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Mom Tip #4: Buy Vaseline

I read all the lists on what I needed to buy before the baby was born. Buy this don’t buy that. All the lists seemed long, very long. Some made sense and some didn’t. I tried to pick out what I thought I would really need in our first few days home. I didn’t buy any sorts of diaper creams because I had a basket full of free samples.

As the nurses helped us with our first diaper changes she told us to slather his bum in Vaseline. Lots of Vaseline. She explained that it would help to clean the meconium off his bum. And it really did help. A lot.

A family member thankfully picked us up a jar to have for when we got home. A few weeks later I saw a very new baby in Target, the Mom looked like she had just been discharged from the hospital. She was buying Vaseline.

Today’s advice: buy a jar of Vaseline before the baby is born!