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Have you heard of Norwex? I hadn’t until just very recently. I got invited to a Norwex party by a mutual friend and was like WTF is Norwex, why do I want to go to a cleaning party, lame, and ignored the invitation. A couple weeks later a good friend invited me to her Norwex party so I had to go. Right from the second she told me about it I knew I wasn’t going to buy anything. I have tons of cleaning products from my couponing days and I just don’t need more. WRONG.

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I went over to my friends house and she rubbed butter all of her mirror. BUTTER! Then she got out this pretty pink cloth, got it wet (with water!) and wiped her mirror. Next she got out this pretty purple cloth and dried her mirror. It was spotless. SPOTLESS. I decided right then and there I needed these cloths. I knew nothing else but I had to have these cloths.

Before the party I actually ended up winning the cloths somewhere else so I went to the party not sure what else they could really sell me on. Cleaning sucks. By the time the party was over I was sold. I needed Norwex everything (except the mop) and I had signed up to host my own party.

Norwex is AMAZING. So if you haven’t heard about it, what is Norwex?

Our mission at Norwex is to improve quality of life by radically reducing chemicals in our homes. In addition, the Norwex products make cleaning faster and more cost effective than traditional cleaning products.

  • With Norwex Microfiber System, you will not breathe, touch or ingest chemicals – you simply create a cleaner, healthier indoor environment.
  • Norwex Marine Organics and Naturally Timeless personal care products offer cutting-edge technology coupled with organic and natural ingredients – without harmful parabens or preservatives.
  • SAVE Time – the Norwex Cleaning System decreases cleaning time by 75% or more.
  • SAVE Money – An average household spends $600-$800 a year on chemical cleaning products and supplies. By using Norwex products you can realize up to a 90% savings!
  • Norwex helps make cleaning fun, fast and easy and teaches your family how to improve their health and environment!

At Norwex, our Purpose is simple but powerful: The idea that working together, with trust, integrity and honesty as our core values and radically reducing chemicals in our homes as our mission, we can improve the world around us. The Norwex Purpose touches many facets of life with the end result being the ability to collectively make a powerful and positive difference in the world we live in and the lives we touch.

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I have a few cleaners but I was never a hard core cleaning product person. I hate bleach, it scares me – I am always so worried about ruining things. But I do use Vim and Windex (mostly for cleaning my stainless steel appliances). Because of my dogs I have always been pretty careful with chemicals in the home, especially on my floors. I was already cleaning with vinegar and water, or water only when I could anyway so Norwex just made sense to me. I love that the Microfiber cloths are infused with silver, this makes them naturally antibacterial – and they clean so well. The Window cloth really is magic. I spray some water on my Windows, glass doors, stainless steel appliances, etc wipe with the cloth and they are spotless almost instantly. NO STREAKS. When I see baby licking these things I can breath safe knowing they are not covered in Windex and the cloths really do save time.

I often see people asking about natural cleaning products and people mention Method and Green Works but seriously, try Norwex! I am so hooked I have even been thinking about selling it and a two months ago I had no idea what it even was! I haven’t touched my Windex or Vim since I received my Norwex products. The only cleaning product I have used is my Cerama Bryte to clean my cooktop – but I hear the Norwex Cleaning Paste works great for that – I just don’t have any yet. I feel cleaner and almost lighter, it is weird. I actually have this itching to throw away all my cleaning products. But the OCD in me says I still might need them ONE DAY. I should probably just throw them away…

If you get invited to a party, go! Check it out – it really has changed my life. It has changed the way I think about cleaning and how I feel about cleaning. Hosting a party allowed me to try all kinds of things without spending too much money. Keep your eye on my blog for more posts about Norwex and for honest opinions and reviews on the different products I have and am trying.

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