soooo angry at this company!! You just do not market a product to look and do what all the others do but stick in a very harmful ingredient!!! Thanks everyone for all of your suggestions for feeling better!!!

  264. Sue L

    My turn, I typically use a mutli-purpose no rub solution which works fine. When I needed more I bought the generic brand of what I thought was the same stuff. No Rub it said, cleaning disinfecting. The warning notice on top of the bottle did not get noticed. When you open the cover you look at the side of the bottle, not the top.
    Rinsed contacts this morning and burnt one eye. It’s an hour later and it still stings and feels like something is in it. This looks too similar to the standard products. NOT HAPPY!

  265. Robin

    Another one bites the dust. I just experienced the same horrifyingly painful experience this morning. I HATE Clear Care, never going to use it again. SO UPSET.

  266. MGD

    I’m glad I’m not the only one who suffered this ridiculous pain. I thought I’d try a new solution, but failed to read the bright red label that warned me of everything that I wasn’t supposed to do. Instead, I stuck to my usual contact routine in the morning and am still paying for it 12 hours later. After all, the bottle does say on the front that it’s “Clinically Proven #1 in Comfort”—- so deceiving!

  267. Amy

    I am not alone!! Just did this today for the first time… I am new to wearing Clear Care and when I went to put my contacts in this morning, one of them was kind of dry. So, I reached under the sink, not paying attention if I was grabbing Clear Care or my all-in-one solution and rinsed out my contact. The second I put that sucker in… Instant throbbing!! I could not get my contact out and went into panic mode, scared my poor boyfriend half to death while I jumped up and down in my Hello Kitty robe screaming words I never say.

    This was ten hours ago and my eyeball is still bright red and stinging….

    I, like most of you, am so happy I am not the only one to have done this!

  268. Lizzy

    omgg. im soo happy i found this site.. i woke up and was gonna go to the city so i put my left contact in, and then the right one but it seemed a bit dry so i put my solution and cleaned it and then i put it in my eye OMFG i burned soo much ! couldnt even open my eye, it hurt so bad.. but now my eye is fine again.. but i was wondering the whole time why! so then i read the bottle and it says do not use right on eye or contact . leave in container! OMG!

  269. J3's mom

    Some the comments here provided belly busting laughter! This happened to my daughter this morning as she rushed to get ready for school. The solution was recommended by her doctor after numerous infections when using other solutions, and she hasn’t had any problems since using Clear Care. I called the doctor this afternoon and he insists on examining her eye. So if any of you are still in pain hours later, see the doctor. The solution works very well but you have to follow the directons. I stuck big red labels all over the top of J3’s bottle. Maybe next time she’ll notice, even if she’s rushing. And if she does make this mistake again, I’ve given her permission to cuss!

  270. AMS

    WELL…the sh*@! hurts. I DID read the instructions but forgot the part where you’re not supposed to use any other case. I rotate two pairs of lenses very rarely. So I had one pair in the case provided by Clear Care and then put another pair in my old regular lense case. The ones sitting in the regular case sat for over 24 hrs so I figured no problem. WRONG. Stuck it in my innocent eye and it hurt so bad I couldn’t even scream. My thoughts were vulgar though..”WHAT THE F!@$?” I dug and dug in my eyeball trying to find the lost contact. Flushed it out forever. My eye watered all day and I wore glasses. Today is 24 hrs since my eye torture and it still feels kinda dry and irritated, not red anymore..but have some new brown spots on my whites. I feel I have been abused.

  271. Robin

    OMG! I did the same thing on Sunday and it was the worst feeling ever! I did go to the eye doctor and thank goodness nothing serously wrong it just needs time to heal. It was like I burned the surface. They gave me some gel eye drops and they really help! I’m almost scared to put my contact in for fear that stuff is still on it. A suggestion for everyone put a rubber band around the bottle so you know next time when you pick it up it is the bad bad stuff. Not likely to get burned again!! I hope not!!

  272. LSM

    I too am a victim! I ran out of saline when I needed to just rinse off a cloudy contact. I remembered my God son had left some contact stuff (Clean Care) under the guest bath sink. The rest is history. Instantly it felt and smelled like I had poured bleach in my eye. This was at least 13-14 hours ago and I still have a swollen red eye. Not to mention, the whole side of my face feels like I was punched. Now I am sitting at work with glasses that are 5 years old and don’t have the right medicine.

  273. Abbs

    I will never use clear care again!! Happened to me two days ago. Grabbed my regular flat case lens, without knowing that it was necessary to use the special case lens. I was extremely tired and just wanted to go to bed. Next day, I woke up and put my contacts on. Ouch!! Cannot even compare how excruciating the pain was! The stinging went away after a couple of hours, but the redness and watery eyes stayed. After 24 hours nothing has changed. I then decided to go to my eye doctor. She then informs me I now háve a chemical burn and prescribes me some antibiotics. There goes my weekend! Hopefully the redness will reside in a couple of days. Last time will I ever use clear care!!!!

  274. Dan Curran

    I sure was glad I found this site quickly. My 11 year old daughter did the same thing this morning. She came screaming downstairs. We had no idea what to do. Found this site and started rinsing her eye out with water. It helped. Thanks. When we figured out what had happened, we her why she did it. Her reply,”My friends Mom told me it was the right way to do it. Sounds like that Mom doesn’t know about the difference in solutions.

  275. Lyda

    I’ve been using Clear Care for almost two years now. My eye doctor prescribed it to me so I knew its proper use and never had a problem with it, until this morning. I couldn’t find my box of new contacts to wear so desperately I pulled out an old pair that had been sitting in a case for a while. I put it in my eye and my eye instantly squeezed shut and welled up with so much pain that it took me a few minutes to actually get the contact out because my eye was burning so badly. At some point I must have put my contacts in a normal lens case and squirted Clear Care in there accidentally and I didn’t know it until I tried to wear them again this morning. It’s been about four hours and my eye is still very red and watery. Immediately after I got the contact out, I ran my eye under the faucet and squirted both eye drops and saline solution in it. I was afraid that the water would dry my eyes out too much so I didn’t run it under the faucet for very long. But now I fear that I didn’t wash my eye out sufficiently.

  276. SenorBivins

    ^^^^ EXACTLY. I’ve been using Clean and Clear for about 2 months now and haven’t had a problem you know why ? I PAID ATTENTION TO ALL THE RED LABELS… you cant blame the company they plaster it on the box, on the bottle and in a booklet. I used to get bad infections from normal solution it wouldn’t clean off all the protein and other crap but this 6 hour solution has worked wonders for me. Moral of the story FOLLOW DIRECTIONS! Some people had legitimate accidents but some of you just holy crap

  277. Erika Vogel

    To the people talking about “morons” on this site: This just happened to me, only there was no mistakes. I’ve been using it for almost a year now and have loved it until this morning. Like always, I used their special container, and let soak for over 6 hours (8 hours to be exact) and my eye was set to fire this morning. The only thing different is for the first time I bought one of their two packs, I’m about halfway through the second bottle. I can only imagine that the little black disk to neutralize the solution has worn out. Sorry, but that is NO fault of my own, if they sell a two pack with only one container, only one container should suffice for both bottles. Obviously Clear Care has more problems than just a few people who don’t read directions.

