Awesome Kraft Stacking Shopping Trip (FREE Scrubbing Bubbles and Philadelphia Cream Cheese)

These is similar to the trip I made the other day – a good friend of mine gave me some of her extra Kraft coupons from the What’s Cooking Magazine from the Kraft Samplicious Box. Since they expire tomorrow I thought I better hurry and use them. I combined them again with the save $5 WUB 5 from Save on Foods (I bought 10 Kraft Products and used two of these).

I didn’t have coupons for everything *gasp* but I thought they were decent prices anyway. We are very well stocked for Christmas now, guess I better hurry and start inviting people over to eat it all!

All the coupons I used came in the Kraft box – other then the Save $5 when you buy 5 – Save on Foods had those in store.

Awesome Kraft Stacking Shopping Trip (FREE Scrubbing Bubbles and Philadelphia Cream Cheese)

Chips Ahoy Middles $3.39 – $0.75 coupon + $5 WUB5 = $1.64
Wheat Thins Stix $2.50 – $1.00 + $5 WUB5 = $0.50
Ritz Bits Sandwiches $2.00 – $0.50 + $5 WUB5 = $0.50
2 x Rice Thins Brown Rice Crisps $2.00 – $0.50 + $5 WUB5 = $0.50 each
Cracker Barrel Cheese Snacks $4.99 – $1.00 + $5 WUB5 = $2.99
Philadelphia Cream Cheese Dill $3.00 – FREE coupon + $5 WUB5 = FREE + -$1.00
Philadelphia Cream Cheese Herb and Garlic $3.00 – $5 WUB5 = $2.00
Ritz Pretzel Crackers $2.00 – $5 WUB5 = $1.00
Ritz Crackers $2.00 – $5 WUB5 = $1.00
Scrubbing Bubbles 1 Step Toilet Kit $8.49 – 1 x $5.00 from insert + 1 $5.00 from websaver = FREE

Subtotal: $8.12
Tax: $1.02
Total: $9.14
Saved: $41.55
($27.25 in coupons + $14.30 in Save on More Card Price)
82% Savings

I thought I was out of Scrubbing Bubble stacks but I found one when cleaning up my coupons AND Save on Foods had more in stock! Woot!

I felt kind of bad, I did hold up the line and they only had one cashier open. I thought going at almost 9pm would be a safe bet but I guess not. They did end up opening another till but I could tell people were getting frustrated and I felt bad. :(

Getting food feels really good, I love getting cheap hair and body products but they is just something extra awesome about food – even if it is just a ton of crackers lol.

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