Coupon Stacking at London Drugs: Cheap Sunlight, Finish and Green Works

When I saw this weeks London Drugs flyer with both Sunlight and Green Works on sale I knew I had to go there on Friday and pick some up. Okay, so I REALLY didn’t need laundry soap but I had some coupon stacks to use and I hoping to win more. Out of the 4 bottles I bought I won two FREE Sunlight laundry soap – and the other 2 (and the two I bought before) “won” $8.00 off Disney Lion King on blu ray – a little depressing that I won that 4 times – really Sunlight? The thing is, it is not really a win – Disney emailed me this coupon when it was released, the expiry date was not as long but still.

Coupon Stacking at London Drugs: Cheap Sunlight, Finish and Green Works

4 x Sunlight Laundry Soap $4.99 – 4 x $1.50 insert coupon & 4 x $1.00 printable coupon (no longer available) = $2.49 each
3 x Green Works Toilet Cleaner 2 @ $2.50 and 1 @ $2.69 – $3.00 WUB3 & $1.00 printable = 2 @ $0.50 & 1 @ $0.69
1 x Finish Quantum Tabs 20 count $7.99 – $7.00 in various Smart Source insert coupons = $0.99

Subtotal: $12.64
Tax: $4.28
Total: $16.92
Saved: $23.00
58% Coupon Savings

Really with the 4 bottles I bought for $9.96 (before tax), I won 2 – making them $1.66 (before tax) a bottle – assuming I get my FPC’s in the mail at some point. :)

I was hoping the finish would go on sale before the end of the month but with it being Christmas I don’t have time to keep paying attention and checking. I do have another stack to use but London Drugs only have on in stock so I will have to go back anyway.

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