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London Drugs Shopping Trips – St. Ives, Prestige, Maybelline, Free Aveeno & More

Been to London Drugs twice this week. On Wednesday they had a one day only Leap Year sale – I went for the Prestige Eyeliner that was on for $2.99. I ended up getting the waterproof version for the extra 50 cents but found a couple other deals while I was there. I was able to stack the U by Kotex coupons for some more cheap feminine products. I haven’t stacked in a while with all the new rules but I checked with customer service before hand and they said they were fine

BTW – The Prestige Eyeliners are FANTASTIC – I have tried buying many other cheaper eyeliners and they just don’t compare. I have been waiting for these to go on sale. They are still on for $3.49 this week as well.

London Drugs - cheap u by kotex, prestige, maybelline

2 x U by Kotex Thin Liners 60’s $3.99 – $1.50 printable & $1.50 insert = $0.99 each
2 x U by Kotex Regular Liners 50’s $3.99 – $1.50 printable & $1.50 insert = $0.99 each
3 x Prestige Waterproof Eyeliner $3.49 (regular $6.99) = $3.49 each
2 x Maybelline Expert Eyes Moisturizing Eye Makeup Remover $2.99 (regular $6.99) = $2.99

Subtoal: $20.41
Tax: $2.77
Total: $23.18
Saved $34.50
($12.00 in coupons and $22.50 in sale prices)
60% Savings

I was back at London Drugs this morning to get some of the $2.99 St. Ives lotion – I really love this stuff and have been waiting for it to go $2.99 again at Shoppers Drug Mart. Was happy to see it in the London Drugs flyer.

While I was there I noticed some more U by Kotex products on for $4.00… twice the size of the boxes I bought the other day for $3.99. Darn. I only had one stack left but was able to print a few more coupons and decided they were worth getting even without stacking. Wish I had of waited on my stacks though… all well, what do you do. I just can’t say no to these U by Kotex coupons and deals – I hope I never get another one of these coupons again – I should be well stocked for a while, more than awhile. If anyone is wondering the U by Kotex liners are awesome, the best I have ever tried but their tampons are terrible. Also decided to grab a box of O.B (they are awesome) for the free Aveeno Essential Moisture Lip Conditioner – I keep missing the Living Well giveaways and really wanted to try it. I have already tried it – really like it.

London Drugs - Cheap U by Kotex, At. Ives, O.B and Free Aveeno

1 x U by Kotex Thin Liners 120’s $4.00 – $1.50 printable & $1.50 insert = $1.00
1 x U by Kotex Thin Liners 120’s $4.00 – $1.50 printable = $2.50
2 x U by Kotex Regular Liners 102’s $4.00 – $1.50 printable = $2.50 each
3 x St. Ives Lotion Hand & Body Lotion $2.99 – $1.00 tear pad coupon = $1.99 each
1 x O.B Tampons $2.99 = $2.99
1 x Aveeno Essential Moisture Lip Conditioner $5.99 – FREE WUB O.B instore coupon = FREE

Subtotal: $17.46
Tax. $2.03
Total: $19.49
Saved: $57.44
($16.49 in coupons & $40.95 in sale prices)
75% Savings

Some good savings this week – but I really need to stay out of the feminine product isle – maybe I should just stay out of London Drugs.

Hope everyone is having a great weekend.

Sunday Shoppers Drug Mart Shopping Trip

I have been waiting for Shoppers Drug Mart to put the Duracell Rechargeable batteries on sale – we need AAA’s for our Lightsabers… yes, our Lightsabers! haha

Finally they are on sale again today and tomorrow. I thought about getting them yesterday and spending the extra money for 20x the points but decided it wasn’t worth it, as it was I had to go to two different Shoppers to get the 3 packs I needed. So I might of just been buying stuff yesterday just to get my $50 – seems kind of pointless to me.

Shoppers Drug Mart Deals: Duracell, Marcelle, Schick, Alberto, Crispers

3 x Duracell Rechargeable Batteries $7.99 – $3.00 P&G insert coupon = $4.99 each
1 x Marcelle BB Cream $17.99 – $2.00 Facebook coupon = $15.99
1 x Crispers Crackers Barbeque Flavour $2.00 – on sale = $2.00
1 x Schick Quattro Titanium Razor $4.50 – on clearance = $4.50
1 x Alberto Extreme Style mattWax $2.69 – $2.00 Windfall Wednesday Facebook Coupon = $0.69

Subtotal: $38.15
Taxes: $6.14
Total: $44.29
Saved: $69.74
($56.74 in sale prices & $13.00 in coupons)
61% Savings

I did pretty well today I think.