  278. Sue

    OMG! I’m another victim and was relieved to find this site. I can’t believe this has been happening for at least 3 years and the company has not designed a bright orange or red trangle on the top front of the bottle and box to say, READ THIS FIRST. I’m an educated person with a master’s degree, work as a director of computing, have worn contacts since I was 12 years old, and am now 53. This has never happened to me for 35 years, so to all of the people that are calling us fxxxing idots and saying that we are ruining a good product for others, THINK AGAIN! Clear Care is potent – totally lethal. I ran out of my Opti-Free Replenish for the first time and grabbed my husbands clear care which was already open, from the front says “NO RUB” and conceals their red tip label with a white top, which to me indicates that it’s a normal solution. All of the warning labels are on the back of the bottle. Who the hell turns the contact bottle over to the back to read warning labels after using contact solutions for over 3 decades!!! Ciba Vision knows they can get away with their marketing scheme because they package it with all the other saline solutions in the pharmacy’s and grocery stores and have a warning label that is less than obvious! It should clearly NOT be labels as a no rub solution; it should clearly state on the bottle with a large triangle, stating for cleaning purposes only. Even then, it’s dangerous if something happens to the metal disc, because hydrogen peroxide will burn the shit out of your eyes of the boiling system doesn’t work correctly. I called the company today and they were not the least bit surprised. Sounded as though they have heard this a thousand times over but don’t care. They say, we have warnings on the boxes. Who reads labels on friggin saline solutions typically. People only read instructions when they have to! I soaked my lenses all night in a flat case, put clear care on my lense this morning, and it literally felt probably as bad or worse than being sprayed with mace in your eye. Twelve hours later after taking off of work, missing an Italian lesson, and an Italian class for my upcoming trip to Italy, my eye is still stinging, burning, and of course looks like crap. Probably no contacts for a week, no eye makeup, and oh, I get to look like total crap for my cousins huge surprise party this Sat. If I’m not any better tomorrow with still a red burning half shut eye after flushing with water all day and saline, and using comfort care eye drops, will have to go to the doctor for steroid drops. Really sucks! Thank you to all for sharing your experiences, as obviously if this happened to hundreds to thousands of people over the past 3 years, we’re not all that stupid! :)

  279. Jay

    I started using this CIBA product 3 years ago. On a few occasions I put the cotacts in my eyes and also recieved this burning sensation. I now have floaters in both of my eyes and I;m sure this had something to do with it. Has anyone else experienced floaters, it is not cool. I’m affraid that this product has caused liflong damage to my eyes.

  280. Susie

    I used Clear Care for the first time last weekend after wearing my lenses for a party. Went to put in lenses last night (three days later; I’m a “social” lens wearer) and burned my eye terribly! I’ve been wearing contacts for 40+ years and never had this problem before. Am throwing out the bottle immediately and rushing back to my favorite reliable, Renu.
    Still have very watery eye a day later and won’t wear lenses until it clears.

  281. Colleen

    It has been 18 hours and my eye is still red and it hurts to open it. I went to the ER and they rinsed it and told me to keep putting Natural Tears in it. The hospital staff were shocked at the product and that it was not clearly marked. I really need this pain to go away soon, this is unbearable.

  282. Lucy

    I made the same mistake. My eye is swollen shut and I have nasty crud glued to my lashes. Something should be done. This isnt contact solution, its household cleaner. It should be label as a cleaning solvant and should be placed on the shelves with bleach. I want to sue. Were all blind and who really beleived the warning label. This should not be sold in regular stores with regular contact solution. Class suit anyone?

  283. barbara

    I know how you all feel i been on two days with this . And i cant understand why Eye Doctors will even give this out . It burns like you will never know if it has not happen to you and if it did you know it is like fire. Do not use the old contacts throw them away . there is a eye wash you can buy and help so much . Rinse it every half hour . As for this company we all should sue the pants off them or have them do this and see how it feels.

  284. Heather

    I have worn contacts for 23 yrs. We were going on an airplane and for security reasons you can’t have any liquids over 3 ozs. I saw this 3 oz product and decided to use it. “No rub” and “cleans and disenfects” made me think it was just like any other solution. There were NO red warnings. I could not believe the pain! I too have laughed at these posts because it truly was awful! I hope my eye heals soon…

  285. Kelly

    I have a chemical burn in my left eye from this solution. I forgot to put the little knob on the end of the holder. Yesterday, I discovered it’s purpose. Who knew this was the secret to the whole process? While I did immediately take the lens out and flushed for several minutes, I still have a painful eye injury, a chemical burn. Never again will I chance my eyes with this product.

  286. Krista

    Really? You guys are really that stupid? It says it like, I don’t know, fifteen times while opening the bottle to not put the stuff directly in your eye? I burnt my eye with this stuff after leaving them to soak in the provided case for five hours, and I totally blame myself, not Ciba Vision. I know the rules but I chose to ignore them and now I’m miserable. At least I can take responsibility…

  287. Serenity

    I just did it this morning. Last night I was tired when I took my contacts out and I grabbed the 1st solution I touched. How am I supposed to see which solution is which without my contacts on? When will my eye calm down?

  288. Jason

    I am extremely ANGRY over what has occurred. I used my sisters solution and was lucky to get the contact out in my AGONY!!! My girlfriend was with me and did not recognize the seriousness of the matter. I am going to try those tear drops because 24 hours later I am still in pain. Is there anyone who has recovered from this? I am scared of what others have said about the long term damage. Someone should let me go in a closed room with a baseball bat and have a friendly conversation with the maker of the solution. Please make my day and give me his address

  289. Vanessa

    I totally feel ur pain, I did this about 4 yrs ago and I will say I would rather hav broken a leg lol. at least meds for that actually work…

    I remember it like yesterday, I was in a hurry so didnt think anything horrible would happen if I used it to rinse after my contact fell in the sink. And then came hellfire. Water did NOT help! It still felt like a fresh burn!

    I used milk in my eye, which was a bit strange, but that REALLY helped, finally!

    For those worried about the future of your oh-so-important eyes, which apparently ciba thinks it trivial to keep from such a danger, I will say I have a permanent burn on my eyeball, which looks like a dark blue/greyish mark along the line of my lower eyelid. Any vision loss I cant be sure of, since I already had,vision loss to begin with, duh hence the contacts.
    Maybe that was a safety net for em getting this thing on the shelves.

    Four yrs later, how this thing is still out there, is beyond me. whether the consumer is responsible or not, the purpose of our FDA board is to ensure things arent harmful if theyre going to be available to the general public. Its not like its ok to have an awesome microwave that requires ur food to be at exactly 20°c. Or it will explode and kill you and your family.

  290. Lisa V

    The irony!! I’m traveling and yesterday was getting ready to go to a relatively important (not wedding or prom or glam photoshoot) dinner engagement. I spent so much time fixing my hair (ha!!) that I was running late. Rushed and feeling around in my suitcase without my glasses, I pulled out the Clear Care bottle that is the same size and shape as my usual lens solution. Like others on this post, I’ve been a contact lens wearer for over 25 years so putting lens in is very routine. I’m generally a careful person but I made this mistake too. I know that everyone at the dinner was wondering what happended to my left eye (which was magnified by the thick glasses I had to wear). The white was literally blood red. A day later it is still sore when I close my eye tight and somewhat red, but my vision is not affected. I’d definitely vote for a bottle with a distinctly different shape and appearance!! I think it is silly to put “danger contents are hot” on McDonald’s coffee, but this pull-the-wrong-bottle because you can’t see (or “borrow” your host’s things when you’re visiting overnight and can’t see) seems like a forseeable situation.

  291. Kate B

    Oh my god. I did this for the second time last night. Guess I did’nt learn from the first experience with lighting my eye on fire with clearcare.I figured that after I learned to use the case the problem goes away. But if you get a little on your hand or if they dont neutralize all the way, youre eye feels like someones holding a lighter to it. I cant even concentrate it hurts so bad.

  292. Dani

    My right eye was burned by the acid from Clear Care two days ago and it still hurts. I thought it was regular contact solution. I doubt how many people who wears contact lens for 10+ years would still read instructions on the bottle. After the incident, I checked the reviews on Walgreen and Amazon website and it seems 1/3 of consumers got this acid in their eyes. I can’t believe there was personal attacks toward Clear Care “victims” like us on the product review on Amazon website. We Ciba Vision victims were called “low IQ” etc. Personally I have two Masters degree and I don’t think this painful accidents has anything to do with IQ. Ciba Vision should advertise this product as “chemical/Acid contact cleaner” instead of “Contact solution” which consumers would thought to be the regular contact solution they had used for years. Anybody consider suing the manufacturer? If yes, please contact me, because I definitely do.

