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Free Oatmeal, Glade and Nail Files

Really haven’t been in the blogging mood lately. Not a whole to blog about anyway but my brain is totally stuck on wedding. Here are a few things I picked up using free product coupons at Wal-Mart. I am trying to at least semi keep up with this blog – just in case someone out there is actually reading it. :D

Free Oatmeal, Glade and Nail Files

2 x Quaker Oatmeal Maple and Brown Sugar $3.37 – 2 x free product coupon = FREE
2 x Revlon Nail Files $1.77 – 2 x $2.00 tear pad coupon = FREE
2 x Glade Expressions Fragrance Mist $4.97 – 2 x free product coupon = FREE

Subtotal: $0.00
Tax: $0.00
Total: $1.63
Saved: $20.22
93% Coupon Savings

I have only tried the Glade Expressions Fragrance Mist once so far – I didn’t find it anything special but maybe I need to give it more of a chance. I was trying the Pineapple one – it just seemed like the scent disappeared almost right away.

FREE and Very Cheap Kellogg’s Products

Last night while wandering around Wal-Mart I noticed that all the Kellogg’s products where on sale. At least all the ones I had coupons for – the coupons came from the Kellogg’s Holiday Gift Box.

I really impressed the cashier (and myself) when the total came to $1.08.

FREE and Very Cheap Kellogg's Products

1 x Kellogg’s Rice Krispies Squares – Chocolatey Caramel 8 bars $1.67 – $2.00 coupon = FREE (+0.33)
1 x Kellogg’s Nutri Grain Bars Strawberry 8 bars $2.00 – $2.00 coupon = FREE
1 x Kellogg’s Mini-Wheats Brown Sugar Flavour 555g $2.97 – $2.50 coupons = $0.47
1 x Kellogg’s Corn Pops 345g $2.97 – $2.50 coupons = $0.47
1 x Kellogg’s Rice Krispies 525g $2.97 – $2.50 coupons = $0.47

Subtotal: $1.08
Taxes: $0.00
Total: $1.08
Saved $11.50 in coupons
91% Coupon Savings

To make this even sweeter (and more chocolaty) the box of Rice Krispies had a coupon for a FREE 200g bag of SMARTIES Eggs or 203g SMARTIES bag! I hope to try the eggs. Also, when I got home last night I had some websaver coupons waiting for me that had $1.50 off Rice Krispies Squares – hopefully they are $1.67 for a bit longer. :) I still have to use my All Bran Bar coupons – all my Wal-Mart had left was the Orange Cranberry ones – YUCK! Tried the ones in the Holiday Box and I did not like them all.

Looks like I am having cereal for breakfast.
Happy Friday everyone!

Walmart: Cheap Pantene, Garnier Fructis and Pillsbury

Found a fantastic deal on Pantene – thanks to a heads up on the forum. I saw someone saying they found some $2 Pantene products at Walmart so I headed to mine to check it out. I didn’t find the ones they found but I was lucky enough to find 3 different ones priced at $2 – the deal was even sweeter because they had $1.50 stickers on them – better yet, they were the larger bottles at 675ml! Score! Regular price on the bottles was $7.96!

Walmart: Cheap Pantene, Garnier Fructis and Pillsbury

2 x Pantene Curls to Straight Shampoo 675ml $2.00 – 2 x $1.50 peelie on bottle = $0.50 each
1 x Pantene Curls to Straight Conditioner 675ml $2.00 – $1.50 peelie on bottle = $0.50
1 x Pantene Dry to Moisturized 2 in 1 675ml $2.00 – $1.50 peelie on bottle = $0.50
2 x Garnier Fructis Clean and Fresh Shampoo 384ml $1.97 – 2 x $1.00 tear pad = $0.97
2 x Pillsbury Chocolatey Chunk Cookie Dough 468g $3.17 – 2 x $2.00 from websaver = $1.17 each

Subtotal: $6.28
Taxes: $1.43
Total: $7.71
Saved: $39.44
($12.00 in coupons & $27.44 in sale and clearance prices)
84% Savings

Couponing: First Time Getting Cash Back from Overage

On Friday I went into the mall to get my free Bath and Body Works trial size item thanks to their Valentine’s Day coupon on Facebook. I picked one of the newer scents, Aruba Coconut – smells great. Man I love Bath and Body Works.

Mall freebies: Bath and Body Works Aruba Coconut Lotion and Revlon Nail Files

After getting my free lotion I headed into Walmart for a quick look around. I found some Revlon nail files for $1.77 – perfect to pair up with my $2.00 off Revlon Beauty Tools coupon I found at Shoppers Drug Mart last week. I grabbed 4. I really didn’t need anything else in Walmart so I thought I would see what happens with my overage. Well… THEY GAVE IT BACK TO ME AS CASH! It was only $0.07 but I couldn’t believe it. This is the first time I have been paid in cash back to use coupons. Super exciting.

First time getting paid to coupon

Since Friday was my first day wearing my FitBit I was actually just walking around the mall to get my steps up – it worked out well and I left with some freebies. In fact, I didn’t spend a penny and left with 7 more than I entered with. Awesome day.