I also picked up some Marcelle BB Cream. I really love the one they sent me for free from their Facebook page so I decided to take advantage of the sale and my coupon. Pretty sure this is a product I will be using daily for a while. It is really nice.

We really don’t need anymore razors but I had to take advantage of this one – after all the blades I bought a few weeks ago I figure a spare handle might be a good idea. I seem to have bad luck with the Schick Quattro handles – one broke in my hand once into like 5 pieces. And I accidentally threw another one in the garbage… so I figured a spare one wouldn’t hurt. :D

My Alberto coupons from Windfall Wednesday expire next week so thought I would take advantage of the clearance price on the hair wax.

Pretty sure I did enough shopping this weekend to last me the rest of the week. I am shopped out!

Couponing: First Time Getting Cash Back from Overage

On Friday I went into the mall to get my free Bath and Body Works trial size item thanks to their Valentine’s Day coupon on Facebook. I picked one of the newer scents, Aruba Coconut – smells great. Man I love Bath and Body Works.

Mall freebies: Bath and Body Works Aruba Coconut Lotion and Revlon Nail Files

After getting my free lotion I headed into Walmart for a quick look around. I found some Revlon nail files for $1.77 – perfect to pair up with my $2.00 off Revlon Beauty Tools coupon I found at Shoppers Drug Mart last week. I grabbed 4. I really didn’t need anything else in Walmart so I thought I would see what happens with my overage. Well… THEY GAVE IT BACK TO ME AS CASH! It was only $0.07 but I couldn’t believe it. This is the first time I have been paid in cash back to use coupons. Super exciting.

First time getting paid to coupon

Since Friday was my first day wearing my FitBit I was actually just walking around the mall to get my steps up – it worked out well and I left with some freebies. In fact, I didn’t spend a penny and left with 7 more than I entered with. Awesome day.

Walmart & Superstore Finds – Royale, Neocitran, Advil, Covergirl & U by Kotex

Another boring night last night so decided to do some couponing – I wanted to use my $2 Royal coupons on sale toilet paper at Walmart; that was my main reason for my trip. Found a few other good deals to make it worth it though.

Walmart & Superstore Finds - Royale, Neocitran, Advil, Covergirl & U by Kotex
(toilet paper missing from photo)

2 x 12 Double Roll Royale Toilet Paper $4.47 – 2 x $2.00 from (no longer available) = $2.47 each
1 x Advil Nightime 10 count $3.97 – $2.00 printable = $1.97
1 x Covergirl Professional Mascara Clear $3.97 – $2.00 Covergirl Tearpad = $1.97
1 x Neocitran Cold and Flu Warming Night $4.00 – $3.00 printable = $1.00

Subtotal: $9.88
Tax: $2.50
Total: $12.39
Saved: $11.00 in coupons
47% Coupon Savings

4 x U by Kotex Travel Tins $1.54 – 4 x $1.50 printable coupon = $0.04 each

Subtotal: $0.16
Tax: $0.32
Total: $0.48
Saved: $6.00
93% Savings

The only thing that sucked about Superstore was that they made me pay for each one separate. Lame. I have read about that happening to other people but that is the first time it has happened to me.

After my shopping yesterday I came home to find more gocoupons – two more $2 off any Royale product and $2 off Royale 3ply toilet paper (also on for $4.47). So I actually ended up going back out coupoing tonight – I got to use my toilet paper coupons on the last toilet paper left, made it there just in time. My trip today was very similar yesterday, except I got three things of toilet paper and another bottle of Neocitran. Also picked up a few more U by Kotex Travel Tins. I figure another photo isn’t necessary since it is so similar – plus I am feeling a little lazy since I already took these. :p

Free Bacon, Lean Cusine and Alberto Hair Product. Cheap Shavers and Razor Blades.

Spent way more today than I had planned on; that is the problem with couponing. You seem to have to spend money to save money. When there is a good deal you jump on it and buy enough to last you a while. Yes you save money in the long run but you spend more at the given moment then you intended. If that makes sense.

