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Almost Free Gillette, Glade, Advil, Covergirl & Free Tylenol

This is a couple days worth of trips combined into one post. Really excited for finding the Gillette Body wash for $2.50! I have been watching for a sale and almost missed the one at Save on Foods, thankfully I caught it last night on the last day of the sale. I just happened to be walking down the isle and the sign caught my eye – phew! Men’s body wash is one of the things I haven’t really bought much of yet and we go through a fair bit in my house. With my $2.00 off from Brandsaver they were only 50 cents each before tax! SCORE! Wish I had more of these coupons…

The other day when I was in Shoppers Drug Mart there was some on a clearance table with a $2.29 sticker, I was so excited but when I got up to the till they were $4.99 – was a bit disappointed but this made up for it.

London Drugs currently has some of the Covergirl products on sale for $5.99 – perfect time to use my $4.00 that just came in the mail this week!

Almost Free Gillette, Glade, Advil, Covergirl & Free Tylenol

Paid: $6.88 (after tax) - Saved: $36.57

1 x Advil Cold and Sinus 10 count $4.29 – $4.00 coupon zone = $0.29
1 x Glade Decor Scent in Fresh Lien $2.50 – $2.00 coupon zone = $0.50

Subtotal: $0.79
Tax: $0.09
Total: $0.88
Saved: $6.00
87% Savings

London Drugs
1 x Covergirl Lash Blast $5.99 – $4.00 from P&G = $1.99

Subtotal: $1.99
Tax: $0.72
Total: $2.71
Saved: $7.00
($4.00 in coupons & $3.00 by shopping sale price)
72% Savings (60% Coupon Savings)

2 x Tylenol Muscle Aches and Body Pain 16 count $3.97 – $4.00 printable coupon (no longer available) = FREE

Subtotal: -$0.06
Tax: $0.95
Total: $0.89
Saved: $8.00
90% Savings

Save on Foods
3 x Gillette Body Wash $2.50 – 3 x $2.00 from P&G insert and mail out = $0.50 each

Subtotal: $1.50
Tax: $0.90
Total: $2.40
Saved: $15.57
($6.00 in coupons & $9.57 for shopping sale price)
87% Savings (71% Coupon Savings)

Free Amooza Cheese Twists and Very Cheap Glade

I had to go into Superstore today because it is the only place in town that sells the Amooza Cheese to use my free product coupon from the Kraft box. I guess I didn’t have to go today but I did have to go at some point.

I am actually very happy I choose to go into Superstore today! Never thought those words would come out of my mouth… I found a little folded sheet of $15 in Proctor and Gamble coupons – no idea where they came from, they were just laying on the ground. It has some good coupons in it. Almost like a little mini P&G insert. Also while I was in there I found the BEST present for my mom. I want to give it to her right away though because I am just so excited for it, don’t think I can wait. Not a very big shop, but awesome none the less.

Free Amooza Cheese Twists and Very Cheap Glade

1 x Amooza Mozzarella Cheese Twists $5.89 – FPC from Kraft box = FREE
1 x Glade Decor Scent in Hawaiian Breeze $2.50 – $2.00 coupon zone = $0.50

Subtotal: $0.50
Tax: $0.06
Total: $0.56
Saved: $7.89
93% Savings

The Glade makes my office smell very nice! I *might* have to go to Superstore again to get a refill. It is nice that when you use a coupon zone coupon you pay tax on the cost after coupon rather then before like everywhere else. It just sucks that you can only use one at a time – I would rather do all my shopping in one go. But I guess if they let you use more then one they would have nothing left in the store like everywhere else.

The cheese was alright, it is defiantly made to appeal to kids but it was okay. I tried to use the B1G1 with it but they wouldn’t let me. Since the coupon expires tomorrow I put it back by the Amooza cheese and hopefully someone else can use it. It was when I was putting it there that I saw my Mom’s perfect gift, seriously so excited and happy I went into Superstore for like the first time ever.

Very Cheap Advil Cold and Sinus

Went into the Real Canadian Superstore and found some Advil Cold and Sinus 10 count in stock for $4.29 – with the Superstore in store coupon for $4.00 it works out to just $0.29 plus tax. Due to the wording on the coupon I was only able to pick up one. I completely forgot about the fact that I had tear pads in my purse – I probably could of got more but all well.

Like usual, there were huge line ups and it took more then 10 minutes to get through the express line at Superstore. I don’t even know why I bother. Sure I got some Advil Cold and Sinus for 32 cents after tax (she only charged me tax on 29 cents) – but I only got one pack and stood in line forever and had to deal with their horrible store and snotty cashiers. One of these days I will realize there is no deal worth going into our Superstore for.