Free Alberto and LaCoupe

More Shoppers Drug Mart $1 finds. The Alberto stuff has actually been sitting on the shelf for over a week but I just couldn’t get my hands on any of the current $1 off tear pad coupons. I looked in every store close to me and tear pad after tear pad had been emptied. After a week of looking I finally found some – where I least expected them (keeping this secret to myself) – I immediately rushed off to Shoppers Drug Mart to get my free Alberto products. When I got their I found out that they don’t put the clearance shelf out on the weekends, ‘doh! Thankfully there were back there on Monday though. (yes this post is a bit late)

Free Alberto and LaCoupe
Paid $1.08 – Saved $41.31 97% Savings

We are very well stocked in hair products after this last few trips to Shoppers Drug Mart. I just can’t say no when everything is only 12 cents each (tax!)

6 x Alberto European Extreme Style Surf Style Paste $1.00 – 6 x $1.00 off any Alberto European product tearpad = FREE
2 x Heat Protect Miracle Mist Heat Styler $1.00 – 6 x $1.00 off any Alberto European product tearpad = FREE
1 x LaCoupe Sleek Finish Cream Serum $1.00 – 1 x $2.00 off any LaCoupe Product printable (adjusted to $1.00) = FREE

FREE hair stuff - Alberta and LaCoupe

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