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Free L’Oreal Man Expert – Free Tyenol Muscle Aches & Body Pain

Found 6 more L’Oreal Man Expert coupons laying around since they expire on Wednesday thought I would try and use them since they were already printed. Wal-Mart happened to have 5 trial sizes left, so I picked them up, a full size one (to use my coupon and overage) and a Betty Crocker snack size cookie mix. What a GENIUS idea, snack size cookie mix! Was thrilled to find this so thought I would try it out with some of overage. I have linked the L’Oreal Man Expert printable coupon below but it does expire on Wednesday, November 30, 2011 so you need to use it fast.

Free L’Oreal Man Expert - Free Tyenol Muscle Aches & Body Pain

Paid $1.49 after tax - Saved $26.00

5 x L’Oreal Man Expert Shaving Cream (trial size) $1.96 – 5 x $3.00 off printable coupon = FREE + overage -$5.20
1 x L’Oreal Man Expert Shaving Cream (full size) $5.47 – 1 x $3.00 off printable coupon = $2.47 -$3.44 = FREE from overage
1 x Betty Crocker Snack Size Chocolate Chip Cookie Mix $1.47 = FREE from overage

Subtotal: -$1.26
Tax: $1.83
Total: $0.57
Saved: $18.00
97% Savings!!!
(highest yet!)

Well going through some coupons I also found some Tyenol Muscle Aches & Body Pain coupons that I had printed a while ago from Living Well – these coupons were $4 off but had no size restrictions on them! I didn’t even notice because the ones I printed after have a size restriction so I assumed they all did. While in Wal-Mart I saw the 16 counts sell for $3.28 there but of course they were sold out, like they usually are for anything that involves a coupon. But I did find some in Zellers and London Drugs for more – no overage, but at least I got some and they were still free (had to pay tax). Looking forward to trying these tonight for my sore shoulder. I had to go into both stores because you are only allowed one coupon per person – it was fine though because Zellers and London Drugs are right next door to each other.

1 x Tyenol Muscle Aches & Body Pain 16 count $3.97 – $4.00 printable coupon (no long available) = FREE

Subtotal: -$0.03
Tax: $0.48
Total: $0.45
Saved: $4.00
90% Savings

London Drugs
1 x Tyenol Muscle Aches & Body Pain 16 count $3.99 – $4.00 printable coupon (no long available) = FREE

Subtotal: -$0.01
Tax: $0.48
Total: $0.47
Saved: $4.00
89% Savings

On to a bit of a different topic that I haven’t talked much about – and that is cashiers entering in your coupons correct. 4 times in the past week alone I have had the cashiers mix up or miss a coupon. I don’t always say something – once it was for 50 cents and another time $1.00 so I didn’t bother. But on one of my recent shopping trips a $5 coupon was missed, I even asked her three times telling her I am pretty sure she missed a coupon. She said she didn’t so I paid, got my receipt and saw she missed one. I feel really bad and don’t want to argue with them, in this case they corrected it for me. The glare at you for asking them if they are doing their job right… the thing is, I usually know what my order total should be within a dollar, if it’s higher I am going to notice. Don’t they realize that most people using coupons probably know their totals. I guess not everyone thinks like a couponer. Anyway, something similar happened in Wal-Mart today at least this time I was able to show her the error before I paid. I just feel so bad when I have to ask them more then once, “are you sure you got all the coupons, the total should be lower than that.” I feel like such a cheap ass. Missing $1.00 isn’t the end of the world for me but when its $3.00 like today or $5.00 like last week it makes a big difference. Anyway, moral of this story is always double check your totals and coupons and try and have an idea of what your total should be (if you can).

More FREE L’Oreal Man Expert

Happened to be at Wal-Mart today and they had more L’Oreal Man Expert samples in stock so I got 5 more. I used my 6th coupon on a full size bottle and used my overage to pay for the difference and something else I needed. OOP I paid 3.55 and saved $18.

I also went back to London Drugs and got another Scrubbing Bubbles Soap Scum cleaner for $1.99 and a free bottle of fantastic. Same thing I did yesterday. I should’ve just got it when I was there but I didn’t think I needed it then decided I might as well and my coupons expire in two days. I paid $2.79 and saved $4.69.

Starting to see how this easily gets out of hand and how people ends up with so much stuff. Starting to think maybe I am going over board. But another way to look at it is I spent the cost of one bottle of the Scrubbing Bubbles Soap Scum Cleaner and got two and two bottles of fantastic. I would of bought that one bottle anyway – I use it often.

The Scrubbing Bubbles Extend-A-Clean is a bit of a different story – I may not have bought that, haven’t seen it before – but I got 8 bottles (4 and 4 refills) for the less than the price of one.

Anyway, I am very well stocked in cleaning supplies now. I did try out the Extend-A-Clean yesterday and it seems to use a lot in one go. Might be for the best I have 10 bottles haha.

I didn’t bother posting a photo and breakdowns today since I have posted about both of these in the past few days.

Free Scrubbing Bubbles. Free Fantastic. Free Aveeno. Free Listerine.

When I say free I did have to pay the tax. Although, I don’t think I paid the tax on some of the free things at London Drugs, tax seems a little low.

Had fun today with stacking at London Drugs. I mostly went to get a couple things for my dad but ended up some stuff for me too.

I got some Sunlight Laundry Soap with hopes of winning some more with the pin – got 2 x $8.00 off Disney Lion King Blu Ray instead, was a little disappointed. Least I didn’t buy more the two and it will make our clothes smell lemony fresh.

I did happen to find a Scrubbing Bubbles One Step Toilet Kit at Save on Foods – took a few different stores to find one. Hopefully I can find another before my coupons expire.

Free Scrubbing Bubbles. Free Fantastic. Free Aveeno. Free Listerine.

Save On Foods
1 x Scrubbing Bubbles 1 Step Toilet Kit $9.98 – 2 x different $5.00 from inserts = FREE

Subtotal: -$0.02
Tax: $1.20
Total: 1.18
Saved: $10.00
89% Savings

London Drugs
2 x Sunlight Laundry Soap $5.99 – 2 x $1.00 from insert and printable (no longer available) = 4.99 each
1 x Scrubbing Bubbles Soap Scum $2.99 – 1 x $1.00 from insert = $1.99
1 x Fantastic Cleaner $3.69 – 1 x free Fantastic WUB Scrubbing Bubbles from insert = FREE
2 x Aveeno Eczema Care Cream $7.99 – 2 x $3.00 WUB2 tear pad & 2 x $3.00 WUB2 printable & 2 x $2.00 WUB Eczema product printable = $2.99 each
1 x Aveeno Lip Care – Instant Relief Therapy $5.99 – in store coupon free WUB $10 Aveeno = FREE
2 x Listerine Whitening plus Restoring 946ml $9.99 – 2 x $5.00 tear pad (in stores now) & 2 x $5.00 printable = FREE

Subtotal: $13.26
Tax: $6.11
Total: $19.35
Saved: 43.68
69% Savings

I also went to Kernels and got my almost free small bag of popcorn. I had a free $5 digital coupon from a website a couple weeks ago (no longer available). Was 19 cents before tax and delicious.

I picked up some sale things in Bath and Body Works too – a few packs of $6 wallflowers (2 in a pack) and used a coupon to get a free snowflake wallflower nightlight holder. Loving the Cranberry Pear Bellini – it smells AMAZING!