February Loose Button Luxe Box Review

I got my February Luxe Box on Monday and am really happy with it. I loved all the samples in it, especially the perfume – never thought I would say that.

Loose Button teamed up with Flare for this box – the box was complete with Flare issue paper. The box was also a nice limited edition red colour. Very fancy.

February Loose Button Luxe Box Review

Benefit Sun Beam 2.5ml (full size 13ml $30)
CK One Shock for Her 10ml (full size 50ml $45 & 100ml $65)
Dermalogica Daily Microfoliant 13g (full size 75g $72)
Redken Color Extend Shampoo and Conditioner (3 of each) 10ml each (full size 300ml shampoo $15 & 250ml conditioner $17)

I like the Benefit Sun Beam – it does give a nice glow but it wasn’t overly noticeable. Think I need to try it a few more times before I would decide if I was going to buy it. I really like the idea and sound of it though, could see myself buying it or something similar.

CK One Shock for Her – I really love this sample. I wouldn’t say it is my favourtie smelling perfume but it is really nice and it doesn’t seem to bother me. What I really love is the size and style of this sample. Really LOVE the roll on style perfume – awesome for keeping in my purse. It is also a really nice size at 10ml. I would totally pay for this product just like this – wonder if I will be able to find it in stores. I was pretty disappointed with the perfume in the last two boxes and was hoping there wouldn’t be anymore in this month’s – but I am surprised to say I think this is my favourite sample in the box. If I were to see more perfume samples in future boxes I really would like to see them like this one. Two thumbs up!

I have tried the Dermalogica Daily Microfoliant or Redken Color Extend Shampoo and Conditioner yet. I have heard really great things about the Dermalogica Daily Microfoliant – it is a dry product so I think it would be really handy for traveling. Same goes for the Redken Color Extend Shampoo and Conditioner – very nice for a weekend away. I am currently using Joico K-Pax Shampoo and Conditioner so no real need to rush to try this. I think it is fantastic that they included 3 packages rather then just one, gives you more of a chance to decide if you like it.

The value of this month’s box was a little over $30. :)

There was also a promo code in the box for $25 off $75 at DEALUXE – don’t see myself using this though.

Looking around I see some other people got different samples that looked pretty nice too but I am really happy with mine. All of them are something I wouldn’t of bought for myself and I am excited about all of them. I never would of thought to try a product like the Benefit Sun Beam – it is nice and fun to try something new.

My Luxe Box continues to amaze me and I really enjoy receiving it. I hope my February Glymm Box is here soon – will get that review up once it arrives.

If anyone is thinking about signing up for a Luxe Box by Loose Button I would love if you could use my link. I am one sign up short from a free box. :D

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