Free Scrubbing Bubbles. Free Fantastic. Free Aveeno. Free Listerine.

When I say free I did have to pay the tax. Although, I don’t think I paid the tax on some of the free things at London Drugs, tax seems a little low.

Had fun today with stacking at London Drugs. I mostly went to get a couple things for my dad but ended up some stuff for me too.

I got some Sunlight Laundry Soap with hopes of winning some more with the pin – got 2 x $8.00 off Disney Lion King Blu Ray instead, was a little disappointed. Least I didn’t buy more the two and it will make our clothes smell lemony fresh.

I did happen to find a Scrubbing Bubbles One Step Toilet Kit at Save on Foods – took a few different stores to find one. Hopefully I can find another before my coupons expire.

Free Scrubbing Bubbles. Free Fantastic. Free Aveeno. Free Listerine.

Save On Foods
1 x Scrubbing Bubbles 1 Step Toilet Kit $9.98 – 2 x different $5.00 from inserts = FREE

Subtotal: -$0.02
Tax: $1.20
Total: 1.18
Saved: $10.00
89% Savings

London Drugs
2 x Sunlight Laundry Soap $5.99 – 2 x $1.00 from insert and printable (no longer available) = 4.99 each
1 x Scrubbing Bubbles Soap Scum $2.99 – 1 x $1.00 from insert = $1.99
1 x Fantastic Cleaner $3.69 – 1 x free Fantastic WUB Scrubbing Bubbles from insert = FREE
2 x Aveeno Eczema Care Cream $7.99 – 2 x $3.00 WUB2 tear pad & 2 x $3.00 WUB2 printable & 2 x $2.00 WUB Eczema product printable = $2.99 each
1 x Aveeno Lip Care – Instant Relief Therapy $5.99 – in store coupon free WUB $10 Aveeno = FREE
2 x Listerine Whitening plus Restoring 946ml $9.99 – 2 x $5.00 tear pad (in stores now) & 2 x $5.00 printable = FREE

Subtotal: $13.26
Tax: $6.11
Total: $19.35
Saved: 43.68
69% Savings

I also went to Kernels and got my almost free small bag of popcorn. I had a free $5 digital coupon from a website a couple weeks ago (no longer available). Was 19 cents before tax and delicious.

I picked up some sale things in Bath and Body Works too – a few packs of $6 wallflowers (2 in a pack) and used a coupon to get a free snowflake wallflower nightlight holder. Loving the Cranberry Pear Bellini – it smells AMAZING!

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