$1 Old Spice Body Wash

This is Thursday’s shopping.

Saw the Old Spice High Endurance Gameday Body Wash on clearance at Walmart for $2.50 – figured this was the perfect time to use up my buy 2 save $3 coupons from P&G BrandSaver inserts.

$1 Old Spice Body Wash

4 x Old Spice High Endurance Gameday Body Wash 532mL $2.50 – $3 WUB2 BrandSaver insert coupon = $1.00 each

Subtotal: $4.00
Tax: $1.20
Total: $6.20
Saved: $6.00 in coupons
49% Coupon Savings

I was just thinking about this and wondering… should my coupon savings percentage come before or after tax? I had always calculated it after tax but I wonder if it would make more sense to calculate it before tax… thoughts?

Also found some NIVEA Natural Beauty products at Dollarama for $2.00 each.

NIVEA Natural Beauty products at Dollarama.

Looks like the face wash/peel stuff sells for around $5 on Amazon and the eye cream for $15. I tried the face wash/peel – it is okay, it has the tiny little scrubbers similar to the Vasanti face wash I loved so much in my January Glymm box. Nice to find something that is much cheaper but it is no where near as nice, I will still be purchasing the Vasanti Cosmetics BrighgtenUp! Face Rejuvenator soon. The eye cream seems alright too – I dunno what a good eye cream is supposed to feel like, I am sure there is nicer stuff then this but for $2.00 it is hard to complain. I won’t rush to Dollarama to buy more of either but I will buy one more of each if they still have them next time I am back.

More 5 Cent Rimmel – Moisture Renew Lip Gloss & Lipstick

On my way home from work tonight I thought I would run into Walmart again and check for the 5 cent lipsticks that I missed out on last night. It was a bit of a pain because nothing was marked, so I had to scan each one – and most of the scanners in the store are currently out of order. But I found 4! I also grabbed the last of the lip glosses. If you see these items at your local Walmart I suggest running some of the items under a price scanner to check their price. And just because the Walmart website says “Not Likely In Stock” doesn’t mean that it isn’t – it just means that it MIGHT not be.

More 5 Cent Rimmel - Moisture Renew Lip Gloss & Lipstick
PAID: $0.62 after tax!

4 x Rimmel Moisture Renew Lipstock
7 x Rimmel Moisture Renew Lip Gloss

Moisture Renew Lip Gloss & Lipstick $0.62 after tax!

Super Cheap Rimmel Makeup

A tip, it seems to be all the lip glosses on sale but only some of the lipsticks. Here are the lipsticks I found that were $0.05 – the rest scanned at $5.98.
5 cent Rimmel Lipgloss

I saw other people getting different lipstick colours but my store didn’t have those ones in stock. Don’t forgot to check for the 60 second nail polish either! GOOD LUCK and HAPPY SHOPPING!

Walmart $0.05 Clearance – Rimmel Lip Gloss & Nail Polish

I feel like I just finished complaining about our Walmart and how terrible their clearance deals are – oh wait, that’s because I did. hah

After seeing another post today on the forum I had to go back to Walmart. This time the post was about some 5 cent Rimmel clearance prices that they saw today. Walmart is on my way home from work so it isn’t much of a pain to run in (just can be a waste of time). Anyway, today I hit the motherload! I found Rimmel Moisture Renew Lip Gloss and Rimmel 60 Seconds Nail Polish for 5 cents! Our store still had them priced at $2.00 so there were lots left. When I asked the girl working in the beauty section to check the price she informed me she was just getting ready to sticker them at 5 cents!! When I came home, I saw the poster on the forum found 5 cent lip stick as well. Tempted to go back and check but I did pretty good already I think.

A lot of this is for a friend – she is going to make Valentine’s goodie bags for her Sparkies next week. Got a few lip glosses for a couple girlfriends and I too.

Rimmel Moisture Renew Lip Gloss and Rimmel 60 Seconds Nail Polish for 5 cents
PAID $2.35

28 x Rimmel Moisture Renew Lip Gloss $0.05 = $1.40
14 x Rimmel 60 Seconds Nail Polish $0.05 = $0.65

Subtotal: $2.10
Tax: $0.25
Total: $2.35

Walmart $0.05 Clearance - Rimmel Lip Gloss & Nail Polish

I have used this Rimmel nail polish before – it is actually really nice and goes on nice too. Wicked deal for $0.05. I opened up a lip gloss and tried it out, not bad. Not sticky and goes on pretty nice. It is similar to most other drugstore lip glosses.

I suggest everyone check their Walmarts! Look for the polishes, glosses AND lip sticks. Still thinking about going and checking the lip sticks – haha – must stay away from Walmart! I would think the lady would of told me if they were 5 cents too if that was the case because she was nice and pointed out the nail polish.

Monday Couponing: Advil, French’s, Catelli, Goody & Kotex

Another couponing trip! I think it is time to lay off the coupons… I have been slowing down but it is so hard to say no to a good deal. Like 25 cent mustard and 50 cent pasta!

