Monthly Archives: March 2008

I got Clear Care contact lens solution in my eye!

What should I do if Clear Care mistakenly gets into my eyes straight from the bottle?

Immediately remove your lenses and flush your eyes with large amounts of water or sterile saline for a few minutes. If burning and/or irritation persist, seek assistance from an eye care professional.

This would have been information to know BEFORE it got in my eye.

Let me tell you that once it gets in your eye you panic; it BURNS like you wouldn’t believe.

I guess I should have read the bottle – you know the part that says “do no put in your eye, do not rinse your contact lens and then put it in your eye.” But it is contact lens solution – contacts go in your eye – you put the solution on the contacts that go in your eye – it seemed pretty straight forward to me. I mean seriously – how many people read directions these days?

AFTER – I remember reading the part (a couple months ago) about letting the lenses soak for a while before wearing them but I was in a rush, I needed to rinse my lens so without thinking I grabbed my Clear Care contact lens solutions, rinsed off my contact lens and shoved it back in my eye…. OMFG IT BURNED! I couldn’t even get my lens out of my eye it hurt so bad – after much swearing I managed to rip the contact lens out of my eye and fill my eye with Visine for Contacts – it pretty much then looked like someone had stabbed me in the eye.

At the time (being in a hurry) I didn’t even think to rinse my eye with water (because that would of made too much sense) so after my eye stopped burning I put my contact lens back in my eye and ran out of the door.

Where was I going? To get my passport photo taken of course! Let’s hope they don’t reject my passport photo because my eye looks weird. At least they took photo in black and white.

I seriously can not be the only person out there to make this mistake. Who reads directions these days? Especially on something like contact lens solution? I have been using solution for years and recently switch brands – my old brand was safe for my eyes! Or was it? I guess it wasn’t safe but I could put it in my eye without it buring!

Contact lens solution is DANGEROUS stuff. The stuff I used before: Complete All-in-One Moisture Plus – was RECALLED because it was causing infections in people’s eyes. Funny – a couple months before it was recalled my eyes were driving me nuts so I just started wearing my glasses more. Recalls, eye burning…. this is dangerous stuff for a very sensitive part!

Am I going crazy? After writing this my eye hurts again.