Sweet Scrubbing Bubbles Walmart Find

Seriously way to excited about last night’s find at Walmart.

They had packs of Scrubbing Bubble Bath Power Sprayer with a BONUS refill for $6.00. The refill is the same size as a regular one it just doesn’t have the spray piece. Funny because the one regular one on it’s own was over $8.00. Anyway the two bottles were $6.00 but I had a coupon from last weeks SmartSource insert to save $5.00 off the Scrubbing Bubbles Bath Power Sprayer Starter! To make it even better some REALLY NICE person left behind their coupon they were not going to use. So I was able to get TWO packages for only $1.00 each. I was so excited. It kinda makes up for not getting my paper with the inserts – thankfully my Mom saved me hers.

I also picked up a bottle of Franks hot sauce and used my $1.00 off webSaver coupon (no longer available). It wasn’t any awesome price or anything but I love Franks so saving $1 is better then nothing. I wish Costco would bring it back, so much cheaper that way.

2 x Scrubbing Bubble Bath Power Sprayer with a BONUS refill $6.00 – $5.00 from SmartSource insert = $1.00 each
1 x Franks Red Hot Sauce $5.97 – $1.00 from webSaver (no longer available) = $4.97

Subtotal: $6.97
Tax: $1.44
Total: $8.41
Saved: $11.00
57% Savings

After tax each bottle of Scrubbing Bubbles cost me only 86 cents! My current bottle is almost empty so this was perfect timing.

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