First time with overage

Today was awesome. I got some great prices on things and met up with a fellow couponer that I found online. She was AMAZING. She gave me some coupons I had been looking for and many more that will get me some great free products with stacking.

I was in Walmart and they had the trial L’Oreal Man Expert shaving cream that I had been looking for! I also bought another pack of Scrubbing Bubbles to use my overage from the shaving cream. My first time with overage, so exciting! I also didn’t think I would get any more coupons – but I did. Too late now, will have to use them for more. ;)

The lady in Walmart really didn’t like the coupon but after talking with 6 people she took it. The manager said “It’s a coupon, take it and put it in your drawer.” Then she was all in a huff about it not fitting in her drawer. I don’t understand the deal with the cashiers being so bitter about coupons but she took it in the end so I was happy.

scrubbing bubbles, dawn, old spice, loreal man expert shaving cream

5 x L’Oreal Man Expert Shaving Cream (trial size) $1.96 – 5 x $3.00 off printable coupon = FREE + overage -$5.20
1 x Scrubbing Bubble Bath Power Sprayer with a BONUS refill $6.00 (buying for overage) = +$0.80

Subtotal: $0.80
Tax: $1.90
Total: $2.70
Saved: $15.00
85% Savings

Save On Foods
4 x Old Spice Deodorant 65g 2 for $4 – 2 x $3.00 off WUB2 from PG insert = $0.99 each
4 x Dawn Hawaiian Pineapple Dish Soap 304ML $0.74 – 2 x $1.00 off WUB2 from PG insert = $0.24 each

Subtotal: $2.96
Tax: $1.32
Total: $4.28
Saved: $8.00
65% savings

The Dawn Hawaiian Pineapple Dish Soap smells amazing if anyone is wondering.

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