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McDonalds Free Small Coffee

From today, October 31 until Sunday, November 6 – McDonalds is giving away FREE small coffees all day long.

Sometimes you can pay a little extra (the difference) to get a medium or a large, but I am not sure how much or if they are doing that this time.


Edit 11/01 – got a large coffee today and it cost me 45 cents so they are just charging the price difference in the sizes.

Free Sample Organization

I was looking for something under the bathroom sink today when a bunch of free samples came spilling out onto the floor. I decided maybe I should try tiding them up a bit. By the time the day was over I had gone to the dollar store and picked up some cute little purple baskets to organize them in – but here was the start of organizing my mess:

free samples

Most of the free samples came from the brandSAMPLER packages – I have been collecting them for the past year or so. They seem to have them every few months.

Onto my favourtie freebies – RAZORS! I love free razors.

free razors

These came from various places. If I happen to see more I will be sure to post the link on the site.

It was nice to get this stuff cleaned up. Got some free space under my bathroom sinks – not so scary to open anymore.

Some Sunday [Not So] Fun Couponing

Let me start this by saying I already hate the Real Canadian Superstore for many reasons and today’s experience was just the cherry on top of the icing on the cake. This was actually only my third trip in the store in at least the past year.

I went into Superstore just because I knew they had coupons. I noticed that a lot of their coupons are in store only. After quick Google search I read on that Superstore does not allow coupon stacking – but you can combine an in store coupon with a manufacturer coupon according to the site. I thought I would try one before getting too carried away. Superstore had some different in store Dove coupons and I have a couple different manufacturers coupons from tear pads.

All Dove products were $2.99. They had a in store coupon for $1.50 off a Dove hair product and I had another for $2.00 off any 2 products – making it $0.49 plus tax each. I went up to the till with my two bottles of shampoo and the girl didn’t even think twice. She rang it all in and I paid $1.34 for the two bottoms of shampoo.

I thought it was pretty awesome, so I went back and got two more bottles of shampoo, two men’s body wash and two men’s deodorant. The bottles of shampoo should of been the same 49 cents while the men’s products would of been 99 cents. Went back to the till to find huge lines everywhere. When I finally got up to the till I put my products down and handed her the coupons. She immediately flipped them over and goes you can’t do this, this says “one coupon per person.” I tried to explain that they were all different and some were in store and others were not. She said it didn’t matter – I could only use one coupon and I couldn’t combine them. I politely told her I didn’t want the items and that I would shop at a store that would accept my coupons. She really didn’t seem overly impressed with me – almost like she was juding me for trying to use some coupons. Honestly, why should I pay $2.99 when I only need to spend 99 cents? That is a savings of $12.00 on six items.

I have enough other coupons that I can still get the men’s products for 99 cents at Save on Foods. They also happen to have the Dove products on for $2.99 – I just can’t get the regular Dove products or the 49 cent shampoo. Maybe I am not extreme enough, but saving that extra little bit is not worth fighting with the people on the till. Or standing in HUGE line ups only to be rejected.

After Superstore I went over to Walmart and used some Hanes coupons on some clearance products. At first she didn’t want to accept my coupons either saying they didn’t accept photocopies. I told her they were printed off the website – after talking with someone she decide she could them.

Today’s purchases:

dove shampoo

2x Dove Shampoo $2.99 – 2 x $1.50 in store coupon & $2 off 2 products = $0.49 each

Subtotal: $0.98
Tax: $0.36
Total: $1.34
Saved: $5.00
79% Savings

2 x Hanes ribbed tanktops $5.00 – 2 x $3.00 coupon = $2.00 each
1 x Hanes 2 pack boyshorts $5.00 – 1 x $3.00 coupon = $2.00

Subtotal: $5.00
Tax: $1.80
Total: $7.80
Saved: $9.00
54% Savings

Not a bad day.

Kraft Samplicious Package

This seems like a lot of fun to me, you pay $9.99 + tax for shipping (my total was $11.14) and Kraft sends you a box of 15 new products to try (plus a magazine). Works out to $0.74 a product – not including the What’s Cooking Magazine.

The box will contain 12 products and 3 coupons to get the refrigerated products from your local stores.

Get your sample box here!

What’s Included:
Chips Ahoy! Middles – Chocolate Chip
Chips Ahoy! Middles – Double Chocolate
Triscuit Thin Crisps – Cheddar & Fine Herb
Triscuit Thin Crisps – Applewood Smoked Barbecue
Kraft Dinner Smart Mac & Cheese – Fibre
Wheat Thins Stix – Pizza
Trident Splash – Grape with Orange
Trident Layers – Peppermint + Spearmint
Trident Layers – Cool Mint + Melon Fresco
Trident White – Wintergreen
Trident Hydramint
Trident Hydracitrus
aMOOza! Twists cheese (coupon) – Mozzarella-Cheddar
Philadelphia Dill Cream Cheese (coupon) – Dill
Pure Kraft Salad Dressings (coupon) – Ranch or Caesar
What’s Cooking Magazine

Really looking forward to receiving mine!