Advil, French's, Catelli, Goody & Kotex
Paid $7.49 – Saved $17.13 – 70% Coupon Savings

4 x French’s Yellow Mustard 225ml $1.00 – 4 x $0.75 insert coupon = $0.25 each
1 x French’s Honey Mustard 325ml $1.97 – 1 x $0.75 insert coupon = $1.22
1 x Advil Nightime 10 count $3.97 – 1 x $2.00 printable = $1.97
4 x Catelli Healthy Harvest Macaroni $1.00 – 2 x save $1.00 WUB2 from = $0.50 each

Subtotal: $6.19
Tax: $0.48
Total: $6.67
Saved: $7.75 in coupons
54% Coupon Savings

1 x Goody Ouchless Elastics 14 pack $1.99 – 50% pink sticker = $0.99
2 x U By Kotex Liners Tin $1.54 – 2 x $1.50 insert coupon = $0.04 each
3 x U By Kotex Tampons Tin $1.54 – 3 x $1.50 insert coupon = $0.04 each

-$0.88 Superbucks
Subtotal: 0.31
Tax: 0.51
Total: $0.82
Saved: $9.38
($7.50 coupons / $0.88 Superbucks / $1.00 in store)
92% Savings

So I keep reading on about all the great deals people are finding at their local Walmarts. All kinds of awesome stuff for $1. I keep checking our Walmart but find nothing. Our store actually has a big clearance area right now because the store is renovating but there is still nothing good – as least nothing good with a good price. I keep reading about all these $1 deals, like Gillette Fusion ProGlide blades (4 pack) for $1! WOW! I would love to find some of those, my fiancĂ© loves those…

Anyway, so while in Walmart again last night I tried looking for some of these deals. Here is highlight, and about the cheapest thing I found. An OPEN Burt Bee’s Lip Balm for $2… GROSS! sells them brand new for $4.50. Also, there was a pack of black and white photo paper specially made for my photo printer… I have been watching the clearance price of these SAME pack of photo paper for over two years. No that is not a typo… OVER TWO YEARS (and the packaging looks it). I was utterly shocked last night that I noticed the clearance price has INCREASED over $5. No joke. This lone pack of photo paper has sat in the same place in Walmart for over two years and the price has increased. I honestly wonder if it is even good anymore because it has the built in ink. From the looks of things I don’t think my Walmart will ever these great $1 clearance deals. Obviously our Walmart sucks.

Walmart & Superstore Finds – Royale, Neocitran, Advil, Covergirl & U by Kotex

Another boring night last night so decided to do some couponing – I wanted to use my $2 Royal coupons on sale toilet paper at Walmart; that was my main reason for my trip. Found a few other good deals to make it worth it though.

Walmart & Superstore Finds - Royale, Neocitran, Advil, Covergirl & U by Kotex
(toilet paper missing from photo)

2 x 12 Double Roll Royale Toilet Paper $4.47 – 2 x $2.00 from (no longer available) = $2.47 each
1 x Advil Nightime 10 count $3.97 – $2.00 printable = $1.97
1 x Covergirl Professional Mascara Clear $3.97 – $2.00 Covergirl Tearpad = $1.97
1 x Neocitran Cold and Flu Warming Night $4.00 – $3.00 printable = $1.00

Subtotal: $9.88
Tax: $2.50
Total: $12.39
Saved: $11.00 in coupons
47% Coupon Savings

4 x U by Kotex Travel Tins $1.54 – 4 x $1.50 printable coupon = $0.04 each

Subtotal: $0.16
Tax: $0.32
Total: $0.48
Saved: $6.00
93% Savings

The only thing that sucked about Superstore was that they made me pay for each one separate. Lame. I have read about that happening to other people but that is the first time it has happened to me.

After my shopping yesterday I came home to find more gocoupons – two more $2 off any Royale product and $2 off Royale 3ply toilet paper (also on for $4.47). So I actually ended up going back out coupoing tonight – I got to use my toilet paper coupons on the last toilet paper left, made it there just in time. My trip today was very similar yesterday, except I got three things of toilet paper and another bottle of Neocitran. Also picked up a few more U by Kotex Travel Tins. I figure another photo isn’t necessary since it is so similar – plus I am feeling a little lazy since I already took these. :p

Cheap Smart Kraft Dinner, Motrin, Neocitrin & FREE Glade Candle

Did this shop at Walmart on December 30, 2011. The NeoCitran and Glade Candles were on clearance! Wish I had of had more Glade products, I love free stuff and I love candles!

Cheap Smart Kraft Dinner, Motrin, Neocitrin & FREE Glade Candle

1 x Kraft Dinner Smart – Vegetables $1.00 – $0.75 from = $0.25
1 x Kraft Dinner Smart – High Fibre $1.00 – $0.75 from = $0.25
2 x Motrin Liquid Gels 16’s $3.47 – $3.00 tear pad = $0.47 each
NeoCitran Warming Relief Cold and Flu $4.00 – $3.00 printable (no longer available) = $1.00
1 x Glade Holiday Candle – French Vanilla $1.94 – 2.00 = FREE

Subtotal: $2.38
Taxes: $1.55
Total: $3.93
Saved: $12.50
76% Coupon Savings