Daily Archives: January 9, 2012

$0.50 Superstore Finds

Did pretty good at Superstore tonight – kinda sorta starting to see the appeal of Superstore to so many people. I might have to go a few more times this week and see if they add anything else! They had two bins with some stuff for 50 cents, I found a few things that appealed to me.

$0.50 Superstore Finds
$2.80 after tax!

2 x L’OrĂ©al Ombrelle Sport SPF 30 Clear Gel = $0.50 each
1 x Garnier Pure SOS Anti-Blemish Spot Pen = $0.50
1 x Revlon Expert Nail Groomer = $0.50
1 x Goody SoFinished Pillow Soft Rollers 20 pack = $0.50

Subtotal: $2.50
Tax: $0.30
Total: $2.80

I am not totally sure how much I saved, but after Googling and doing some rough math it looks like I saved approximately $50-$60. Looks like some of the stuff isn`t made anymore but the sunscreen alone used to go for around $18 a bottle.

Part of me thinks I should of got another bottle of two of sunscreen but the sane part of me says I won`t use more than two bottles before they expire anyway – they have a good date, but we really don`t use much sunscreen.

I also scored a two pack of king size pillows at HomeSense for $13 before tax – they look pretty nice and you can`t beat the price. It`s hard enough to find a single decent king size pillow for $13 – looking forward to trying them out tonight! Was super excited when I found them as I have been looking for pillows without spending a lot.

I also found this cute Scotch PINK high heel tape dispenser! Thought it might come in handy as I had to tape mine together while wrapping Christmas presents this past Christmas.
Scotch PINK high heel tape dispenser

Dove Visiblecare Body Wash $0.97

Picked these up at Superstore last night. I have a few body washes already so I didn’t really need more but thought I would pick up two to give them a try. I figure there will be cheap body wash again, no need to get carried away.

Dove Visiblecare Body Wash $0.97

1 x Dove Visiblecare Softening Creme Body Wash 300ml $2.97 – $2.00 coupon zone coupon = $0.97
1 x Dove Visiblecare Renewing Creme Body Wash 300ml $2.97 – $2.00 coupon zone coupon = $0.97

Subtotal: $1.94
Tax: $0.23
Total: $2.17
Saved: $4.00
65% Coupon Savings

There is also a manufacturer coupon available at Shoppers Drug Mart. Some Superstores will allow you to stack the two together but ours doesn’t so I didn’t even try. Walmart also has the Dove Visiblecare Body Wash on for $2.97 and you could use the coupon from SDM. But, the benefit of buying at Superstore, with a coupon zone coupon, is that you only pay tax on $0.97 and not $2.97 like you would at Walmart.

Bath and Body Works – Hello, Yellow! Sale – up to 75% off

I love Bath and Body Works. I have already shopped this sale a few times, just haven’t made a post about it yet. My store even has some stuff 90% off, my friend score me some awesome 90% off Wallflowers last week – Island Margarita flavour! Can’t wait to get those plugged in – after that I decided I better make a trip for myself.

I actually came out of there pretty good, less then $6! I mean pretty good in that I didn’t get too much money.

Bath and Body Works - Hello, Yellow! Sale - up to 75% off

1 x Nightlight Wallflower $7.50 – 75% off = $1.88
2 x Scentportable Refill Caribbean Escape (2 pack)7.00 – 75% off = $1.75

PLUS I saved another 10% after that for re-using my Hello, Yellow! Sale bag from the start of the sale (boxing day).

Subtotal: $4.63
Tax: $0.58
Total: $5.41
Saved: $16.67
75% Savings