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Success: FREE Scrubbing Bubbles and Cheap Schick Quattro

Third time is the charm. I have tried to do this stack three times now and finally had some luck. I guess this was actually my fourth time – I had two stacks of coupons to get two free Scrubbing Bubbles 1 Step Toilet Kit. The first time went great – they took $10 off the $9.98 price – no problems or questions asked.

Trying to get my second free one is when things went downhill. First try, I went to a different Save on Foods and was told they don’t stack. Second try, I was back in the Save On Foods where I got the first, I was told I couldn’t use my coupons because my coupon value exceeded the price of the product.

Today I was back in the same Save on Foods where I got the first one and was turned away because my coupon value was too high. Today they took my coupons, didn’t say a word and price adjusted it down 2 cents. Still find it so weird how every cashier is so different. One took them and gave me the full $10, one wouldn’t take them and told me they couldn’t get adjusted and the third adjusted them down to $9.98. All in the same store.

Anyway, I have my Scrubbing Bubbles now and I can stop looking and trying. Also, on sale I found a pretty cheap Schick Quattro for Women TrimStyle – thought I would try it out! This is the shaver I normally use, so I already have the blades. Figure it can’t hurt.

FREE Scrubbing Bubbles and Cheap Schick Quattro TrimStyle

Save on Foods
1 x Scrubbing Bubbles 1 Step Toilet Kit $9.98 – 2 x different $5.00 from inserts (price adjusted to $9.98) = FREE
1 x Schick Quattro for Women TrimStyle $12.99 – $8 Save on More Card Price = $4.99

Subtotal: $4.99
Tax: $1.80
Total: 6.79
Saved: $17.98
73% Savings

Bath and Body Works Free Gift With Home Fragrance Purchase

Busy day today! Have a few posts to make but first I am going to start with Bath and Body works since it was my first stop of the morning.

I LOVE Bath and Body Works – even love isn’t a strong enough word for how much I enjoy their products. Pretty much all the employees recognize me when I walk in the door. I had to go for the free gift – I picked up some Christmas gifts while I was there so it was okay. ;) Christmas gifts and a free gift for me? Something like that.

This offer was today only from 10am-3pm – you got the free gift with any home fragrance purchase.

The gift:
Bath and Body Works Free Gift
Bath and Body Works tote tote, Wallflower Nightlight Starter, Single Bulb and Scentportable!

Pretty excited. Some good stocking stuffers or for me…

After Bath and Body Works we went to Costco, just for the regular food and stuff but scored a free roll of toilet paper sample – pretty awesome right? Who doesn’t love free toilet paper?