January Glymm Box Review

My Glymm box came last week, it was really the only thing I got in the mail all week – other then some coupons.

January Glymm Box
January Glymm Box

Kaia Naturals Juicy Bamboo Cleansing Cloths 1 cloth (full size 30 cloths/$17.99)
Vasanti Cosmetics BrighgtenUp! Face Rejuvenator 12g (full size 120ml $34.00)
Anastasia Beverly Hills Clean Brow Gel 0.085 fl oz (full size 0.28oz $21.00)
Burt’s Bees Nourishing Milk & Honey Lotion 2 x 7ml (full size 170g $12.99)
Cargo Cosmestics Eye Pencil Wood – FULL SIZE 2g $16.00

The Kaia Naturals Juicy Bamboo Cleansing Cloths sound really great but I think it will be hard to tell with only one cloth. Also, they are pretty expensive. Even the more expensive ones in Walmart don’t cost as much. I usually buy the ones at Dollarama – you get 25 for $1.25 plus tax. You really can not beat the price and they work pretty good. Looking forward to trying this one but really don’t see myself spending almost $20 with tax on one month of cleaning cloths; that is about how much I spend on them in an entire year right now.

Probably won’t use the Cargo Cosmestics Eye Pencil. The colour is “wood” a very pale brown/tan colour. I normally use black or even dark brown eyeliner and this is just way too pale. I saw that these are also good for eyebrow pencils but that doesn’t work for me either because mine are almost black. Some people were lucky and got black but all well – that’s the fun of a surprise box!

I really like the Anastasia Beverly Hills Clean Brow Gel. It makes my eyebrows look great and doesn’t make them too hard and crunchy. Thinking about buying one of these – hoping I can get one more referral before tomorrow so I can combine 100 points with the $10 promo code from the December box, thus making it only $7 (and free shipping!). The card in the box says it is $21, but it is $27 on the site. :( So if you are thinking about joining Glymm and want to help another girl out, here is my referral link. Dont forgot you also get 100 points for signing up with my link and that is good for $10! If you sign up before the end of tomorrow you could probably use the $10 promo code too (giving you $20 to spend), it is GIFT4U but is only good until the end of tomorrow.

Haven’t tried the Vasanti Cosmetics BrighgtenUp! Face Rejuvenator or Burt’s Bees Nourishing Milk & Honey Lotion yet, but I will tonight/tomorrow and come back and update. The little cardboard things of the lotion seem kind of cheesy and cheap, not any better than perfume samples in my opinion but I have heard it is nice lotion.

There was also a card in the box with a promo code for a free RMS Beauty Lip Shine in the colour Bloom with any Glymm store purchase. I was pretty frustrated by this. The day I got my box I tried to place an order but the website didn’t work. I tried on multiple computers and multiple browsers and never could order. I sent in an email and still almost a week later haven’t heard anything about that problem. The next morning I tried to order on ANOTHER computer/browser combo and finally got it to work – only to find out they were out of lip shines. I was a little upset because for one, lots of people hadn’t even got their box yet and they were out of them. And their website didn’t even work so I could order. I saw lots of people on their Facebook having problems with the website too and Glymm never did address it – there were a lot of angry people. Anyway, the next day they had more lip shines in stock (go figure) so I was able to order and get my free lip shine; all was well in the end. I was able to place my order for free – I just had to pay tax and shipping. Thanks to my awesome Glymm points! That order will hopefully be here by the end of this week so I can post about it.

Anyway, I would say this month’s Glymm box was sort of worth it. The Anastasia Beverly Hills Clean Brow Gel is worth around $8 for the size and the full size eye pencil (even if I won’t use it) is worth $16. So you I did get my money’s worth.

Disclosure: I just want to add that these opinions are my own, I am in no way affiliated with Glymm or earn anything for these posts (ie. I am not paid). The only benefit I get is 50 points, if one of you use my referral linkthank you to those who have – I really appreciate it.

UPDATE 01/31/12 – tried the last couple things this morning. The Vasanti Cosmetics BrighgtenUp! Face Rejuvenator felt amazing, the tiny little micro scrubbers were just perfect. I could totally see myself buying this. Years ago I used a similar feeling face wash, but for the life of me I can’t remember the name. The full size is a little pricy but you only need a VERY small amount.

I did not like the Burt’s Bees Nourishing Milk & Honey Lotion – it smells gross and took a while to massage into my skin. I felt like the lotion could of been a bit thicker or something, I dunno. Once it was all rubbed in it felt fine, but I wouldn’t buy this because of the smell alone – plus the St. Ives feels and smells much nicer and sells for 1/4 of the price (when on sale.) I also tried the Cargo Cosmestics Eye Pencil on my top eye lid this morning, the colour was still bad – you can hardly see it but it went on nice. Definitely wouldn’t buy, least not in Wood colour.

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3 thoughts on “January Glymm Box Review

  1. Rebekah

    I signed up last month for Glymm Box so this will be my first month actually getting the samples. I needed to change my address because I unexpectedly moved and I’ve had a HECK of a time getting a hold of them. It’s next to impossible. No one ever answers the phone or email. And I’ve had the same issues with the website not working. So far, I’m not too impressed so this box better be pretty amazing or they will be minus one customer next month.

    1. imonglue Post author

      Being a web developer myself I find it extra frustrating that their website still doesn’t function correctly. Hope you love your box though!!! I really enjoy getting mine even if the company gives me a major headache.

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