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Using Up FREE Product Coupons: FREE Tenderflake, Kraft Dressing, Olivieri Pasta and Asana Yogurt

I had a few free product coupons that expire at the end of the month so I thought it was time I hunt down the products and use up my coupons. I had to go to three different stores to use up 4 coupons. Seems kind of retarded to me. So much driving all over and wasting time – I mean I got free stuff but there has to be a line somewhere…

I had been looking for the Asana yogurt for a while now… went to THREE more stores yesterday before finally finding it at a store I never stop at – Quality Foods. I just can’t believe how many stores I checked before hand that didn’t sell it. The same goes for the Tenderflake Easy Pie/Crumble Kit – apparently only WalMart sells it. Kind of annoying – and they only had the crumble version. :( I found the Olivieri Whole Grain and the Pure KRAFT Refrigerated Salad Dressing at Save On Foods.

Using Up FREE Product Coupons: FREE Tenderflake, Kraft Dressing, Olivieri Pasta and Asana Yogurt


Tenderflake Easy Pie! Crumble Topping Pie Kit $3.47 – free product coupon = FREE
Pure KRAFT Refrigerated Salad Dressing – Asiago Caesar $4.39 – free product coupon = FREE
Olivieri Whole Grain Tortellini Five Cheese Pasta $8.49 – free product coupon = FREE
Yoplait Asana Strawberry Yogurt $3.99 – free product coupon = FREE

Subtotal: $0.00
Taxes: $0.00
Total: $0.00 FREE!!
Saved: $20.34
100% Coupon Savings!!!

All of these free product coupons were available through offers on Facebook – except the Kraft dressing one it came in the sample box. And they are all no longer available.

FREE Neutrogena Norwegian Formula Soothing Wrap Body Lotion For Buying Cheap O.B. Tampons

Can I just say I REALLY REALLY love London Drugs. The staff there is so amazing and friendly and helpful and the deals – WOW. Wish I had of started shopping there years ago… also wish I had of started couponing sooner – but don’t we all. Super excited for today’s sore – the toilet paper was whatever, I only have two rolls left and don’t want to run out. Gonna try and get some at Shoppers Drug Mart on their Sunday/Monday deals. Anyway on to today.

I couldn’t find the right free gift with purchase. The coupon for the FREE Neutrogena Norwegian Formula Soothing Wrap Body Lotion was in front of the wrong-but-almost the same product so I made the mistake at first of trying to buy it. Everyone was really nice in helping me find the right product – turns out it was at the customer service desk because it is not something they keep in stock! phew, I thought maybe they had run out already. Anyway they found it for me. What a deal on it’s own, buy $2.99 tampons and get a free $10 body lotion? To top it off I had a $2.00 off coupon for the O.B. making them $0.99! The lotions are perfect for my Mom and Grandma’s stocking!

FREE Neutrogena Norwegian Formula Soothing Wrap Body Lotion For Buying Cheap O.B. Tampons

Paid $6.87 after tax and saved $24.98

1 x Cascades Enviro Premium Toilet Paper 12 double roll $4.99 – $1.00 printable from website = $3.99
2 x O.B. Tampons 18’s $2.99 – $2.00 printable (at the end of the video) = $0.99
2 x Neutrogena Norwegian Formula Soothing Wrap Body Lotion 250ml $9.99 – FREE in store coupon (for buying the O.B.) = FREE

Subtotal: $5.97
Tax: $0.90
Total: $6.87
Saved: $24.98
in coupons probably another $9.00ish dollars for shopping sale price, but forgot to check
78% Coupon Savings

Seriously super excited about today’s shop. It’s not my highest savings or anything so I dunno why but it was awesome. :)

Happy weekend everyone!

Free Schick Hydro 5 Razor

You have to call in for this one but the phone call is short and sweet – they just want your name and address and they send you a FREE Schick Hydro 5 razor! – call 1-866-755-9995 to get yours. I spent about 2 minutes on the phone and had my razor in about 3 weeks.

Free Schick Hydro 5 Razor

Mine came just in time for the end of Movember and included a $3.00 off refills coupon.

Free Samples: Costco P&G brandSAMPLER

Got my P&G brandSAMPLER from Costco yesterday! I was starting to think this might never come. It is very similar to the regular P&G brandSAMPLER that I received a few weeks ago. Both of these offers are no longer available but I will post when they are live again. The Costco one was defiantly better then the regular one.

