1 Cent Julep Maven Beauty Box – December It Girl Review

This is another subscription service much like Luxe Box and Glymm (December reviews coming soon) but based [mostly] around nail polishes. This is the first time I have received this box and I paid only 1 penny for it and that included shipping! How awesome is that? It came today and I only ordered it on the 19th, seemed pretty fast to me.

There is a couple cool things about the Julep Maven boxes, the main one – they have different boxes to choose from and you get to see what is in the box you are picking! I like the idea of surprises but it is also nice to pick out your nail polish colours in advance. The only downfall, a girl can only have so much nail polish – at least this girl anyway.

You can also change to different boxes depending on your mood each month. You also get the option to skip month(s) if you need to. Pretty handy.

December Julep Maven It Girl
1 Cent Julep Maven Beauty Box - December It Girl Review

Kim – dark, gunmetal grey
Helena – ultra-saturated fuchsia
Chloe – charcoal base with a magenta sparkle
Top Coat
Green Glitter
2ml Age Defying Hand Brightener
2ml SPF 30 hand cream

I think this is possibly the best one cent I have ever spent!

Want your own box from Julep Maven? Join here and use promo code SHAREON to get your own box for 1 penny!

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