  293. C.J.

    Well I guess I will share my story as well. I ran out of contact solution but knew I had a smaller sized bottle in my cabinet (that was my boyfriends) and thought that’ll work for now! Well the next day when I went to put my contacts in I quickly put one in and I felt immediate unbearable burning, thinking I for sure had put battery acid in my eye!!! All I could do was grab onto my eye that was clamped so hard shut and hold it (as my eye was probably dissolving below the lid) I was in so much pain I had to put my head down on my sink and thought for sure I was having a seizure when I heard pounding in my ears and starting drooling!!! After about 30-45 seconds I was able to pull myself together to pick up my head and pry my eyelids apart to make several attempts to rip this awful piece torture out of my eye. At this point I was so traumatized I couldnt even bear the thought of putting some other type of liquid in my eye so needless to say I did the dumb thing and kept it closed
    without rinsing it. I threw that bottle of solution straight into the garbage…

    The next day it was so red and painful and I had to work (at a hospital of course) and every person I came in contact with had the same horrified look on their face as they looked at my eye! oh the embarrassment… I called the doc and he told me to put artificial tears in my eye and its starting to look better after two days.

  294. Gina

    I did the exact same thing! I had just go new contacts for my first time the previous day. I was showing my father how easy it was for me to put them in and out. Well once I got them out I had a little ordeal when trying to put them back in. I had realized when I had tried to rince them with my solution that my bag with all of my contact equipment was missing I had assumed I had left it at the doctors office. Well my brother has contacts so I used his cleaning solution and once I had rinsed it I put the contact in my eye afterword. I had immeaditly felt a burning sensation and an incredible amount of pain my eye was as red as a pepper. Anyways my mom had called the hospital and asked them what to do. They recommended that I come in for them to rince my eye with 1 liter of saline water and they were going to check my eye for any scratches. Well later as in maybe 4 days the redness went away and it dosnt hurt anymore but never again will I purchase let alone use clear care!

  295. Adys

    The same thing happened to me this morning. I read all the directions at night before putting my contacts in the solution, the only thing I seem to have skipped was the fast that I could not put them in a traditional flat case. I didnt know I was supposed to put them in that weird contraption it comes with! WTH ??? I took the lens out of the case and put it right in like I usually do and I immediately started screaming from the pain. Luckily, I was able to take the contact off quite quickly and run to the bathroom to flush my eye with warm water. It stayed blood red for about an hour and its gradually going back to being white. I still feel a little burn specially when looking into light. Now a question.. I have spare contacts for my left eye (which is the one that burns) but I dont have any spare contact for my right eye (I didnt put it in my eye and its still in the case). Can I take the contact out of that sh**ty solution and soak it overnight with regualr saline solution and then wear it tomorrow? Or am I stuck wearing glasses until I see my doctor on Friday???? This sucks!!!! Someone HELP!

  296. Nancy

    We went to the ER about 6 hours after my daughter borrowed her dad’s “saline solution” which of course was actually Clear Care. Getting the contact out and rinsing with lots of water had not helped; the pain was getting even worse. They did a saline rinse, checked for injuries, gave her Lortabs pain pills but no antibiotic drops. Still bad this morning, will update on whether it improves soon or we have to visit the eye dr.

  297. Nancy

    My daughter got Clear Care in her eye Sunday at 6 p.m. Got steadily worse all evening despite flushing it with lots of water. E.R. at midnight -they did a saline flush and checked it for injuries and gave her pain medication. Monday it was very swollen, red, and stil hurt, though nothing like those first few hours. Much better by Tuesday. So if you’re going through this, hang in there, it does get better eventually!

  298. Paula

    I am shocked at the amount of people that have suffered the same injury as I experienced this morning. I have been wearing contact lenses for ove 20 years. This solution was recommended by my eye doctor due to my alergy issues. He said , “just make sure you let them soak for 6 hours.” Had he said, “make sure you read the box” or “this is not a typical cleaner,” I would have been a little more cautious. However,like the comments above, why would a veteran contact wearer think there was a need to read a solution box label! I went to put my contacts into my eye after removing them from my “flat case” like always, and was met witht he mother of all pain!!!! I couldn’t believe the pain! I clawed to remove it and then, without realizing why it was burning, actually rinsed in the same stuff again!! By this time , I am getting light headed and beginning to feel like I am going to pass out. I finally removed the contact for the 2nd time before ending up on the floor. When I could finally stand again, I found my eye to be swelling and very red. By evening, it was filling with a runny, yellow discharge. I look like I have pink-eye, which is not a good look when you teach school! I had allergy drops for itching and burning as well as antibiotic drops. I started using both and it is feeling/looking somewhat better today. This is the worst product ever! It should be marketed in a completely different manner. Let me know if a lawsuit is filed. This is ridiculous.

  299. Connie

    OMG I work in a hospital AND am going to school for my RN. This morning I am running late for Lab class and grab my contacts that have been soaking in this solution for days because I usually wear glasses (except for Lab class). I put the contact in my eye and I remembered the news story years back of a teacher whose student put acid in her Visine bottle. As I am screaming trying to get the contact out that has literally fused onto my eye, I reached in and grabbed the acid-covered contact and yanked it out. I live alone so couldn’t imagine I would try to poison myself! I really did not know what I had done and everyone looked hard at me today like I was a disease, or at least had one. The good news is after 14 hours of pain, severe redness, swelling and mucous of the eye, and breaking down and taking some acetaminophen I can finally see out of my eye. I started searching the Internet on what in the world could have caused this and thank goodness I ran across this post and YEP I used Clear Care. I just opened that bottle that I had sitting on my shelf last week thinking it was my new contact lens cleaner. Wow! What an experience! Thanks for all the posts. I’m so glad I am not alone in my idiocracy.

  300. L E Bostrom

    Had the same experience as others this morning. I have seen enough gimmicky cases in my decades of wearing contacts that the funny one in the Clear Care box didn’t seem any different than the ones given out for free in some other contact solution boxes. Hence, I did not use it. I left the lenses in for over 24 hours, and did not rinse them before inserting — note, as the box said I didn’t put solution directly in the eye, and it clearly states that rinsing is not necessary.

    I thought I’d done something wrong with the pain I experienced. Eventually was able to pry the contact out and throw it in the garbage. Eye is still watering like mad and swollen. I did not run water or saline through it, I did put ice on the eyelid to reduce the swelling. We’ll see what happens.

    So, moral of the story: THE PACKAGE IS NOT CLEAR ENOUGH. Seriously, with the warning labels on everything from toothpaste to plastic bags, something that is quite likely to come in contact with the human eye and burn it SHOULD BE CLEARLY LABELLED. Recall that several years ago, McDonald’s lost (or settled, I forget) a suit over the fact that the coffee in a styrofoam cup was scalding hot, and ever since, disposable coffee cups across the country tell us that the “beverage you are about to enjoy is extremely hot”. As a big fan of reading directions, I can tell anyone reading this that the directions, while they do exist, are nowhere near the degree of prominence that they should be for this product. In fact, I am quite surprised that those little words, “hydrogen peroxide”, are permitted to be listed in a list of ingredients, in no more prominence than, say, “purified water”. I am shocked that this product is permitted to be on the market with such incredibly deficient packaging.

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  302. Monica Petras

    I did this too. I didn’t even buy the solution and it was ten PM so I didn’t think of reading directions on CONTACT SOLUTION come on that should not require directions. I looked like I had pink eye. I was avoided like the plague because people didn’t want to get infected.