Free Samples: Costco P&G brandSAMPLER

Cascade Action Packs dishwasher soap
Gillette Fusion Proglide Razor
Mr Clean Magic Eraser
Head and Shoulders sample size shampoo
Scope Mouthwash sample

I really love these sample boxes.

Even more FREE L’Oreal Man Expert and brandSAMPLER

Yes, I was in Wal-Mart again this evening – almost starting to feel like I live there. I was getting some more FREE L’Oreal Man Expert shaving cream in trial sizes. Thankfully Wal-Mart is close to my house. I don’t wanna clear the store all in one go so I have been going back to get 5-6 every couple days. They seem to keep re-stocking too so that is nice.

Tonight I picked up 6 of the trials sizes and two of the regular ones. I decided it was best to get 1 regular size for every 3 trial sizes to use the overage. Some of my overage even covered some of the tax – was surprised to see that, guess I miss judged how much I was going to have.

Even more FREE L'Oreal Man Expert and brandSAMPLER

6 x L’Oreal Man Expert Shaving Cream (trial size) $1.96 – 6 x $3.00 off printable coupon = FREE + overage -$6.24
2 x L’Oreal Man Expert Shaving Cream (full size) $5.47 – 2 x $3.00 off printable coupon = $4.94

Subtotal: -$1.30
Tax: $2.72
Total: $1.42
Saved: $24.00
94% Savings

This is my highest savings yet. I honestly didn’t think I would see a savings higher then 89% because of tax, unless of course I was getting a tax free item. I didn’t even think that overage would apply to tax.

I also got a couple things in the mail from brandSAVER – it was the same as a got last week – but no shaver, not sure where this one came from. An accidental duplicate or if this or the other one was the Costco one… no idea, but free is free! It had some single use packets of dawn, gain and toothpaste. As well as a two pack of Cascade Allin1 Packs. There was also some Crest and Pantene coupons.

Hope everyone’s week is off to a good start.

Free Tenderflake and Olivieri Coupons

Today I managed to get my hands on coupons for FREE Tenderflake Easy Pie and FREE Olivieri Whole Grain Pasta – both of these coupons came from announcements on Facebook so I recommend liking both of them and keep yours eyes open. They were ordered through the websaver.ca portal – so be sure to have your account set up and ready to go – these coupons go super fast!

It looks like Tenderflake will have more coupons tomorrow. I am not sure about Olivieri but this is their second Monday in a row offering the free product coupons.

Tenderflake Facebook
Olivieri Facebook

Websaver coupons usually take about a week to receive. You also usually need to order 3 coupons at a time, so I suggest not getting too excited and ordering all the regular coupons at once. Good luck!

Deodorant, Soap and Free Samples

A catch up from the weekend.

On Friday I got my brandSAMPLER (none available right now) package in the mail. I love free samples! It had a free razor so I consider it pretty awesome but it wasn’t the best one I have ever received.

On Saturday I happened to be in Zellers and noticed the Degree Deodorant was on for $1.49 and I had a coupon for 50 cents off so I picked up two. I probably would of known this in advance if I had of been paying closer attention to the other websites coupon match ups (like here and here) but I never shop at Zellers so I don’t take much notice to what they have on sale. I probably should pay more attention. I picked out my Degree Deodorant in two fancy scents, Orange Flower Cranberry and Honeysuckle – they both smell really good.

On Sunday I was in Shoppers and picked up some Lever 2000 bar soap – pack of 4. It smells pretty good – I got the Citrus Fresh Scent. Hope it isn’t too drying. Guess I will find out.

All in all I didn’t spend much this weekend – so that is a good thing!

Weekend Goodies

2 x woman’s degree Deodersnt $1.49 – 2 x $0.50 from tear pads = $0.99 each

Subtotal: $1.98
Tax: $0.36
Total: $2.34
Saved: $1.00
30% Savings

Shoppers Drug Mart
1 x 4 pack Lever 2000 Bar Soap – 1 x $1.00 from insert = $0.99

Subtotal: $0.99
Tax: $0.24
Total: $1.23
Saved: $1.00
45% Savings

Didn’t spend a whole lot this weekend – but that is the point of couponing… right?