Super Cheap Oral B ProfessionalCare 5500

Found these on clearance at Shoppers Drug Mart – they had a few different ones, some higher end ones for $10 more but I just wanted them for the heads. I already have the toothbrushes and it worked out cheaper to buy heads this way because of the $10 off coupon.

Super Cheap Oral B ProfessionalCare 5500
Paid $30.40 after tax for the 2, regular $89.99 each before tax.

2 x Oral B ProfessionalCare 5500 $22.50 – 2 x $10.00 coupons = $12.50 each

Subtotal: $25.00
Tax: $5.40
Total: $30.40
Saved: $154.98
($20.00 in coupons, $134.98 in sale price)
84% Total Savings, 40% Coupon Savings

I had a few different coupons, some were from inserts and one came with a PG Sampler pack I think. My Mom used one of my other coupons and got herself a toothbrush too :)

Between the two I got 6 toothbrush heads for $30.40 after tax. The cheapest these are normally is $37.99 for 7 at Costco before tax. Or $19.99 (before tax) for 3 at Walmart. Shopper Drugs Mart sells 3 heads for $30! OUCH!

Anyway, really happy with this deal – was in need of the toothbrush heads badly!

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