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Free Sample Organization

I was looking for something under the bathroom sink today when a bunch of free samples came spilling out onto the floor. I decided maybe I should try tiding them up a bit. By the time the day was over I had gone to the dollar store and picked up some cute little purple baskets to organize them in – but here was the start of organizing my mess:

free samples

Most of the free samples came from the brandSAMPLER packages – I have been collecting them for the past year or so. They seem to have them every few months.

Onto my favourtie freebies – RAZORS! I love free razors.

free razors

These came from various places. If I happen to see more I will be sure to post the link on the site.

It was nice to get this stuff cleaned up. Got some free space under my bathroom sinks – not so scary to open anymore.