Free Dove, Cheap OB Tampons, Oasis Juice & Duracell Rechargeable Batteries

Got some pretty good shopping trips in this weekend. Went into Shoppers Drug Mart to get a couple things and use some coupons. Both things I went in for had the sale tags on the wrong items. Whoever did the pricing must of been half asleep! Not that I am complaining, I got even better deals!

SDM had Duracell Mini Recharges on sale for $6.88 and I had a $5 coupon from P&G – but when we I went to get them they had put the sale on tag on the regular charger that recharges 4 batteries at a time! SCORE, I no longer need to use two outlets to charge my keyboard batteries – even better, they came with 4 batteries for $1.88 plus tax! The ones in the charger are the black tops – the white tops are better, but I don’t care for the price. So excited, I was even able to get two! I also went to pick up some of the OB tampons for $1.99 and they had marked the 40 boxes for $1.99 – it was supposed to be the 18’s. I bought two but couldn’t use my coupon because they were on sale (coupon says regular price). Price was still awesome. Maybe I should of got more then 2 boxes…

I was really impressed with Shoppers Drug Mart for honouring their errors. They did have to confirm the stickers on the products and they did admit their error – because they tagged the wrong items I could not SCOP (scanning code of practice), but I could have it for the price listed. They also removed the tags from the shelves after me. I don’t know if they had to honour the price errors but they did and it make it super happy – even if I had to wait a bit. :)

Free Dove, Cheap OB Tampons, Oasis Juice & Duracell Rechargeable Batteries

Paid $20.22 after tax - Saved $117.13

Shoppers Drug Mart
2 x OB Tampons 40’s $1.99
2 x Duracell Charger $6.88 – $5.00 from P&G = $1.88 each
1 x Duracell AA rechargeable batteries $6.88 – $3.00 from P&G = $3.88

Subotal: $11.62
Tax: $2.68
Total: $14.30
Saved: $85.33
$13.00 in coupons and $72.33 for shopping sale price
85% savings

Save on Foods
2 x Oasis Juice $1.00 – $0.75 coupon from Canadian Blood Services Booklet = $0.25 each
4 X Knorr Lipton Sidekicks $1.00 – B3G1 from tear pad = $0.75 each
1 x Dove Nourishing Oil Shampoo – 1 x $2.00 coupon + $2.00 WUB2 = FREE
1 x Dove Nourishing Oil Conditioner – 1 x $2.00 coupon + $2.00 WUB2 = FREE
2x Dove Shampoo $2.99 – 2 x $1.50 from tear pad + $2.00 WUB2 = $0.49 each

Subtotal: $4.48
Tax: $1.44
Total: $5.92
Saved: $31.80
$13.50 in coupons $18.30 sale prices
84% Savings

While I was in Save on Foods I also found Aylmer Accents Tomatoes on sale for $1.00 each (not in photo or price count) – was happy to see those, I didn’t have any coupons but I always miss out when Wal-Mart has them on for $1.00 – they always sell out right away. I also got buy one get one free frozen ribs! Was a good day and looking forward to making a nice dinner.

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