Free Dove, Cheap Glade, Christmas Tags and L’Oréal

Was ready for work pretty early this morning so decided to go into Superstore before it got crazy. Was looking for the $1 Dove deodorant and cheap Glade products to use up my coupons that expire tomorrow. The Glade wasn’t as cheap as I would of hoped but I picked it up anyway. Also scored some L’Oreal Collagen Remodeler (day) for $2.99, wish there had of been more than one for that price. And some cute Christmas tags for 75% off.

Free Dove, Cheap Glade, Christmas Tags and L'Oréal

2 x Christmas Tags $2.00 – 75% off = $0.44 each
1 x Christmas Tag $3.00 – 75% off = $0.74
2 x Glade Holiday Candle 4 Pack $5.44 – 2 x $2.00 coupon = $3.44
1 x Dove Deodorant $1.00 – $2.00 WUB2 different dove products = FREE
1 x Dove Soap 2x90g $1.49 – scanned at $2.89 (SCOP) = FREE
1 x L’Oreal Collagen Remodeler Day $2.99 – regular $19.99 = $2.99

Subtotal: $10.49
Tax: $2.28
Total: $12.77
Saved: $29.61
($6.00 in coupons)
70% Savings

Pretty good shop I think! Not really sure about their math on the Christmas tags – seems to be a bit more then 75% off, not going to complain though since it worked in my favour. :)

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