More 5 Cent Rimmel – Moisture Renew Lip Gloss & Lipstick

On my way home from work tonight I thought I would run into Walmart again and check for the 5 cent lipsticks that I missed out on last night. It was a bit of a pain because nothing was marked, so I had to scan each one – and most of the scanners in the store are currently out of order. But I found 4! I also grabbed the last of the lip glosses. If you see these items at your local Walmart I suggest running some of the items under a price scanner to check their price. And just because the Walmart website says “Not Likely In Stock” doesn’t mean that it isn’t – it just means that it MIGHT not be.

More 5 Cent Rimmel - Moisture Renew Lip Gloss & Lipstick
PAID: $0.62 after tax!

4 x Rimmel Moisture Renew Lipstock
7 x Rimmel Moisture Renew Lip Gloss

Moisture Renew Lip Gloss & Lipstick $0.62 after tax!

Super Cheap Rimmel Makeup

A tip, it seems to be all the lip glosses on sale but only some of the lipsticks. Here are the lipsticks I found that were $0.05 – the rest scanned at $5.98.
5 cent Rimmel Lipgloss

I saw other people getting different lipstick colours but my store didn’t have those ones in stock. Don’t forgot to check for the 60 second nail polish either! GOOD LUCK and HAPPY SHOPPING!

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