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May 2012 Luxe Box Review

Happy that this box made it in time this month. I am not sure how much longer I will continue with my Loose Button Luxe Box’s. The May box was actually really good – but I am just not a huge fan of their customer service anymore. I find it disappointing that they ship so late. They don’t give any updates on their Facebook and they turned their wall off. According to the member area all boxes were supposed to ship by the 25th, but my friend’s didn’t ship until the 28th. I just feel like Loose Button is starting to go downhill – much like Glymm did.

But the May box was really good and totally worth it. I did see a lot of other reviews were people got a hot pink Essie nail polish – I was really hoping for that because it looks amazing – I might have to go pick one up!

There were two boxes this month, a regular Luxe Box and a Bath and Body Box. Similar to the Janaury box.

May 2012 Luxe Box Review

CARGO lip Gloss Quad full size $25
Kerastase Masque Chroma Riche 30 ml (full size 200 ml $57)
Philosophy Purity Made Simple 30 ml (full size 237 ml $28)
Taylor Swift Wonderstuck 10 ml (full size 50 ml $63)
Amazing Grace Eau De Parfum 1.5 ml (full size 60 ml $65)

In the Bath and Body box:
Olay Regenerist Wrinkle Revolution Complex 7 ml
Gillette Venus & Olay Razor and Five-Blade Cartridge

More perfume. *sigh* I was at least happy to see another roll on one, really like this style of perfume sample. Not overly crazy about the smell – a little too strong and thick for my taste; I really like nice light and fresh scents. But more little tubes… seriously, I could open a perfume sample store! I don’t even know what to do with these anymore – a girl can only have so many and I probably have 10-15 now.

The CARGO lip Gloss Quad looks pretty awesome. I really am starting to get such a huge collection of lip glosses – guess a girl can never have too many though! At least not this girl, I have been obsessed with lip products for as long as I can remember.

CARGO lip Gloss Quad

Happy with the other items as well – some of this stuff might be handy to pack for the Honeymoon that we just booked to Mexico! I am terrible for using up these samples so hopefully I can put some to good use.

I figure the box to be worth $50+ – I am too tired to do the exact math. Pretty good I think. But my collection of samples really is getting too large – how does everyone else manage to use them all up?

There was also a promo code for $20 off a subscription but I don’t see myself using it. The promo code is loosebutton20 for anyone interested in ordering. It expires June 30, 2012.

Totally Tampax Tuesday Radiant Sample

Another Facebook freebie came this week! This week is off to a good start. I was starting to think this would never show up as I ordered it sometime back in March… to my surprise THREE showed up in the last two days. I did see a lot of people have been getting duplicates. :D

Totally Tampax Tuesday Radiant Sample

3 Unscented Radiant Liners
1 Always Radiant Scented Pad
2 Unscented Radiant Tampons
1 Carrying Case

The little carrying case is super cute!

April 2012 Loose Button Luxe Box

Finally – my last beauty box post and I am done catching up on my blog posts. phew. Now I just need to stay on top of these posts.

Another disappointing box for the month of April – not that it even came in April. I didn’t get my April Luxe Box until May 3.

I was able to get a pair of panties for my first in line item. I thought that was really neat – and they came fast, a few days before my Luxe Box even arrived. They were really cute too. I think the is a neat idea – might be a fun gift for someone.

April 2012 Loose Button Luxe Box

Panty By Post (single panty $12-$30)
Seche Ridge Filling Base Coat 3.6 ml (full size 15 ml $7)
BioSilk Silk Therapy 15 ml (full size 260 ml $55)
Pantene Pro-V Aqua Light Shampoo + Conditioner 50 ml each (full size 375 ml $6 each)

The panties totally made the box worth it but everything else was kind of meh. The Pantene Pro-V smells good – but not really a deluxe sample in my books. At least they actually got this sample right and gave us more then one use – but these are sometimes free in the P&G Brandsampler packs.

I am looking forwarding to trying the Seche Ridge Filling Base Coat – this will be handy for me. I don’t own a base coat and have been too cheap to buy one. With summer almost here it is toe nail painting season, I am sure this product will get some use.

I do love BioSilk Silk Therapy but I have a large bottle already. Not Loose Buttons fault though. I guess this box just felt a bit disappointing when I opened it because I had already got the panties so the box seemed kind of empty. Looking back now it actually wasn’t that bad.

If you are thinking about signing up for a Luxe Box by Loose Button I would love if you could use my link. I am still one sign up short from a free box.

April 2012 Glymm Beauty Box Review

This was my last Glymm Box and it was a bit disappointing and made me happy with my decision to cancel. Although, I did see posts of the May 2012 Glymm Box and it looked pretty awesome – might have to re-subscribe if Glymm continues to improve.

April 2012 Glymm Box

Free Your Mane Sulfate Free Hydrating Shampoo & Conditioner 7.4 ml each (full size 300 ml $16.00)
Atelier Cologne Orange Sanguine Fragrance (full size 30 ml $60)
Lucia Soap No.6 – Wild Ginger & Fresh Fig (full size 8 soaps $17.50)
Mai Couture Social Gloss in Flirtini full size 5 ml $28.00

More perfume samples – eh. It does smell good (like oranges!), but again – sick of perfume samples! Ditto for the silly shampoo and conditioner samples – like this little tiny bit is going to sell me a product. The soap is nice and cute but still it’s just a little bar of soap and can’t see how such a small bar is worth $2.00. The lip gloss is the only thing going for this box. It looks like a terrible pale cream colour but when you put it is just goes on kinda clear and looks nice. It feels okay – a little thick and sticky for my liking. It does feel and look like a high end product but it doesn’t WOW me – it is by far the best thing in the box though and I am sure I will use it.

