Dove Visiblecare Body Wash $0.97

Picked these up at Superstore last night. I have a few body washes already so I didn’t really need more but thought I would pick up two to give them a try. I figure there will be cheap body wash again, no need to get carried away.

Dove Visiblecare Body Wash $0.97

1 x Dove Visiblecare Softening Creme Body Wash 300ml $2.97 – $2.00 coupon zone coupon = $0.97
1 x Dove Visiblecare Renewing Creme Body Wash 300ml $2.97 – $2.00 coupon zone coupon = $0.97

Subtotal: $1.94
Tax: $0.23
Total: $2.17
Saved: $4.00
65% Coupon Savings

There is also a manufacturer coupon available at Shoppers Drug Mart. Some Superstores will allow you to stack the two together but ours doesn’t so I didn’t even try. Walmart also has the Dove Visiblecare Body Wash on for $2.97 and you could use the coupon from SDM. But, the benefit of buying at Superstore, with a coupon zone coupon, is that you only pay tax on $0.97 and not $2.97 like you would at Walmart.

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