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FREE Fibre 1 day!

It is also free Nature Valley day but I choose the NEW Fibre 1 100 calories Chocolate, Caramel & Pretzel bars because well I love chocolate, caramel and pretzels! All three of my favourite things mixed together in a delicious 100 calorie bar. Well I hope they are delicious.

FREE Fibre 1 day!
Paid: $0.00 – Saved: $9.87 – 100% Savings

While getting my free Fibre 1 bars I thought I would check out the clearance section. I found a bottle of Visine for $1.39 of course I didn’t have my $2.00 off coupon with me but I figured that price was pretty good so I grabbed it anyway. When I went to pay it rang it at $2.80 so I was able to SCOP it. SCORE! I still got free Visine even though I didn’t have my coupon.

Hope everyone to remember to use their free Fibre 1/Nature Valley coupons today!

Scanning Code Of Practice (SCOP)

Had a question in the a comments asking about SCOP – Scanning Code Of Practice. Thought it might be helpful to make a post on it.

If an item scans in higher then the advertised price the customer is entitled to receive the item free (up to $10). The price must be corrected to the advertised price before the $10 discount. This only applies to 1 item if you are buying more then one of the same item, the rest are just price adjusted to the correct price.

Scanner Price Accuracy Voluntary Code Website

If the scanned price of a non-price ticketed item is higher than the shelf price or any other displayed price, the customer is entitled to receive the item free, up to a $10 maximum. When the item has a price tagged, the lowest price applies. When identical items are incorrectly priced, the second one will be sold at the correct price.

IMPORTANT: Stores do not have to participate in the Scanning Code of Practice – it is optional. But a lot of the bigger chain stores do (except Zellers).

Also, many stores won’t mention SCOP even if you catch a price error – you usually have to bring it to their attention and ask for you free item/$10 discount.

Here is some more information, including a list of the participating stores.