Mail: FREE Nailene and FREE Fing’rs

One really exciting thing came in the mail this week… a package full of Nailene and Fing’rs products!

At the beginning of Decemgber Fing’rs had an offer on their website, you had to fill out their survey and they would send the first 500 people a package of products.

I was starting to think this would never come – some people got their packages over a month ago – but mine finally showed up this week!

Mail: FREE Nailene and FREE Fing'rs

Nailene French2Go Pen
Nailene French Finish Glue On Nails
Fing’rs 3D Nail & Toe Art Stickers
Fing’rs Cali Girl Dual Tip Polish

The only other thing that came this week was my coupon for a free box of Maple and Brown Sugar Quaker Oatmeal – my favourtie! YUM!

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