Coupons and Freebies

My first day with a blog and I already have some cool things to post. Well they are cool for me.

Today during our lunch break my friend/coworker and I walked down to the local Shoppers Drug Mart to browse. While down there we manged to find a couple decent deals to try out our newb couponing skills.

I have only tried my hand in couponing two or three other times – so this really is new to me. I am not really interested in building a stock pile and taking up half my house with stuff I will never use all of. If there is a good deal and it is something we use I might buy a few (guess it depends how long said item lasts) – but I don’t want to store and move this stuff around for the rest of my life. Stuff will always go on sale and there will always be coupons – I really don’t need to fill my house with enough supplies to open a store.

On to today’s find:

1 x U by Kotex Tampons (18’s) @ $2.99 – $1.50 coupon = $1.49
1 x U by Kotex Liners (18’s – trial size) @ 1.99 – $1.50 coupon = $0.49
1 x L’Oréal Studio Hair Paste @ 2.99 – $2.00 coupon from tear pads = $0.99

Subtotal: $2.97
Tax: $0.61
Total: $3.57
Saved: $7.00
66% Savings

I never in all my life would of though I would one day upload a photo of feminine hygiene products on the internet. Kinda weird.

When I came home from work today I had TWO freebies waiting for me. Two incredibly AWESOME freebies might I add. This doesn’t happy often or ever, especially like this. Perfect timing for the new blog. Super excited to try these out.

La Roche-Posay Toleriane Ultra 40ml
Tassimo Gevalia Dark House Blend T DISCs (12)

Both of these products came from Facebook offers. The La Roche-Posay Toleriane Ultra came from their Facebook page – you had to tell them about your sensitive skin and they picked 1000 people to receive the product.

As for the Tassimo Gevalia Dark House Blend T DISCs – you simply had to be the first of so many people to like their Facebook page (and fill out the form) to receive the T DISCs. Pretty sweet – I was expecting one to try not a full package of 12! Super awesome and packaged so nicely.

Looking forward to trying both of these products out!

Lets Do THIS!

I bought this domain name – (incase there was any confusion) – back in 2007. I finally started it as a blog a year after that in 2007. I posted a dozen or so times ending sometime in 2009. I do this every time, I start a blog and give up shortly after. For over two years this website has sat here and collected internet dust. Until now that is…

I am bring back! At least I am going to attempt to anyway.

I did turn off all my old posts except for one. That one post is a hit in google and has over 300 comments. I figured I would leave for those that need to find it. Basically I put contact lens solution in eye, it burned like… well it burned really bad and I blogged about it. Other people make the same mistake, google and find my post. But really, is putting contact lens solution in your eye really a mistake? Seems like the a logical idea to me… anyway enough about that. Read the post for yourself and the comments if you are interested.

So what is this blog going to be… It is going to be more geared towards a personal blog. Though at this point I hope not too personal. I don’t really think the whole world needs to know about the intimate details of my life and if they do I feel this is neither the time nor the place. Although I am sure you will hear plenty of my antics and the stupid things I mange to do on an almost daily basis (at least weekly).

Maybe a random blog is a better description? Random not-too personal blog? A friend and I have recently started trying to learn to coupon (or attempting to) – IN CANADA – there are lots of sites out there to help people so I don’t plan to do that (it is nothing like in the US). But I do plan to share any cool deals I find (I LOVE deals), purchase I make, cool finds – random stuff and whatever I feel like. Cool websites, good food, neat products, nerdy stuff.. Who knows really. I can be pretty random half of the time and can’t seem to keep a blog updated for the life of me so we will see how this goes.

A bit about me… well I am 26 (as of right now) – I live in beautiful British Columbia, Canada – I love my 5 year old Boston Terrier with all my heart. I have a wonderful fiancé [recently and it was a TOTAL surprise]. I like to cook, eat, shop and everything in between. I am a “web designer” – I use that term loosely but it best describes what I do, even though it isn’t really what I do. More of a “web coder” who kind of knows how to make graphics – but that just sounds complicated and confusing. I am a geek – nerd – whatever you want to call me. I love most technology. I twitter too often and take too many photos. I love computers – comes with the job. I obviously love to ramble on [get used to it]. If you can’t tell from all the pink – I am a girl, if that matters to anyone.