Daily Archives: July 24, 2012

FREE Fibre 1 day!

It is also free Nature Valley day but I choose the NEW Fibre 1 100 calories Chocolate, Caramel & Pretzel bars because well I love chocolate, caramel and pretzels! All three of my favourite things mixed together in a delicious 100 calorie bar. Well I hope they are delicious.

FREE Fibre 1 day!
Paid: $0.00 – Saved: $9.87 – 100% Savings

While getting my free Fibre 1 bars I thought I would check out the clearance section. I found a bottle of Visine for $1.39 of course I didn’t have my $2.00 off coupon with me but I figured that price was pretty good so I grabbed it anyway. When I went to pay it rang it at $2.80 so I was able to SCOP it. SCORE! I still got free Visine even though I didn’t have my coupon.

Hope everyone to remember to use their free Fibre 1/Nature Valley coupons today!

Last Luxe Box – June 2012

I started writing this post over two weeks ago – guess it is about time I finished it.

This is the last monthly Loose Button Luxe Box – June 2012. Starting in the fall Loose Button will start sending out quarterly boxes. I had actually already cancelled my Luxe Box subscription before I found this out and am happy I did. So on top of this being the last monthly Luxe Box it is also my last one.

Funny enough this was actually one of the better Luxe Boxes I have received. Not the best but pretty good. Three full size products and worth over $80 – the bonus mirror was a really nice touch. Almost everything in this box will be given away though – but I still thought it was a nice box. A girlfriend needed a top coat and I have lots. My little sister LOVES these nail polish strips and I don’t really have a use for $60 eye cream but it could make a good stocking stuffer for my Mom.

Anyway, I was impressed with this box but a little too late in my opinion. I am interested to see what the quarterly boxes will look like but I don’t really have a desire to subscribe to them.

Last Luxe Box - June 2012

– Olay Professional PRO-X Eye Restoration Complex full size 15mL $60
– OPI Top Coat full size 15mL $9.00
– Sally Hansen Salon Effects Real Nail Polish Strips full size 16 strips $10.00
– L’OrĂ©al Professionnel Mythic Oil 3mL (full size 125mL $24)
– BONUS: Olay Compact Mirror