  303. Genise

    I am so sorry so many of you went through the pain (undescribable) that I went through this morning! The pain brought me to my knees (and I have the bruises to show for that too)! I still do not know how I got the contact out, as my eyes were slammed shut. The “event” happened around 6a. It is now 7:30p, and my eye is still non-functional. It is red, swollen, watery, scratchy, and HURTS so much!! I am definitely going to the Dr. tomorrow if it is not better. Surely a steroid drop can make this better. It is like a chemical burn!

  304. Aleksandra Chemeris

    The same exact thing happened to me last night. I asked my boyfriend to bring me a bottle of contact solution from the medicine cabinet. I opened this bottle without my glasses on so I couldn’t see all small labels and the red piece of paper around the tip went straight in the garbage. I rinsed my contact with this acid and put it my eye. Same misery occurred as written above. I rinsed my eye with water for a while. 13 hours later my eye is blood shot, lid is puffy, but at least the burning subsided.

    I had no idea that you can buy acid in a bottle that looks identical to the good old saline solution that I’ve been using for 14 years. Here is an idea, why don’t they make the packaging of this stuff look different from saline solution? If it has to be kept on the shelves, then maybe it shouldn’t be placed next to saline, but placed next to the bleach containers in the laundry aisle or next to the hydrogen peroxide bottles in the first-aid aisle. This Clean Care 3% Hydrogen Peroxide cleaner is extremely dangerous and it hurts really bad if misused.

    I will write to the company and reference the complaints of this blog, but I don’t think it would have as much effect as a class action law suit.

  305. Meghan

    I’m glad to know I’m not alone! I did this twice, first time I dropped it in the sink, rised it with CC and put it in my eye. I thought I got a chemical from the sink on it.

    This morning when i removed it from the case it looked cloudy so I rinsed it with CC and put it in my eye.

    The pain is soooo bad. Hot poker in my eye bad.

    I will not be using this solution again! I really don’t get it b/c they soak in that solution all night and it’s fine if it’s in their case…..

  306. Sophia

    Really glad to see that I’m not the only idiot out there, though my adventure isn’t nearly as bad as everyone else. I use BioTrue solution and I have been for about two years. Today I my contact out because it felt a bit dry and I’d been running low on re-wetting drops so I just took it out and cleaned it. Oops! As soon as I put it back in my eye, boom. It felt like it was burning, the worst part is that I didn’t even take it out right away. Figuring that it would go away I stumbled around for 3 minutes in pain. When it didn’t, I immediately ripped the contact out of my eye and pressed a cold washcloth to it and then rinsed it out with distilled water twice, and I’m pretty sure I should probably do it again since it’s an hour after the event and my eye still feels puffy and irritated. Luckily, my vision hasn’t been effected except for the fact that my eye isn’t open all the way. And there doesn’t seem to be any damage to my cornea (I keep checking about every five minutes). I hope It’ll be better this evening.
    Feeling pretty stupid, but I’m glad there are more people like me!

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  308. Craig

    I’m not surprised that this thread spans 4 years.
    I recently had a similar experience and now have permanent damage in my left eye.
    I had had retina surgery (scleral buckle) and wore a contact in only my left eye. After the mix-up with my wife’s ClearCare my iris has a tear that allows light to enter around the artificial lens, producing a “halo” effect that can not be corrected with refraction.
    I was talking to a surgeon over the weekend and he was astonished that something so potentially harmful can be marketed and packaged similar to ordinary solution. He related the degree to which operating techniques are evaluated to avoided similar confusion.
    I’m wondering if anyone else has had permanent damage and whether there is a class action lawsuit initiated against ClearCare?

  309. Linden

    Ok, so I have a similar story to everyone else. Worked till midnight, had to back at 6am for my second day of work. I some how mixed up the bottles and burnt my eye. I made it through 6 hours of work, before my new boss sent me home. I spent 3 hours in the ER having a painful eye flush. Now I can not go outside or see the light of day for 48hours. I also had to call into work on my third day on the new job. I am not an idiot, the warning labels are on the bottle- but not big enough for someone without contacts in to see. I am currently contacting a lawyer. I think after reading all post on this blog, a class action suite is a great idea. The public needs to be aware of this product for safety reasons. The doctor said I was one of many who has visited the ER with the same conditions. Sorry if I am rambling, because I am still on heavy narcotics from the ER visits. My eye is extremly infected and I have many Corneal Abrasions due to this product. If any one knows of a good law firm, or a suite in action. Please let me know. THIS IS THE WORST PRODUCT ON THE SHELF FOR EYE CARE. I have already called all the optitisns in town, who will be happy to agree with me.

    1. Neal

      I feel the same way! My eyes hurt so bad that I couldn’t get my contact out and it burned my cornea!!! Somebody has to pay for this product causing so many people the same problem! Seem as if they didn’t finish making the product correctly so they just sold us raw material in a bottle!

  310. Andrew

    Yup, mark me down as another victim. Last night I realized I ran out of my usual solution. I had a bottle of clean clear under my counter from my last eye infection about two years ago. I read the package and it said leave it in the solution for 6 hours, so I poured it in my flat contact case and went to bed. I woke up this morning in such a good mood, ready for the day and then BAM!! AHHHHHHHHH! MY EYE!!!!! I took it out immediately and started flushing my eye. It’s been two hours and I still have pain and redness, but my vision is fine. Luckily I have prescribed eye drops that I’m going to take, hopefully it helps it heal faster.

    I understand the person above is talking about a law suit but I had a optometrist give me this solution when I had an eye infection to make sure my contacts were disinfected, it definitely has a purpose. But the labels could be clearer, no pun intended. Good luck to the next victim, I’m praying for you.

  311. Karen

    I think so many people are stupid not to read instructions for their products, especially one so important as to be used for your eyes. If it burns, it’s because of negligence, and I feel it’s deserved.

    1. Jay

      well Karen, not everyone is negligent. I went to my optometrist today for a follow up after requesting new contacts. The optometry assistant working there decided to wash my brand new, freshly opened 1 day disposables in clear care. When my eyes started watering she had the audacity to accuse me that my hands are dirty and that I’m allergic to the solution. When the optometrist came to sort things out they decided not to tell me what happened. I’m talking to a lawyer right now about the option of suing their practice.

    2. Marilyn

      Yes the same thing happened to me, the person at the optical handed me a bottle of this stuff while I was trying on a new pair of contacts and I thought I was supposed to rinse them with it and then he tried to say it was from my makeup and then after going through the pain of trying to get the contact out I put my glasses on and read the bottle and found the warning and showed him . He tried to say he was just giving it to me to take home after. I was in so much pain and he just tried to tell me it would be fine. This happened 6 hours ago and I’m still in pain and thinking of going to emerge.

  312. Sarah

    Thought I’d should share my experience as well after reading through all the posts. I used CIBA for 4 years with out a problem, but this afternoon I spaced out and forgot that I was actually taking off my contacts, not putting them in. I remembered reading the warnings and rinsed my eye with water for a few minutes after realizing what I had done. It’s not hurting now, but it is pretty red and feels dry quickly. Hopefully after a night of good sleep, it will look and feel better tomorrow.

  313. Tina

    I did it for the second time. -___- I mean I felt stupid enough the first time it happened, now I just feel like an idiot. My contact case fell over during the night, and in a hurry, I was like “Psh, it’s fine!” Yeah. It wasn’t. That was yesterday and my eye still hurts today. It keeps watering like crazy and hurts. I was in a hurry, so I probably didn’t rinse it long enough.
    Don’t get me wrong, I really like the solution, because when used the right way, it really cleans my contacts super well.

  314. Melanie

    Same thing happened to me! Burning, stinging. Did anyone have any permanent damage? Best thing to do is flush out your eyes! I hate this product.