There was also a card in the box to save $100 at – but it’s only valid on things close to $200 (hair extensions and styling tools). Not really worth it to me as I have never even heard of them before.

If you are looking to sign up to Glymm here is my referral link – you get 100 points for signing up with it (worth $10 in their store.)

FREE Glade Decor Scents

I am really not sure how long this deal is on for – there is a chance it might even be over tomorrow.

Glade Decor Scents are currently on sale for $2.00 at the Real Canadian Superstore. There is a coupon zone coupon out right now to save $2.00 on them and because it is a coupon zone coupon you don’t even have to pay the tax. Making them TOTALLY 100% FREE!

FREE Glade Decor Scents

Paid $0.00 - Saved $2.00 - 100% Savings

The shelf was totally empty at our Superstore today but I manged to find a few on the end cap. Happy hunting!

Loose Button March 2012 Luxe Box

This is seriously way too late and I haven’t even tried anything in this box yet. Terrible, I know. I really should probably just stop the subscriptions and stop signing up for more (yes I have signed up for more – I have a problem!)

So since this is so late, I really won’t go in to detail as I am just trying to play some blog catch up and want to share what I got for anyone looking.

Loose Button March 2012 Luxe Box

Cargo Glitter Top Coat (full size $18)
Cargo LashActivator Mascara (full size $35)
J.R Watkins Hand & Body Lotion in Lavender 29ml (full size 325ml $10)

Loose Button – MyScent
CK one Shock for Her 1.2ml (full size 50ml $45)
Vera Wang Lovestruck 1.2ml (full size 50ml $79)
Marc Jacobs OH, LOLA! 1.2ml (full size 50ml $79)

I am unsure of the value of this month’s box because I do not know if the Cargo products are full size / what the sizes are. But regardless I really loved this month’s box. I enjoy getting makeup to try – even if I haven’t try it yet. I do LOVE the smell of the lavender J.R Watkins Hand & Body Lotion – it reminds me of spa and I love the smell of lavender. Have a feeling I will really enjoy this lotion. Getting a little sick of all the perfume samples, seriously – what am I ever supposed to do with all these?

If you are thinking about signing up for a Luxe Box by Loose Button I would love if you could use my link. I am still one sign up short from a free box.

Spring 2012 Sample Source

I missed out on the last sample source because I thought it was fake! Boy did I feel foolish when I saw what everyone got. So I jumped all over it when they offered samples again.

Spring 2012 Sample Source

Sensodyne Toothbrush
Jergens Natural Glow (60ml)
John Freida Full Repair Shampoo (8.3ml)
John Frieda Full Repair Conditioner (8.3 ml)
Quaker Harvest Crunch Granola Bar (Cinnamon Apple Almond 35g)
Scrubbing Bubbles Colour Power Technology Free Product Coupon
Sunlight Oxi Action Dishwasher Power Pacs (2)

Pretty awesome for FREE!

Free Oatmeal, Glade and Nail Files

Really haven’t been in the blogging mood lately. Not a whole to blog about anyway but my brain is totally stuck on wedding. Here are a few things I picked up using free product coupons at Wal-Mart. I am trying to at least semi keep up with this blog – just in case someone out there is actually reading it. :D

Free Oatmeal, Glade and Nail Files

2 x Quaker Oatmeal Maple and Brown Sugar $3.37 – 2 x free product coupon = FREE
2 x Revlon Nail Files $1.77 – 2 x $2.00 tear pad coupon = FREE
2 x Glade Expressions Fragrance Mist $4.97 – 2 x free product coupon = FREE

Subtotal: $0.00
Tax: $0.00
Total: $1.63
Saved: $20.22
93% Coupon Savings

I have only tried the Glade Expressions Fragrance Mist once so far – I didn’t find it anything special but maybe I need to give it more of a chance. I was trying the Pineapple one – it just seemed like the scent disappeared almost right away.

Free Alberto and LaCoupe

More Shoppers Drug Mart $1 finds. The Alberto stuff has actually been sitting on the shelf for over a week but I just couldn’t get my hands on any of the current $1 off tear pad coupons. I looked in every store close to me and tear pad after tear pad had been emptied. After a week of looking I finally found some – where I least expected them (keeping this secret to myself) – I immediately rushed off to Shoppers Drug Mart to get my free Alberto products. When I got their I found out that they don’t put the clearance shelf out on the weekends, ‘doh! Thankfully there were back there on Monday though. (yes this post is a bit late)

Free Alberto and LaCoupe
Paid $1.08 – Saved $41.31 97% Savings

We are very well stocked in hair products after this last few trips to Shoppers Drug Mart. I just can’t say no when everything is only 12 cents each (tax!)

6 x Alberto European Extreme Style Surf Style Paste $1.00 – 6 x $1.00 off any Alberto European product tearpad = FREE
2 x Heat Protect Miracle Mist Heat Styler $1.00 – 6 x $1.00 off any Alberto European product tearpad = FREE
1 x LaCoupe Sleek Finish Cream Serum $1.00 – 1 x $2.00 off any LaCoupe Product printable (adjusted to $1.00) = FREE

FREE hair stuff - Alberta and LaCoupe