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Free Product Coupons FTW

Just incase you don’t know FTW means FOR THE WIN!

I had a stack of free product coupons that expire in the next two weeks so I went and used them all in one go. Or so I thought, when I got home I realized I had missed a couple that had recently come in the mail. OOPS. I think I might of also misplaced a couple or two. I really need to start using these coupons as soon as they come.

Free Product Coupons FTW

Paid tax $1.38 – Saved $44.22 – 97% Savings

I think most of these coupons probably came from Facebook offers but I really can’t remember.

1 x Scrubbing Bubbles Bathroom Cleaner
2 x Quaker Chocolate Chip Oatmeal
2 x Shirriff Mousse (Chocolate and Strawberry)
2 x Kashi Toasted Almond Cereal
2 x Swiss Classic Chocolate Bars
2 x Cadbury Peanut Butter Pretzel Chocolate Bars
2 x Healthy Choice Frozen Meals
2 x Triscuit Cheese and Fine Herb Crackers


Here is the regular Procter and Gamble brandSAMPLER box. It was really stuffed full this time.


There was also lots of coupons. More of the same from Beauty and Grooming box and more of the same from my Luxe Boxes! hah I really love these brandSAMPLER boxes – lots of great samples. I like the Sebastian Potion 9 – it makes my hair feel nice and soft. I don’t really care for the Olay face cream that I now have 4 tubes of, it is gritty and kinda burns. Who wants to use gritty face cream?

May 2012 GLOSSYBOX Canada Review

This is the first Glossybox I have received and WOW. Really impressed with this one. So impressed I immediately cancelled my Loose Button Luxe Box subscription. Yes the box did come late – it came June 2. But it was totally worth the wait and filled with products I would use. 3 of the products were full size and two were large sample sizes. Best of all, no crappy perfume samples or shampoo packages. There was nothing in this box I could of got free (HELLO LOOSE BUTTON, I AM TALKING TO YOU!!) Very impressed!

Right away I noticed the packaging seemed much better then both the Luxe and Glymm boxes. The box felt more solid and study the ribbon thicker and nicer. Giving it a more high end feel.

May 2012 GLOSSYBOX Canada

The May 2012 GLOSSYBOX was PACKED full of awesome items.

May 2012 GLOSSYBOX Canada Review

Curel Foot Cream FULL SIZE 100ml $3.99
Simple Eye Makeup Remover 56ml (full size 125ml $9.00)
Simple Facial Wash Gel 50ml (full size 150ml $9.99)
Pandora’s MakeUp Box Lipstick FULL SIZE $16.00
Sebastian Professional Volupt Shampoo FULL SIZE 250 ml $15.78

I use everything that was in this box on a daily basis – happy to finally get a box full of items I will use. The lipstick was packaged very cutely, although – a little too cute for the price. The packaging seems more targeted at pre-teen girls, but what pre-teen spends $16.00 on a lipstick? I must say it smells very good, like vanilla. A nice change for a lipstick. I haven’t tried it yet though.

Pandora's MakeUp Box Lipstick

The GLOSSYBOX subscription is slightly more then the others at $15 a month (includes tax and shipping) – but with a value of $45 I say it is more then worth it. Some of my other boxes has been worth more but filled with items I wouldn’t necessarily use (like small tubes of mega expensive anti wrinkle cream). But all this will get put to use. Looking forward to my next GLOSSYBOX.

I was trying to get myself narrowed down to just one beauty box a month, but with TOPBOX starting next month I am not sure how that is going to be possible.