    1. Dave

      Thanks for the “oh so bright” comment MRS PLOS. Try not to be so dumb yourself and learn how to use English correctly. I know someone who did the same thing with this solution and yes, it is written on the bottle the dangers, but it is not very clear. The biggest thing I see is the same as what some others have said, the bottle is represented as a normal solution for contacts, it’s only when you read the fine print and small warnings that you see that this product is dangerous to have sitting next to any contact solution. I feel for all those who have made the mistake.

    2. Tristan

      Why are you even on this site if you ate just going to make fun of everyone? Cuz I’m pretty sure a billion people have done it that you just called dumb and now we all hate you you freak.

  315. Mary

    Hi! I am from another country…well Slovenia(awkward silence when nobody knows where that is :P ) anyway i did the same thing -.- ..i ran out of my usual lens filler you know the one where you can put that puppy right in your eye and you are out the door….i went to buy it and the pharmacist brought out random ones because they didn’t have my usual one..i didn’t really think twice i seen some old ones that i used among them and i wasn’t really happy with them but hey i said to myself try a new one….sure why not..i came home and i felt my lens was a bit dry so i opened the aosept plus from ciba vision…..it burned….i was like so fast to put it out…..i even thought to myself for a second when i put it in my eye that…why was it so warm?……it clicked fast!…….i put my lens out and rinsed with water and some solution my mom has(thank god she is a nurse and has stuff)….i put Tobrex gel in my eye and Recugel (Bausch&Lomb) gel…it moisturizes and heals…and ice packs on my eye….its been about 9 hours and yea i must say that i don’t think its my fault…all of warning labels you have in America are so not so graciously posted everywhere…i read the label the box everything and on the inside instructions one sentence in small writing…don’t put in eye….why thank you…that was help full……not……here is a link of how they sell it http://www.lekarnar.com/izdelki/aosept-plus-tekocina-za-lece-360-ml …where are the warning labels?……none not even on the inside bottle..none!!!….I am already blind on one eye….so i kinda need my other eye thank you very much! at least i am not the only one…but still it would be better if it would never happen. Love from Slovenia!

  316. Amanda

    Seriously MRS PLOS, I hope this happens to you. This can happen to ANYONE. It has nothing to do with being “dumb” (which by the way, you’ve misused the word, I think you meant “stupid”). Any way, I reached for the Clear Care bottle yesterday morning instead of another brand of contact solution in my bathroom to add more moisture to my contact. Just like everyone else, I felt intense pain followed by a very attractive red eye. This is over 24 hours later and my eye is still red and is still watering from time to time. Does anyone know how long before my eye will be back to normal? I’m worried that I should have already gone to a professional to get this checked out. Clear Care is a good product when used properly but can be very dangerous and I regret ever buying it. I’ll be sticking to other brands for now on.

  317. Marilyn

    So my experience happened right in the Optical I was picking up my lenses from. They guy at the desk was really busy and handed me the box of contacts and I said that I would like to try them on before I leave. So he had me wash my hands and handed me a paper towel and a mirror and a box with “solution” and he walked away to help someone else so I assumed the solution was all in one and that I should rinse the contacts first which I did and proceeded to put it in my eye right there at the front desk and it burned so bad and I couldn’t get it out and the guy was like “oh that must be from your makeup” I said no it’s from this solution that you handed me and I showed him the warning at the top of the box that I didn’t notice before because I had my glasses off when he handed it to me. I was so mad that he was too busy to even tell me that it wasn’t an all in one solution that he was handing me. He kept saying “oh just rinse your eye it will be fine.” He had no idea how much pain I was in nor did he care and he hurried me away from the other customers and told me just to not try to put the contact in for a day…. I was like “yea no kidding…. my eye is chemically burned and I will probably have to go to emerge, I’m obviously not going to try to put it back in!!!” I’m so mad and upset about this whole experience!

  318. Desirae

    This stuff should definitely be removed from the market. The pain is absolutely unbearable and undescribable. I think having straight jalapeño juice squirted in your eye would have felt better. I’m even starting to consider that child birth might be better and I haven’t even had a kid. I was staying at a friend’s house and there was no box with instructions because she had already been using it. Well she had this amd a bottle of saline sitting in her bathroom and of course I grabbed this. I didn’t have my glasses or contacts in obviously so nothing on the bottle stood out. When it happened I started screaming and jumping like no other. My sister came running in thinking I had been stabbed, no joke. I am pissed beyond belief. It’s almost been 24 hours and my eye is still super red, burns, and is watery. By the way it’s my birthday tomorrow and I have a date. I really need to wear my contacts and unfortunately it doesn’t look like I’ll be able to… I hope there is no permanent damage to my eye.

  319. Desirae

    Also I’ve been using Systane gel drops in the last 24 hours that it happened. They are incredible. They take the burning away and help with some of the redness. Last year when I had a dry eyes problem my eye doctor recommended them to me and I’m so glad he did! They are a bit expensive but I’m sure after this experience you don’t care how much something costs to relieve the pain. I would say a bottle costs between $11-$14 but I’ve had mine for a year already and I use every so often. They’re a heavy lubricant gel drop, it moisturizes and protects the eye. Hope this helped.

  320. Nah

    Haha, guess it’s my turn to share my story…(:
    I’ve used Clear Care for a year and had no problems with it. I’ve also used Opti-Free along with Clear Care..
    Anyways, an hour ago, I took out my contact lens, but decided to put it back in to do something.
    I grabbed the nearest bottle near me (hint: the one with the red warning) and cleaned my contact with it and popped it in my eye.
    The next I knew there was a burning in my eye as if soap got in it (but 100x worse) and I actually screamed while burying my face into a towel.
    I already knew not to rinse contact lenses with Clear Care solution, but it was a simple, yet very horrible mistake by grabbing the Wong bottle.
    I finally managed to get the contact out of my eye and rinsed my eye for about a minute.
    After ten minutes, I used eye drops.
    As of now, it hurts only a tiny bit.
    It’s probably still red, aha.
    Also, I’m glad I’m not the only one that did this, and then Googled it, haha.(:
    -From a fourteen year old girl with one red eye

  321. Danny

    Add me to the list of morons. I just bought the clear care a couple days ago and used it with the case that came with it the firist night. Seemed like a lot more work than usual and last night I was tired so I just put them in my regular old case with the clear care. Well I woke up and put that mf’er in my left eye and I knew right away I screwed up big time. I rinsed the hell out of it with saline and even put it in the neutralzer case for a minute then had to put it in my eye because i had to drive 2 hours for work. Was red and irritated all day. Burns more now that I just took contact out. I guess that is the eye trying to heal. I hope my eye is not freakish red tomorrow still.

  322. Nicole

    I never felt stupid but this helped at least i know i wont go blind that shit freakin hurt! My eye feels like someone scraped my eye

  323. David

    Thank you everyone on this thread for putting this horrible experience in context. We are not the stupid ones. I bought a bottle of the same shelf as all the other harmless eye solutions, same type of bottle, and the front of the bottle says very similar things to all the other harmless lens solutions. Is this company INSANE? These are our eyes!!!

  324. eyeonfire

    Holy acid in the eye, Batman! I did the same thing as everyone else and the way my eye looks is scaring my co-workers. How long will I look like this?? My eye is crimson red, weepy and is still burning after 7 hours! I’m not even sure if my contact is in my eye or not! Does this last 24-48 hours….. longer?

  325. Jax

    The first post for this issue was almost 5 years ago, and it just happened to me today September 4th, 2012. Why is this ridicolous product still on the market, after happening to this many people in so many years? Why is it still sold by any Professional Eye Doctor? The burning at first is more painful then any pain you have ever experienced! Those that think it is funny, why don’t you let someone squirt it in your eye! It is unbearable! Please remove it from market!


