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Couponing: First Time Getting Cash Back from Overage

On Friday I went into the mall to get my free Bath and Body Works trial size item thanks to their Valentine’s Day coupon on Facebook. I picked one of the newer scents, Aruba Coconut – smells great. Man I love Bath and Body Works.

Mall freebies: Bath and Body Works Aruba Coconut Lotion and Revlon Nail Files

After getting my free lotion I headed into Walmart for a quick look around. I found some Revlon nail files for $1.77 – perfect to pair up with my $2.00 off Revlon Beauty Tools coupon I found at Shoppers Drug Mart last week. I grabbed 4. I really didn’t need anything else in Walmart so I thought I would see what happens with my overage. Well… THEY GAVE IT BACK TO ME AS CASH! It was only $0.07 but I couldn’t believe it. This is the first time I have been paid in cash back to use coupons. Super exciting.

First time getting paid to coupon

Since Friday was my first day wearing my FitBit I was actually just walking around the mall to get my steps up – it worked out well and I left with some freebies. In fact, I didn’t spend a penny and left with 7 more than I entered with. Awesome day.

Bath and Body Works – Hello, Yellow! Sale – up to 75% off

I love Bath and Body Works. I have already shopped this sale a few times, just haven’t made a post about it yet. My store even has some stuff 90% off, my friend score me some awesome 90% off Wallflowers last week – Island Margarita flavour! Can’t wait to get those plugged in – after that I decided I better make a trip for myself.

I actually came out of there pretty good, less then $6! I mean pretty good in that I didn’t get too much money.

Bath and Body Works - Hello, Yellow! Sale - up to 75% off

1 x Nightlight Wallflower $7.50 – 75% off = $1.88
2 x Scentportable Refill Caribbean Escape (2 pack)7.00 – 75% off = $1.75

PLUS I saved another 10% after that for re-using my Hello, Yellow! Sale bag from the start of the sale (boxing day).

Subtotal: $4.63
Tax: $0.58
Total: $5.41
Saved: $16.67
75% Savings

Bath and Body Works Free Gift With Home Fragrance Purchase

Busy day today! Have a few posts to make but first I am going to start with Bath and Body works since it was my first stop of the morning.

I LOVE Bath and Body Works – even love isn’t a strong enough word for how much I enjoy their products. Pretty much all the employees recognize me when I walk in the door. I had to go for the free gift – I picked up some Christmas gifts while I was there so it was okay. ;) Christmas gifts and a free gift for me? Something like that.

This offer was today only from 10am-3pm – you got the free gift with any home fragrance purchase.

The gift:
Bath and Body Works Free Gift
Bath and Body Works tote tote, Wallflower Nightlight Starter, Single Bulb and Scentportable!

Pretty excited. Some good stocking stuffers or for me…

After Bath and Body Works we went to Costco, just for the regular food and stuff but scored a free roll of toilet paper sample – pretty awesome right? Who doesn’t love free toilet paper?