Take today for example – I decided to go into Superstore to see if there were any good clearance items and there was. I spent $30 on razor blades that we don’t need right now but will need in the future – but I saved $30. Razor blades don’t go bad and you always need them and they rarely go on a good sale – it is an easy one to justify but expensive. Least I controlled myself and only bought 3 boxes, there were many more there that I could of brought home. :)

Free Bacon, Lean Cusine and Alberto Hair Product. Cheap Shavers and Razor Blades.
Paid $46.53 – Saved $93.28 – 67% Savings

Shoppers Drug Mart
1 x Lean Cuisine Cheese Ravioli $4.29 – FREE coupon from Facebook = FREE
1 x Alberto reWork Fibre Putty $3.99 – free product coupon from Facebook = FREE

Subtotal: $0.00
Tax: $0.20
Total: $0.20
Saved: $8.28
98% Coupon Savings

NOTE: the Alberto coupon came from winning their Win Fall Wednesday promo on Facebook. The Lean Cuisine coupon is good until January 26, 2012 and will available on they Facebook for about 24 more hours.

Save On Foods
1 x Maple Leaf Natural Selections Bacon $4.99 – free coupon from websaver (no longer available) = FREE

Subtotal: $0.00
Taxes: $0.00
Total: $0.00
Saved: $4.99 (regular price $7.49)
100% Coupon Savings!!

3 x Schick Quattro Titanium Razor Blades (8 pack) $18.34 – 50% off in store clearance = $9.17 each

Subtotal: $27.51
Tax: $5.30
Total: $30.81
Saved: $27.51
47% Savings

I figure around $1.00 a blade is an awesome price for good 4 blade razor blade; these were $1.15 each. 3 boxes should last us almost two years – hence why I didn’t buy more. Hopefully there is another good sale before then.

London Drugs
2 x Philips Ladyshave Wet & Dry $14.99 – 2 x $10.00 coupon from Smartsource insert = $4.99

Subtotal: $9.98
CESA Levy: $2.00
Taxes: $3.84
Total: $15.82
Saved: $50
($20 in coupons and $30 in sale price)
76% Savings, 56% Coupon Savings

Never used an electric razor so thought I would give this one a try for the price. Bought a second for a stocking stuffer for next year. :)

Think I did pretty good today, even if I spent $45 I hadn’t planned on.

Some quick Walmart deals from the weekend, didn’t think this needed it’s own post.
walmart deals
2 x 20 count Snuggle Fabric Sheets $1.00
2 x Peanut M&M’s 2/$5 – 2 x $1.00 off from Smartsource = $3.00 / $1.50 each

Subtotal: $5.00
Tax: $0.84
Total: $5.84
Saved: $2.00
26% Coupon Savings

Pretty good price on the M&M’s – regular price is $3.6X for ONE bag. Time to use up those coupons.

Free Stuff Day: Free Sunlight, Lean Cuisine and Smartwater

Today was a pretty good day – ended up using some free product coupons that I hadn’t planned on.

First off, the Lean Cuisine Canada Facebook page currently has a coupon for a free Lean Cuisine meal! I went down to Shoppers Drug Mart during my lunch break to pick mine up – while I was there I saw the Smartwater so I used my two free product coupons on those as well. Free lunch. :)

Free Lean Cuisine and Free Smartwater

Paid $0.16 (deposit) - Saved $6.47 - 98% Savings

2 x Smartwater Bottled Water – 2 x Free Product Coupon from Websaver (no long available) = FREE
1 x Lean Cuisine Meat Lasagna = Free Product Coupon = FREE

Subtotal: $0.00
Tax: $0.00
Deposit: $0.16
Total: $0.16
Saved: $6.47
98% Coupon Savings

After work I headed to Thrifty foods and took advantage of their buy on get one free offer on Sunlight laundry detergent. Of course I used my two free product coupons and got four bottles FREE!

FREE Sunlight HE Laundry Soap 32 Loads Morning Fresh

2 x Sunlight HE Laundry Soap 32 Loads Morning Fresh – 2 x free product coupons from pins (no long available) = FREE
2 x Sunlight HE Laundry Soap 32 Loads Morning Fresh – buy one get one free in store offer = FREE

Subtotal: $0.00
Taxes: $1.68
Total: $1.68
Saved: $27.96
94% Savings

So all in all today I spent $1.84 and saved $34.43 that is 95% savings. I think I am really starting to get the hang of this. :) I did also go to Bath and Body Works and pick up some more 75% candles! I love their candles so much.

