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Mom Tip #4: Buy Vaseline

I read all the lists on what I needed to buy before the baby was born. Buy this don’t buy that. All the lists seemed long, very long. Some made sense and some didn’t. I tried to pick out what I thought I would really need in our first few days home. I didn’t buy any sorts of diaper creams because I had a basket full of free samples.

As the nurses helped us with our first diaper changes she told us to slather his bum in Vaseline. Lots of Vaseline. She explained that it would help to clean the meconium off his bum. And it really did help. A lot.

A family member thankfully picked us up a jar to have for when we got home. A few weeks later I saw a very new baby in Target, the Mom looked like she had just been discharged from the hospital. She was buying Vaseline.

Today’s advice: buy a jar of Vaseline before the baby is born!

Mom Tip #3: Take Photos in the Hospital

I was looking over hospital pictures and it really hit me that we didn’t get many photos at the hospital. I was especially upset that I never got that classic baby laying on Mom’s chest photo that everyone seems to have.

Today I was telling my Mom about how I wish I had that one photo. She pulls out her phone and goes this one? She had the photo I was after! I am beyond thrilled.

My word of advice to all expecting Moms: take as many pictures in the hospital as you can, even if you feel yucky. No one has to ever see them but at least you have them.

Others I wish I had: husband and baby and one of the three of us.

Making a list might help you remember what photos you want, I know it sounds silly but it’s so easy to forget!

Mom Tip #2: Breastfeeding Makes you Thirsty

Very thirsty.

I feel like I read this before the baby was born, probably in one of those apps or in a baby book or something but nothing really prepared me for how thirsty I would be. All. The. Time. I mean wake up in the middle of the night and drink a bottle of water thirsty. I can’t leave the house without a bottle of water or six.

My tip for you, buy a nice water bottle (if you don’t have one already) and be prepared to take it with you everywhere you go. Heck, buy yourself two water bottles. Maybe even three. I bought three.

I bought myself a three pack of Contigo bottles from Costco. They are really nice water bottles, I love them. I love them so much I have thought about buying another pack but what would I do with six water bottles. They are $20 for the pack of three.
contigo water bottles

One of the bottles is actually my husbands but I use the other two. That way one is in the fridge getting cold while I am drinking the other, assuming I actually drink one slow enough to let the other one get cold.

Mom Tip #1 – Hand Soap

Hand soap.

bath and body works hand soap

It seems like such a simple thing but I seriously was not prepared for the amount of hand soap I would start going through once the baby arrived. I have always been a big hand washer or so I thought, but now I am washing my hands twice as much, scratch that, ten times as much. Seriously.

I have used more bottles of hand soap in the last three months then I have in the last year. Sometimes I find myself washing my hands two or three times in a row just to make sure my hands are clean; especially after handling something spicy or using diaper cream.

So my first tip is to stock up on hand soap. I recommend something moisturizing because your hands are going to be dry from all the washing and using hand lotion just makes me want to wash my hands all over again. I also recommend something lightly scented, I do not recommend the Bath and Body Works soap I have pictured (it is all I currently have to take a picture of). I find the BBW soap a little too strongly scented to be using with the baby, if I find it strong I imagine it is worse for baby.

Mom Tips

I have decided to share some things that I have learned and am learning about having a new baby. Things that have surprised me, things I didn’t even think about when I was pregnant. These posts will be titled ‘Mom Tip #’ – they will appear in no particular order, I will just be blogging about them as I think of them. I hope that some of these tips will help other new moms or soon to be moms out there.