Time for a fresh blogging start

This blog is about to see a change.

It probably won’t get a new look, at least not for a while. I am not going to delete old posts or change the name but I am going to change the topic. Hopefully now people will find my site for reasons other then burning their eyes with contact lens solution.

There are a couple reasons for this, the big one being that I am no longer couponing. I haven’t been for a while. A long while. I gave up on it – I was sick of shelves being cleared and the amount of time I felt like I was wasting looking for coupons (that were gone or didn’t exist) and deals simply to buy more shampoo or deodorant when I already had 10 bottles of each. How much shampoo and deodorant does one need? The answer is not that much because I am *still* using up all the stuff I bought and I really didn’t buy that much. Recently I have been thinking I would like to start couponing again but I just don’t have the time or energy because of the baby.

Oh did I mention I had a baby? Well I did. In April. That is actually the real reason for changing this blog around. I am going to start blogging about baby things and writing reviews on all the different things I purchase.

Before I get started let me say this. You won’t find any baby pictures on this site. I don’t believe in posting my baby on the Internet for the whole word to see. If you want to look at cute baby pictures search Google images.

Having a baby doesn’t mean I am not deal shopping. I have managed to score some awesome deals on baby products. I am just not driving all over town collecting coupons to buy 10 bags of (crappy) toilet paper because it is only $0.99.

I am also no longer subscribed to any beauty boxes. I actually had my Topbox subscription until just recently, I loved it but after having it for two years I have a huge collection of samples I haven’t even used yet.

I imagine I will mostly be blogging about baby stuff but don’t be surprised if you see me blog about something else.

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