Priorities Change

Priorities change.

Maybe this is obvious to most people but it wasn’t to me.

Before baby I would shower every morning. I would then spend an hour blow drying my hair and then straightening it. After that was done I would apply my makeup. Getting dressed sometimes took 3 of 4 outfit changes. The whole process took too long (in my husband’s eyes) but to me it wasn’t that long and it was completely necessary. Now it is too long. Way too long.

I used to see other Moms with their hair in a messy bun and no makeup and think “that will never be me.”


Now it is me. Totally me.

people don't change their priorities do

I still shower every morning, or at least at some point close to morning. That is necessary. I also still shave every single day – that is an absolute necessity and something I always make time for. I just can’t be that person who hasn’t shaved their legs in a week. It gives me the hebejebes just thinking about it. If it works for you AWESOME, no judging from this Mom – but that does not work for me. I even shaved in the hospital after baby was born.

Everything else? Well that is a different story. In the 14 months since baby was born I have done my hair maybe a dozen times and I now wear very little makeup . Usually just a little BB cream, sometimes some eyeliner and mascara. I don’t remember the last time I used eyeshadow or actual coverup. BB cream has become my new favourite product.

Things that used to matter just don’t anymore. All the things I worried about before just don’t even cross my mind. Okay, well they still do sometimes. It amazes me what a different person I have become.

I had all these plans for this blog after baby was born. I took all these pictures of products I was going to review, I even had half the posts written out in my head… obviously that never happened because priorities change. Priorities change for the better. My priority now is to love my little human as much as I can. Fill his day with as much fun as I can and just be his Mom. Obviously some things still have to happen like cooking (I love cooking) and cleaning (I hate cleaning) but not much else matters besides him. He is my whole world. I still want to blog (when I can) but I no longer have any plans for what this blog will be or won’t be. No apologies.

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