  326. stavros

    Greetings fellow sufferers. Well, guess what: We have the same problems in Europe too. And as a matter of fact, with other brands of contact solutions as well. I am writing this from Greece. I use a German solution named Woelk (affiliate of Zeiss). It consists of one bottle with peroxide and two dozens of pills that neutralize the liquid, making it sterile. (For every specific quantity of liquid you use every day, goes one pill). It also makes the solution in the container yellowish as indicator that the cleaning-sterilizing process is completed. It only takes an hour to complete the process. A month ago, after being extremely tired at that night, I forgot to add the pill. Next day in the morning, I set out to put my contact lenses as I always do from the container. All hell broke loose. The pain was excruciating! My right eye was at the brink of explosion. I thought it would roll out of its socket and start jumping on the floor! The tears were unbelievable! I managed to take out my contact lens and rinse my eye with sodium chloride, not much to my relief. My eye was swelled like it had taken a punch! I had to recruit my darkest sunglasses to avoid the photophobia. After 24 hours, things got better. Eventually my eye recovered. However now, a month later, I think my eye is still holding a grunge on me! I have some peculiar symptoms that keep reminding me of how stupid I was. namely some itches, “micropains”, pokes and stings, dry eye, things that never had before. And it is not my imagination. Therefore I would like to know if any of you guys suffered any permanent consequence of your eyes “adventure”. Any answer, before I pay a visit to my eye doctor, would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

  327. Steph

    I was at my friend’s house and I had to drive home but my contact was super dry. So I grabbed this evil solution and cleaned off my lens. I know, I’m an idiot, I ignored the red warning just as everyone above did. I squirted a few drops of my re-wetting eye drops and then put my lens back in my eye and I immediately had to pry my lid open and dig out the contact. I rinsed it out with water, and then put my contact under water and added more of my eye drops (not the evil solution) before putting it back in. That was last night, and now today it’s still very red and sore. My vision is fine, not blurry at all, but I have a weird, red monster eye. I just moved across the country and do not have a job yet, so I do not have insurance. Any home remedies to help my monster eye??

  328. MandaRosie

    Yes, another victim can be added to the list for Clear Care. I admit I probably should’ve read the label before I soaked my lenses, but I’ve been wearing contacts for 6 years and I assumed when it says “Clear Care Solution for All Soft Lenses” then its the same as all other solutions with that logo.

    I didn’t see the thin red line in regular size font above the other directions which states vaguely “Do not put pour directly onto contact lenses.” I agree that there should be a very clear WARNING about the potential damage that may occur with improper use. The printed warning of “Rinsing contacts prior to use is not necessary” sounds like a suggestion.

    I rinsed my lenses today not realizing at all that I was using a disinfectant, not a gentle solution. (I was confused as to WHY there was a red tip on top, but I assumed this was to show that the tip was sterile!) So I always like to leave an extra drop of solution on my lens as I place it on my left eye… well, luckily for me, after praying “JESUS SAVE MY EYE!!!” I was able to pry my eye open within a couple seconds and pull my lens out and I immediately flushed it with cold water and panicked as my eye felt like it was disintegrating inside my eye socket. I obviously felt extremely stupid for not seeing the label, but in my opinion, this shouldn’t be so easy to confuse with other gentle solutions. After flushing with water for about 15 minutes it feels a lot better but I can still feel pain on the spot where I placed my lens. And strangely enough, it seems like my eyeball has actually changed shape slightly right on the same spot as well. Has anyone else experienced that?

    I rent a room and take the bus systems everywhere and do not have an eye doctor (I live in Canada and its not as easy to find one). Its Thanksgiving as well and I don’t feel like spending 10 hours in an ER.

    Thanks for sharing your experiences everyone…its taken the edge off of my panic that I was going to lose my eye and that I’ve damaged it! Now I know I probably haven’t…still wish it hadn’t happened.

  329. Charles

    Like everyone else, I am now another statistic. My left eye had been irritating me for a couple days so I took my contact out and soaked it in this stuff overnight. I did not realize this was my bottle of acid, I thought it was my regular solution. So I woke up this morning and popped it in and fell to my knees. I thought maybe I had something on my fingers that caused it to sting, and I tried to tough it out for about sec before I realized something was wrong. I pulled it out and poured eyedrops in my eye. It’s been about 5 hours and while it doesn’t burn, it is EXTREMELY irritated. I have tears pouring out of my eye constantly and it is very red. when I close my eye it feels like I have a pebble in my eye… hopefully this goes away soon.

  330. ouch!!

    just did this to myslef 24 hrs ago as i thought most of you had thought about the solution lmao…soooo much pain. and still hurting from it. hope it feels better soon. my first experience with fx contacts and didnt have a clue what i was doin lmao omg it hurts 22nd of october lol

  331. Mandy

    Add me to the list. Holy cow. Hurt like hell. 24 hours later my eye is still tearing, redness is better. I will be throwing Clear Care away today.

  332. WOW

    I agree, they have to child-proof this stuff, or make a larger warning label. I borrowed some of my friends, and it hurt like hell. I didnt know it was the solution, so i toughed it for about an hour. Then he told me it was, ive been rincing for 4 hours and it still hurts.

  333. Tristan

    Yeah. I just did it too. My contact was feeling a little dry in my eye and usually I just put a little drop of solution in my eye and that does the trick (yea I know it’s super lazy and idc) but stupid ole me grabbed the wrong bottle and jet streamed it into my eye causing very excruciating agony. It’s been several several hours and it still hurts. I hope it goes away and I really hope I don’t go blind.

  334. Sarah

    I got colored contacts yesterday and was in town and decided to get a contact solution. While i was still in town i went to the store and got a contact solution and they only had 1 brand for soft contacts which was Clear Care. I got home read all instructions and put them in a new contact case and let them soak overnight. I woke up to put them in and i put one in my right eye and my eyes were burning like crazy! it felt like i dumped acid in them. And it was very hard to get them out because they were burning so much my eye wouldn’t open. they should really take this product out of stores. P.S any person out there who’s doctor recommends Clear Care do not buy it!

  335. Carole

    I have been wearing contacts for over 20 years, and the brands of contact solution all seem pretty similar to me. So this time I end up with Clear Care . . . what a horrible mistake! It’s like someone had the bright idea of putting poison on the shelf and pretending it was contact solution! This morning I opened the box, opened the bottle and thought, hmm, the tip of the bottle is red. I guess that’s to remind people not to touch it. I took out my contacts, gave a little rinse and stuck it in. The shock, the pain, the screaming . . .
    At a closer look at the bottle, it says “One bottle Solution” instead of the typical “All in One Solution” that a normal bottle would say. And this is in a small font on the box. REALLY???? You couldn’t be more clear than that?? It should say in huge font “THIS IS POSION FOR THE EYE. DO NOT MISTAKE FOR CONTACT SOLUTION!!!!” There is definately a marketing problem here. CIBA Vision needs to be told.
    I was taking my kids skiing this morning, and now we have to stay home. I am pretty bummed.

  336. Stonzee

    Clear Care is NOT dangerous. Not only does the bottle have a red tip but there is a red circle around the top that clearly states “DO NOT PUT DIRECTLY INTO EYE.” It can’t get much clearer than that. Clear Care can and should only be used with the special case provided or it doesn’t work. People should learn to READ the directions before using a product.

  337. Caroline

    It clear states in multiple places on the bottle: Red tip is warning not to put Clear Care into your eye. IMPORTANT: FAILURE TO READ DIRECTIONS WILL RESULT IN BURNING AND STINGING. Stop blaming the product for your stupidity and failure to use the product as directed.

  338. Malcolm

    Um. I did the same thing but i couldn’t get contact lens out because my eye lid closed and i could open it, now my eye is really red.

