Daily Archives: November 2, 2011

Always Print Your Coupons & Have Them With You

Especially if you know there is a good deal or even a *free* item involved.

I knew about the potential good deal and I wanted it but I didn’t want to print the coupons off and waste paper/ink/money if our store didn’t carry the product. While in the store I found the product, there were about 20 of them – the next day I printed off my coupons – went back and they were ALL gone. Someone else beat it to it.

Lesson learned, always print my coupons off (and have them with me).

On the flip side of the coin though, now I have printed off the coupon and if they don’t get more I have wasted paper and ink. I hate wasting paper and ink – it is so expensive.

New brandSAVER Coupons – $159+

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Note – brandSAVER coupons can not be stacked.

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