Monday Couponing: Advil, French’s, Catelli, Goody & Kotex

Another couponing trip! I think it is time to lay off the coupons… I have been slowing down but it is so hard to say no to a good deal. Like 25 cent mustard and 50 cent pasta!

Advil, French's, Catelli, Goody & Kotex
Paid $7.49 – Saved $17.13 – 70% Coupon Savings

4 x French’s Yellow Mustard 225ml $1.00 – 4 x $0.75 insert coupon = $0.25 each
1 x French’s Honey Mustard 325ml $1.97 – 1 x $0.75 insert coupon = $1.22
1 x Advil Nightime 10 count $3.97 – 1 x $2.00 printable = $1.97
4 x Catelli Healthy Harvest Macaroni $1.00 – 2 x save $1.00 WUB2 from = $0.50 each

Subtotal: $6.19
Tax: $0.48
Total: $6.67
Saved: $7.75 in coupons
54% Coupon Savings

1 x Goody Ouchless Elastics 14 pack $1.99 – 50% pink sticker = $0.99
2 x U By Kotex Liners Tin $1.54 – 2 x $1.50 insert coupon = $0.04 each
3 x U By Kotex Tampons Tin $1.54 – 3 x $1.50 insert coupon = $0.04 each

-$0.88 Superbucks
Subtotal: 0.31
Tax: 0.51
Total: $0.82
Saved: $9.38
($7.50 coupons / $0.88 Superbucks / $1.00 in store)
92% Savings

So I keep reading on about all the great deals people are finding at their local Walmarts. All kinds of awesome stuff for $1. I keep checking our Walmart but find nothing. Our store actually has a big clearance area right now because the store is renovating but there is still nothing good – as least nothing good with a good price. I keep reading about all these $1 deals, like Gillette Fusion ProGlide blades (4 pack) for $1! WOW! I would love to find some of those, my fiancĂ© loves those…

Anyway, so while in Walmart again last night I tried looking for some of these deals. Here is highlight, and about the cheapest thing I found. An OPEN Burt Bee’s Lip Balm for $2… GROSS! sells them brand new for $4.50. Also, there was a pack of black and white photo paper specially made for my photo printer… I have been watching the clearance price of these SAME pack of photo paper for over two years. No that is not a typo… OVER TWO YEARS (and the packaging looks it). I was utterly shocked last night that I noticed the clearance price has INCREASED over $5. No joke. This lone pack of photo paper has sat in the same place in Walmart for over two years and the price has increased. I honestly wonder if it is even good anymore because it has the built in ink. From the looks of things I don’t think my Walmart will ever these great $1 clearance deals. Obviously our Walmart sucks.

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