  339. George Patel

    I was over at my girlfriend’s house and soaked my contacts in her Clear Care solution. I didn’t see the red warning label because it was late, I had a few beers, and I was looking forward to getting in bed with her. I woke up this morning and put the right lens back in my eye, and thought that I was going to die. The pain was horrible, my eye turned bright red, and I was unable to get the contact out for what seemed like hours. Thankfully I removed the lens and rinsed my eye vigorously with water. About 30 minutes have passed and my eye is still red and stings a little bit, but I do not think I will have any long lasting effects to my vision. I blame a combination of (i) Clear Care for not advertising the fact that its solution burns, (ii) me for not seeing the exiting warning, and (iii) my girlfriend having this stuff around and being really cute, which made want to quickly bed with her.

  340. Andy

    Me too!!! My mom purchased Clear Care thinking it was saline solution. I just grabbed a bottle under the sink thinking it was saline solution and OUCH, my eye is fiery red and hurts a lot. Why does CIBA Vision bottle this product exactly like saline solution? I think that they have a blatant disregard for public safety. Change the shape of the bottle, use LARGE printing with warning labels, what is wrong with this company?

  341. r3k

    As many others, I have this solution and regular multi-purpose solution right next to each other. After about a year of using it this way without any problems, today in a tired haze I mistook them and rinsed my lens with the clear care. I immediately realized what I had done, and ripped the lens out within 5 seconds. I then proceeded to rinse my eye out with water and multi-purpose solution for about 2 minutes. The pain went away immediately, the redness went away after about 3 hours, and now I’m totally fine. I’m still an idiot, but my eye seems to be good as new. I will still use clear care, since it’s so much better than the other solutions, but will now be putting it away in the medicine cabinet after each use.

  342. Annie

    Okay so I definitely did this too. Blah blah blah it burned like a mother.You all know that if you read this far down. Mine ends a little better. It’s been about an hour since I put that lava crap in my eye and redness has gone down considerably. It is just slightly irritated. Just rinse with water and good contact solution. I have bio true. Now that’s some good stuff. Anyway. I called my optometrist and she said to just rinse with saline solution every hour… And I won’t “go blind from this lava crap” as I had explained it to her.

  343. Henry Eye

    So, yea, this hurts. It’s been about 24 hours, and my eye is still red and swollen, but it has improved. This product should be placed behind a glass case at the drugstore and need paperwork signed in order to purchase it.

  344. BC

    I just did this too. I’ve been wearing contacts for more than 10 years and know the difference between stuff you wash your contacts with and stuff you rinse it with. I bought this stuff because it was on sale. Ciba Vision puts this stuff in the exact same bottle they put the stuff you can RINSE your eyes with “One Bottle Solution for Cleaning and Disinfecting.”

    The Solo Care says “All-in-One Solution”.

    The red warning strip says ‘do not rinse prior to insertion’. How about “DO NOT PUT DIRECTLY IN EYES” instead??? I would not wish the pain and discomfort on anyone. The label is so misleading. I am interested in any legal means to just get this changed so it doesn’t happen to anyone else!

  345. Karen Evans

    Well I just viciously seared my eyeball. I recently purchased this cleaning system. I read all the instructions, waited the proper amount of time, and was completely clear on the entire process. Afterwards, my contacts were clean and felt great. No issues. Fast forward to this evening when I dusted a filthy shelf and couldn’t see straight. Went to medicine cabinet and grabbed for my saline solution to rinse my eye. Yep, I grabbed the wrong bottle and liberally squirted the clean care peroxide solution directly into my contact-clad eye! I rinsed copiously by shoving my eye under the running faucet and followed with a saline rinse. The contact was practically fused to my eye and took several minutes to remove it. Then I rinsed again, and put in some greasy antibiotic eye ointment. Even after taking an Oxycodone it hurts terribly. They need to make the bottle shaped differently than the typical saline solutions IMHO. If it were square this wouldn’t have happened. Yes, the tip is red… but, hello, those of us wearing contacts are VISION-IMPAIRED and in an emergency it it just to easy to mix them up!

  346. James

    I’ve been using Clear Care for a couple months with no problems. Before I put my contacts in, I rub them with some saline solution. Yesterday, I was in a hurry and wasn’t paying attention to what bottle I grabbed to rinse my contacts. Immediately after placing the contact into my eye, I knew what I just did before even looking at the bottle. I quickly turned on the water and started rinsing my eye out, then I tried to get the lens out of my eye but it felt like it was glued to my eyeball. I did manage to get it out after about a minute, and rinsed my eye a bit more. I wore my glasses that day, and about 20 hours later my eye is still red. I still plan to use the Clear Care, I’m just going to be more careful, I’ll probably double if not triple check the bottle I’m using to rinse my contacts with from now on.

  347. merp

    A friend of mine did this so I was curious if anyone else had and wow.. I can’t believe tihs many people don’t think to read the label on a product before using it. She’ll probably be relieved to know she’s not the only total dumbass out there. Who the hell puts something in their eye without reading the label/instructions first? Damn, you all reckless as hell.

  348. Fatema

    Ran out of contact solution so i went to my dads room to get some of this. I poured it in my contacts case, unaware of the torture it was about to cause, rubbed it in my contact a little, and popped it in my left eye. Needless to say it hurt like a mofo but I took it out really quickly and flushed my eye with a mini syringe for a good half an hour. It’s now an hour later, and the burning stopped. It just looks like pink eye. I DEFINITELY LEARNED FROM MY MISTAKE :(

  349. Kate

    I tried reading several of the posts with my one good eye! I feel better knowing I am not the only other person out there who didn’t read the directions. I bought the product months ago and just this morning ran out of my typical cleaner and thought, “No worries, I ‘ll just use up the Clear & Care I still have left.” I couldn’t get my lens out fast enough. My ophthalmologist was able to see me first thing this morning where he checked my vision, flushed my eye, put some ointment in my eye to kill any bacteria and taped my eye. He wants to see me back in his office first thing tomorrow. IF THIS HAPPENS TO YOU, SEE YOUR DOCTOR IMMEDIATELY.

  350. Mina

    My contact fell out, and I just wanted to do a quick rinse to pop it back in. I actually quickly scanned the bottle because i knew I had this stuff somewhere in my room and did not want to get this and regular saline mixed up, but only read the front, assuming something so dangerous would have a warning on the front of the bottle. I can’t read the fine print on the back, as my eyesight is pretty bad. I burned badly, I was able to remove the contact, but it has been dry, pink and uncomfortable for hours. I’ve been using Systane single use drops to lubricate and prevent infections as the multiple drop bottles often get a buildup on bacteria on the bottle tip. Be careful and do everything you can to prevent infection, ’cause that can lead to permanent damage

  351. Mina

    p.s my bottle did not come with a red circle warning label that others have described. Also because I’m in Canada the font is really small, as everything is written in English and French. It also states the safety information and warning labels are inside the box…as this was given to me by my eye doctor i never got a box!!

  352. Ace

    just did the same thing. maybe i’m a dumbass but i think i had the same misgivings as everyone else. every product out there says ‘ only use this with our product ‘ but they do it usually to save money. the product bottle says ” do not put it directly into eye ” which i didn’t. i used it to soak my contacts then put my contacts in my eye more than 8 hours later. it also states ” its unncecessary to wash with saline solution and also talks about not using it in a flat case. my contact cases are domed so i thought it would work. i wrecked my eye.. i hope it heals correctly. someone please let me know if there’s another class action going

  353. Alex

    My experience with clear care was just insane this morning…I recently bought this product for the first time, since I just wanted to try a different solution. I did read the instructions but I still thought it would work like any other contact solution. I mean come on…who would expect something like this to happen? Even other directions on solutions say to leave your contacts in the case for hours or overnight. All I can say is wow..I was just in SHOCK…it hurt like crazy!! I was surprised about how much it stung right when I put my contact in. Despite how hard it was to open my eye, I just grabbed it hard as I could and then pulled out my contact…worst experience ever! I don’t think i ever felt that much pain before so far in my life.

