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Mom Tip #1 – Hand Soap

Hand soap.

bath and body works hand soap

It seems like such a simple thing but I seriously was not prepared for the amount of hand soap I would start going through once the baby arrived. I have always been a big hand washer or so I thought, but now I am washing my hands twice as much, scratch that, ten times as much. Seriously.

I have used more bottles of hand soap in the last three months then I have in the last year. Sometimes I find myself washing my hands two or three times in a row just to make sure my hands are clean; especially after handling something spicy or using diaper cream.

So my first tip is to stock up on hand soap. I recommend something moisturizing because your hands are going to be dry from all the washing and using hand lotion just makes me want to wash my hands all over again. I also recommend something lightly scented, I do not recommend the Bath and Body Works soap I have pictured (it is all I currently have to take a picture of). I find the BBW soap a little too strongly scented to be using with the baby, if I find it strong I imagine it is worse for baby.

Mom Tips

I have decided to share some things that I have learned and am learning about having a new baby. Things that have surprised me, things I didn’t even think about when I was pregnant. These posts will be titled ‘Mom Tip #’ – they will appear in no particular order, I will just be blogging about them as I think of them. I hope that some of these tips will help other new moms or soon to be moms out there.