Midnight Shopping: Free Olay Massaging Bar Soap

I got a call last night from someone who knows someone who knows someone (leaving it vague on purpose) that is looking for help this holiday seasons. They were actually looking for used clothes but I thought hey – why not put together a stocking? I have only been couponing about two months but off the top of my head I thought of some things I had that could help make a really nice stocking – I also knew of some coupons and sales that could help too. I gathered some stuff up around the house and off I went to pick up my sister and we went midnight shopping! For serious, I didn’t get home until almost 1am.

We were able to get some more free Listening Whitening, free trial size LaCoupe and a couple other small things to add to the bag of stuff I had for them. I think I put together a really nice stocking and it was really nice to know that I am helping someone else. I LOVE my stocking and hope it brings as much joy to his person as it did me putting it together for them. I am sure it will.

I didn’t take any photos or anything of the stuff I picked up for them. BUT – while we were out we went to Superstore – it was almost bare-able at 12am. Here I found Olay Massaging Bar Soap on sale for $1.49 – PERFECT to use up my $2.00 off coupons from BrandSaver. They even gave me the overage! Awesome sauce.

Free Olay Massaging Bar Soap

2 x Luscious Embrace Olay Massaging Bar Soap $1.49 – $2.00 from BrandSaver.ca (no longer available) = FREE ($-0.51 each)
1 x Silk Whimsy Olay Massaging Bar Soap $1.49 – $2.00 from BrandSaver.ca (no longer available) = FREE ($-0.51)
1 x Purell Hand Sanitizer $3.99 – $1.00 from insert = $2.99

Subtotal: $1.46
Tax: $1.02
Total: $2.46
Saved: $7.00
74% Coupon Savings

The only thing that sucks, if we had of gone through the till not even 30 minutes earlier we would of saved the tax! All well, still a great deal on the bar soaps.

It was a great night, even if I was out super late. Was really nice to know I was helping someone in need. And getting free soap was a plus. PS: It smells AMAZING, can’t wait to try it out.

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