  354. Soldier boy

    Holy crap I did the same thing too. I was on a training exercise and I usually wear contacts since it is easier to run around with out my glasses flying out every two seconds. So i decided to put my contacts 5am early morning before PT. HOLY CRAP did it burn like hell. I ripped my contacts outta my eye. However I did not rinse my eye with water. My question is should i see an eye doctor or will it heal by itself? I am kinda worry about permanent damage on my eyes…

  355. Seth

    truly the contact solution from hell. My wife put clean & clear solution into the wrong case and proceeded to put the lens in her eye. Moments later she was screaming and trembling, about to pass out. Fortunately she got it out within 30 seconds. I think she’ll be ok. This stuff is dangerous.

  356. Ryan

    I just hosed my eyeball down with this stuff. I had the bottle of clear care next to the bottle of all-in-one solution that I put in my eyes before taking out my lenses. I reached in the medicine cabinet and grabbed the wrong bottle as I was peeling my eye open.. Ive been using this stuff for years and finally got burned (literally). Not long ago a friend of mine also accidentally did this to herself with my bottle of clear care when she came to visit. She asked if i had any contact solution and I directed her to the medicine cabinet where she naturally grabbed the bottle with the big friendly looking contact lenses on the label and shot it right in her eye as well. Moral of the story is accidents tend to happen with this stuff, And when they do, Holy. Sh!t.

  357. Andrew

    I was out of my Renu and grabbed a bottle of this my wife had in a bathroom drawer while packing for a work trip. I read the package and directions carefully, but nearly 12 hours later still in pain. It is very misleading and while the fine print is to use the supplier’s case it in no way fully explains what is at risk. The FDA should require this product goes behind the counter. Cost me a trip to the ER, where they flushed my eye and made sure the cornea wasn’t damaged but couldn’t do much more. Terrible, terrible product that is packaged in such an irresponsible manner the supplier should be ashamed.

  358. abigail

    this happened about 30 min ago, so i am new to contacts and i found all of these solutions in my house ( my parents wear contacts so we have a lot of solutions in our house) so i just found one. so i put the solution in my contacts case then i was touching the contact to my eye but then it started to burn really bad!! let me tell ya.. i launched that contacts across the floor. lol. thankful i didn’t get the contact in my eye cause that would have BURNED!! but it only burned for about 10 min and i didn’t even need to flush my eye. weird? i fuss i just got lucky? idk

  359. susan

    Did the same thing today after using Clear Care for years and years. I’m not looking around for someone,oft contacts.

  360. Taz

    The same thing happened to meh bloody hell it kills. I was in a rush getting ready to go out and my contacts were already in the bottle with the solution, when i took it out to apply it onto my eyes it wouldn’t stick to my finger tips because it was dry for some reason! So I put it back into the solution for a minute took it out again thinking nothing of it and applied it to my eyes. MY GOD THE BURNING. MY eyes are legit BLOODSHOT RED and its been 22 hours and is still red that I can’t go to school thank god my exams finished last week. I refuse to go school with eyes looking like ive been on drugs. Does anyone know how long it will take for the redness to fully go away?

  361. Phillip Judd

    Wow guys I did the same thing…it took about 9 hours to stop burning…20 Hours later redness starting to go away…Have heart my friends..it seems this will pass…I took 1200 miligrams of Ibproffin and it seemed to take away the pain. My eye couldnt have been any redder…seriously. Im going to take a video of me burning the product and send it to the manufacturer. …Sorry for anyone else who is suffering from the same mistake…but take heart…in most cases it seems to pass…just keeping the redness for a few days.

  362. Lele

    I can’t believe this dangerous product is on market. I just switched to this solution few months ago. I thought it’s same as others. six-hour soaking is for removing dirt berrer, didn’t know this thing burns your eyes. Used it wash my contact lens. OMG the pain is hard describe. After washing, still pain, 8 h so far.

  363. Marianne Buie

    Holy Moly! This stuff is awful. Bought it yesterday, as it was literally ALL the store had in the contact solution section. There were no noticeable warning labels at all. I put it in my flat contact lens case and put one of the two contacts in this morning. THE BURNING. WAS. TERRIBLE. Worst pain I’ve felt in a long time. These people need to put a big fat warning label on the box and the bottle to ensure people see this. It’s been more than 8 hours and my eye is swollen half shut and extremely red. It hurts so bad I could cry. I WILL NEVER USE THIS AGAIN.

  364. catspaw

    Crikes, I have actually done this twice, as has my hairdresser. We had quite a laugh when we talked about it. The first time — holy hell, I thought my eyeball had turned into a bubbling cheese casserole. I dropped on the bed screaming, scaring the kids and cats. Red tip? What the heck, man? Why is that supposed to be such an extreme indicator? My nasal spray has an orange tip, I don’t think it’s going to send flames up my nose!

  365. jim s

    As someone that works to develop medical products and deals with the FDA, I can’t believe this product ever passed their stringent requirements for selling in consumer markets. I’d mistaken the Clear Care solution for saline solution and burned my eye as told by many in the replies above.
    I’m really perplexed that CLEAR CARE is allowed to be sold in the US with the very easy occurrence of misuse and severity of burning the eye.

  366. Shelley

    I knew better, but grabbed the wrong bottle and now I am paying for it terribly. Other than the red cap, which should have been my warning, these bottles look exactly like the one that I soak my contacts in. So it is easy to do and now I am paying big time. I am not placing the container under my sink so I don’t accidentally grab it again. It is horribly painful…

  367. Ole CP

    I handed this to my girlfriend to use earlier tonight and seconds later, I sprinted carrying her in-shock, petite body to the bathroom to rinse out her already reddening eye and ear-ringing screams. This product must be put over the container or undergo prototype and branding alterations. It’s time to stand up, all together, as victims of this undeserved pain and inconvenience and start a coalition! Let’s stop Clear Care. #clearcarecoup #legallyimpairedrights

  368. Stephen

    Hello from 2016. Great way to start off the year. Currently im typing with one hand and one eye. Im glad to hear Im not the only person that did this. Excuse my language but FUCK YOU CLEAR CARE. ILL SEE YOU IN HELL. ITS BEEN RIGHT AROUND 18 HOURS AND IM STILL DEALING WITH YOUR BULLSHIT FIRE WATER.

    Enough ranting. Anyways i borrowed my friends contact solution which turned out to be clear care and put my contact in my left eye and it immediately slammed shut. I can honestly say id rather break bones than deal with that pain again. Feels like i was maced by sulphuric acid. After stumbling around blind and man screams I ripped out my contact and went to work. Im a fireman and i couldnt even get halfway through my shift. I left work and went straight to the ER. They dilated my eyes and stained them, looked for any lacerations, didnt mention any cornea damage, and gave me pain meds, an eye cream the feels like (coarse) sandpaper, and standard purified eye drops.

    The doc said these things take time to heal. My eye is seollen redder than the devils you know what, and is blurry. I have some sensitivity to light but im confident i will make a full recovery.

    ****YOUR BEST FRIEND = purified eye drops and pain pills! Use the drops frequently talkin about like every 5-10 minutes.

    Ill will post after everything is back to normal to give a time table for recovery. Oh, and to you dicks who are posting just to patronize us poor victims about how you read the directions, (clap…clap) Im so proud of you. You should just be thankful it hasnt happened to you, and I hope it never does. I wouldnt wish this on my worst enemy. But still you and clear care can sincerely fuck off.

  369. Lindsey

    I am the first fool to do this in 2016 and comment! This thread started like 8 years ago!! The thing that sets me apart is- I did this TWICE TODAY. You think I would have learned this morning!
    I used a flat case last night thinking after the 6 hours I would be fine. Oh NO- not fine. Then this evening I figured it just needed like way more time then it would be fine – WRONG AGAIN!
    My eye hurts way worse the 2nd time. It hurts crazy bad to close it and I feel the source of the pain deep under my eye. I probably better call the doc in the morning!


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