Daily Archives: February 26, 2012

Sunday Shoppers Drug Mart Shopping Trip

I have been waiting for Shoppers Drug Mart to put the Duracell Rechargeable batteries on sale – we need AAA’s for our Lightsabers… yes, our Lightsabers! haha

Finally they are on sale again today and tomorrow. I thought about getting them yesterday and spending the extra money for 20x the points but decided it wasn’t worth it, as it was I had to go to two different Shoppers to get the 3 packs I needed. So I might of just been buying stuff yesterday just to get my $50 – seems kind of pointless to me.

Shoppers Drug Mart Deals: Duracell, Marcelle, Schick, Alberto, Crispers

3 x Duracell Rechargeable Batteries $7.99 – $3.00 P&G insert coupon = $4.99 each
1 x Marcelle BB Cream $17.99 – $2.00 Facebook coupon = $15.99
1 x Crispers Crackers Barbeque Flavour $2.00 – on sale = $2.00
1 x Schick Quattro Titanium Razor $4.50 – on clearance = $4.50
1 x Alberto Extreme Style mattWax $2.69 – $2.00 Windfall Wednesday Facebook Coupon = $0.69

Subtotal: $38.15
Taxes: $6.14
Total: $44.29
Saved: $69.74
($56.74 in sale prices & $13.00 in coupons)
61% Savings

I did pretty well today I think.

I also picked up some Marcelle BB Cream. I really love the one they sent me for free from their Facebook page so I decided to take advantage of the sale and my coupon. Pretty sure this is a product I will be using daily for a while. It is really nice.

We really don’t need anymore razors but I had to take advantage of this one – after all the blades I bought a few weeks ago I figure a spare handle might be a good idea. I seem to have bad luck with the Schick Quattro handles – one broke in my hand once into like 5 pieces. And I accidentally threw another one in the garbage… so I figured a spare one wouldn’t hurt. :D

My Alberto coupons from Windfall Wednesday expire next week so thought I would take advantage of the clearance price on the hair wax.

Pretty sure I did enough shopping this weekend to last me the rest of the week. I am shopped out!

Free L’OCCITANE en Provence Shea Butter Hand Cream

L’OCCITANE en Provence had an offer on their Facebook – for every sign up to their website you got a free hand cream valued at $6. If they reached 6,000 subscribers they would upgrade you to the bigger hand cream valued at $12. They reached 39,000!

The catch was you had to pick up your hand cream in store and we don’t have a store locally.

The hand cream is pretty nice – it is a little thick but absorbs pretty well. It has a pretty nice smell to it too and leaves your hands soft. I am such a hand cream addict, a girl can never have too many. This one is a bit pricey, but a good hand cream can be worth it. The downfall is, there is no where for me to buy this locally if I wanted to.

So yesterday a friend and I drove an hour and half to pick ours up! It was a fun day.

The L’OCCITANE en Provence store was nice – I have been in one before but never really checked it out. It looks like they have some really nice products – bit pricey though. They also loaded the three of us up with some free samples on top of our free hand cream.

Free L'OCCITANE en Provence Shea Butter Hand Cream

Free L’OCCITANE en Provence Shea Butter Mini Hand Cream 30ml
L’OCCITANE en Provence Samples:
Aromachologie Soothing Shampoo 8ml
Aromachologie Soothing Conditioner 8ml
Aromachologie Repairing Shampoo 8ml
Aromachologie Repairing Conditioner 8ml
Almond Milk Concentrate 8ml
Immortelle Eye Balm 1ml
Essential Water for the Face 2ml
Precious Fluid 1ml

While we were there we hit up Old Navy since we don’t have one (yet) – I picked up a couple things. There wasn’t that many great deals, but I found a couple items I liked. I don’t normally pay full price there but I did have a 20% off coupon so it wasn’t too bad. And I really liked what I found – a neon orange t-shirt, woo! We also got to see another one of my really good friends. Had a delicious lunch at Red Robin and hit up American Eagle where I found some $15 jeans. We don’t have any of these places in our town so it was a really fun day. We got lots of walking in too (over 15,000 steps and 35 flights of stairs according to my FitBit).

Great day!

Mail: FREE Nailene and FREE Fing’rs

One really exciting thing came in the mail this week… a package full of Nailene and Fing’rs products!

At the beginning of Decemgber Fing’rs had an offer on their website, you had to fill out their survey and they would send the first 500 people a package of products.

I was starting to think this would never come – some people got their packages over a month ago – but mine finally showed up this week!

Mail: FREE Nailene and FREE Fing'rs

Nailene French2Go Pen
Nailene French Finish Glue On Nails
Fing’rs 3D Nail & Toe Art Stickers
Fing’rs Cali Girl Dual Tip Polish

The only other thing that came this week was my coupon for a free box of Maple and Brown Sugar Quaker Oatmeal – my favourtie! YUM!