Shopping with Glymm Points – Not a Happy Experience

This Glymm shopping experiences was not a very good one. I don’t want to say it was the worst I have ever had – because in the grand scheme of things it wasn’t that bad. But it was pretty bad compared to most of the purchases online I have made. And there have been a lot.

I received my January Glymm box on January 23rd. Inside the box was a promo code to recieve a free RMS Beauty Lip Shine with any order. I figured it was the perfect time to spend some of my Glymm points (thanks to my readers for signing up).

I logged onto the site right away and started shopping. It took me a little while to figure out what I wanted but when I went to checkout the site didn’t work correctly. No error or anything just the page kept restarting. So I tried another browser, and another. And another computer and some more browsers. It didn’t matter what I tried I could not finish the checkout process on their website. I saw other Facebook members complaining of the same problem so I finally gave up after over an hour.

The next morning I tried on a THIRD computer and was finally able to order. But of course, the free RMS Beauty Lip Shine offer was over. All sold out. Not even 12 hours after I received my Glymm Box.

The next day, January 25th Glymm got more RMS Beauty Lip Shines in stock – YAY! So I was finally able to place my order. While checking out I was told I would receive 40 Glymm Points for my purchase. But when all was said and done I only received 4.

I contacted Glymm to find out what happened to my 40 points. After a couple days I was credited my “40 missing points” but they never added to my total. They showed on my account but they never were really added to my spending amount if that makes sense. So I emailed them again and they told me I didn’t deserve the points in the first place because “you don’t earn Glymm Points for spending points” but I could keep the bonus points as an apology for the trouble. At this point, I had been emailing them for OVER A WEEK! I never did get those 40 points, they still show on my account as being added even though they weren’t. But after a week of emailing I was sick of talking to them.

Anyway, on January 26 I got an email saying my order had been shipped. According to Canada Post I was supposed to receive it on February 3rd. By February 6th I still had no package and the tracking hadn’t updated at all. So I called Glymm to find out what was going on. They told me the Murad T-Zone Pore Refining Gel I ordered was on backorder! Seriously, you can send me an email to tell you shipped something you haven’t but you can’t send me an email to tell me what I ordered was on back order? For real. The person on the phone was super friendly, but I still can’t believe I was notified it shipped when it hadn’t.

On February 9th I get a second shipping notification – this time it really showed up, on February 16th.

Murad T-Zone Pore Refining Gel & RMS Beauty Lip Shine
Murad T-Zone Pore Refining Gel & RMS Beauty Lip Shine

Both items were “free”, all I had to do was pay the tax and shipping on the Murad T-Zone Pore Refining Gel ($11.46). They weren’t really free, I had to spend my 400 Glymm points to get them but still.

All in all I am happy with my order. But Glymm has some serious work to do. On top of their seriously half broken website that they refuse to address – they only seem to answer and/or receive half the emails you send AND they disabled their Facebook wall. In order to contact them you must email and hope they get it or call and hope the line isn’t busy. I am okay with both of those options but they should work! I would say about 3 out of 5 emails I have sent have been answered. I don’t think they are ignoring emails – I think they are not getting them.

Before they turned off their Facebook wall it was flooded with people saying the website didn’t work and their emails weren’t being answer. To me that is a sign that something is SERIOUSLY wrong.

I would like to note here, that I make websites for a living. I also fix bugs and test for bugs for a pretty big online company. So if I say there is something wrong with a website there really is. Not to mention telling a customer to try a different browser because nothing works in Google Chrome? What a load of… anyway, I use Google Chrome all the time and never have a problem. Not mention their website also didn’t work in IE8, IE9, FireFox… Anyway, Glymm really needs to step up. You can’t survive on a good product alone. They need a more reliable website and better customer service.

I took a lot of time writing them emails about all the problems with their website trying to help them and at least point out the bugs – go figure, I never got a reply.

Last week I was able to get myself on the wait list for the June Topbox. I am pretty sure once that starts coming I will be done with Glymm – if not before then. I love the boxes and I love the points but I just can’t get past all the issues.

When I went to do my January box surveys I never got my points. I had to email them for that too. I also don’t think the referral links were working correctly – they may be now, I have no way to test but they weren’t a couple weeks ago. If for some unknown reason this post has made you want to try Glymm for yourself, here is my referral link – you do get 100 points for signing up (worth $10).

Websites are allowed to have problems. It’s okay. BUT ADMIT IT. ADRESS IT! Post a message on your Facebook or Twitter or something – that is what it is for. “We are aware that some members are having issues with certain areas of our website. Please bare with us while we try and resolve these issues.” – something, anything is better than pretending the problems don’t exist. It makes it feel like they are blaming the customers and calling them stupid when in this case it is clearly a problem on their end.

Maybe if they just keep their eyes closed the problems will resolve themselves.

/ end rant

PS – it is possible Glymm MAY have fixed these problems by now… one would hope anyway – I haven’t tested and since they turned their Facebook wall off for comments I can’t see if people are still having problems.

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One thought on “Shopping with Glymm Points – Not a Happy Experience

  1. pippinelkhound

    Totally agree with your post.

    I’m still waiting for the January points and some from December because their site dumped my survey.

    Now, I’ve paid for March and haven’t received February’s yet.

    My TopBox starts in May.

    Still haven’t gotten anything from Glymm that I truly feel is a luxury.


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