Dove Visiblecare Body Wash $0.97

Picked these up at Superstore last night. I have a few body washes already so I didn’t really need more but thought I would pick up two to give them a try. I figure there will be cheap body wash again, no need to get carried away.

Dove Visiblecare Body Wash $0.97

1 x Dove Visiblecare Softening Creme Body Wash 300ml $2.97 – $2.00 coupon zone coupon = $0.97
1 x Dove Visiblecare Renewing Creme Body Wash 300ml $2.97 – $2.00 coupon zone coupon = $0.97

Subtotal: $1.94
Tax: $0.23
Total: $2.17
Saved: $4.00
65% Coupon Savings

There is also a manufacturer coupon available at Shoppers Drug Mart. Some Superstores will allow you to stack the two together but ours doesn’t so I didn’t even try. Walmart also has the Dove Visiblecare Body Wash on for $2.97 and you could use the coupon from SDM. But, the benefit of buying at Superstore, with a coupon zone coupon, is that you only pay tax on $0.97 and not $2.97 like you would at Walmart.

Free Lysol Healthy Touch No-Touch Hand Soap System

Been trying to find this deal for a few days. Walmart was out and when I was in Superstore a few days ago they were still regular price. Back today and they were on sale, yay! Unfortunately Superstore only had one left – but happy I was able to get one rather then none. Looking forward to trying it out.

Free Lysol Healthy Touch No-Touch Hand Soap System

1 x Lysol Healthy Touch No-Touch Hand Soap System $4.94 – $5.00 (adjusted) printable coupon (no longer available) = FREE!

Subtotal: $0.00
Taxes: $0.59
Total: $0.59
Saved: $4.94
89% Coupon Savings

It was on clearance because it is the Christmas version, but it says the Christmas cover is removable so hoping I can use it all year. It is a french vanilla scent. Heard good things about these!

Scrubbing Bubbles and Ziplock Bag Stockup

Was back at Walmart looking for a deal I never did find. But I did decide to stalk up on some more Scrubbing Bubbles and Ziplock bags while I was there. I think I am well stocked in bathroom cleaner for at least two years now, seriously. So much bathroom cleaner. I did really need Ziplock bags but I use them lots and I had my coupon so I figure two boxes wouldn’t kill me.

A week or two ago Canadian Tire had 40 count Ziplock bags on for $1.00 – perfect to be paired up with my $2.00 WUB2 coupon. But when I went to get them they were taking rain cheques because the order never came in. I put my name down but haven’t heard anything since. I do still have one coupon, so here is to hoping.

Did this shop December 31, 2011.

Scrubbing Bubbles and Ziplock Bag Stockup

2 x Ziplock Sandwich Bags 100 count $2.47 – $2.00 WUB2 magazine coupon = $1.47 each
2 x Scrubbing Bubbles Bathroom Cleaner Fresh Scent $3.00 – B1G1 free insert coupon = $1.50 each
2 x Scrubbing Bubbles Bathroom Cleaner Citrus Action $3.00 – B1G1 free insert coupon = $1.50 each

Subtotal: $8.94
Taxes: $2.03
Total: $10.97
Saved: $8.00
42% Coupon Savings

Think I am all caught up now on posts. :)

Cheap Smart Kraft Dinner, Motrin, Neocitrin & FREE Glade Candle

Did this shop at Walmart on December 30, 2011. The NeoCitran and Glade Candles were on clearance! Wish I had of had more Glade products, I love free stuff and I love candles!

Cheap Smart Kraft Dinner, Motrin, Neocitrin & FREE Glade Candle

1 x Kraft Dinner Smart – Vegetables $1.00 – $0.75 from = $0.25
1 x Kraft Dinner Smart – High Fibre $1.00 – $0.75 from = $0.25
2 x Motrin Liquid Gels 16’s $3.47 – $3.00 tear pad = $0.47 each
NeoCitran Warming Relief Cold and Flu $4.00 – $3.00 printable (no longer available) = $1.00
1 x Glade Holiday Candle – French Vanilla $1.94 – 2.00 = FREE

Subtotal: $2.38
Taxes: $1.55
Total: $3.93
Saved: $12.50
76% Coupon Savings