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June 2012 GLOSSYBOX Canada

I actually cancelled GLOSSYBOX before this month’s came. I decided to cut back to one subscription – that one being Topbox. But after seeing the June GLOSSYBOX I think I need to resubscribe. This is only the second GLOSSYBOX I have received but it impressed me just as much as the first. Yes it costs a bit more but I love that it is full of full size products and mostly stuff I use on a daily basis.

June 2012 Glossybox Canada

The June 2012 GLOSSYBOX came at the beginning of July. They really do ship late, but they are worth the wait.

Bioré Combination Skin Balancing Cleanser full size 200mL $9.99
Neutrogena Ultra Sheer Dry-Touch Sunscreen Lotion SPF 55 14mL (full size 88mL $15.99)
Wella Professionals Ocean Spiritz full size 150ml $16.99
Olay Regenerist Wrinkle Revolution Complex 7mL (full size 50ml $30.99)
Cover Girl Flipstick – Blendable Lip Duo full size 3.8fr #12.50
Gillete Venus Embrace Razor full size $13.43
Bioré Deep Cleansing Pore Strips 1 strip (full size 8ct $9.99)

Can you say AMAZING?!? 4 full size products! WOW! The only thing is – who wears gold /brown lip stick? eww. You would think they could of included a nicer colour of the Cover Girl Flipstick – Blendable Lip Duo to try. How many people would really wear this colour? Otherwise really in love with this box. Minus the Olay Regenerist Wrinkle Revolution Complex – I have received so many of these and they suck. I tried it, it goes on my face all weird and leaves this film that you can actually rub off. Gross.

Anyway, high fives to GLOSSYBOX – I think I better resubscribe ASAP. I see people complaining about the drug store brands but I honestly don’t care. I use face wash, razors, hair and lip products every day. I would rather this than stuff I won’t use.

My First Topbox – June 2012

After waiting since February my first Topbox finally arrived in June! Yes, I am very late in posting this – my July one should be here tomorrow so I thought I better get this post up before that one came.

I was happy with the Topbox but I think after waiting so long I was hoping for more WOW.

My First Topbox - June 2012

Deborah Lippmann Nail Polish Whatever Lola Wants 15mL full size $20
Pari Beauty Precious Glow (full size 10mL $15)
Cover FX ClearPrep FX 7ml (full size 30mL $39)
Skinceuticals C E Ferulic (full size 30mL $150)
BONUS: Simple Eye Make-Up Remover 56mL
BONUS: Garnier Miracle Skin Perfecter B.B. Cream 3 x 1.5mL

The box was good – one full size product and two bonuses. I liked the Pari Beauty Precious Glow. When I tried to use the nail polish I couldn’t actually get it open so I gave up and used something else. But I was able to get it open later by soaking it in hot water (top only).

Looking forward to what the July box brings.

May 2012 GLOSSYBOX Canada Review

This is the first Glossybox I have received and WOW. Really impressed with this one. So impressed I immediately cancelled my Loose Button Luxe Box subscription. Yes the box did come late – it came June 2. But it was totally worth the wait and filled with products I would use. 3 of the products were full size and two were large sample sizes. Best of all, no crappy perfume samples or shampoo packages. There was nothing in this box I could of got free (HELLO LOOSE BUTTON, I AM TALKING TO YOU!!) Very impressed!

Right away I noticed the packaging seemed much better then both the Luxe and Glymm boxes. The box felt more solid and study the ribbon thicker and nicer. Giving it a more high end feel.

May 2012 GLOSSYBOX Canada

The May 2012 GLOSSYBOX was PACKED full of awesome items.

May 2012 GLOSSYBOX Canada Review

Curel Foot Cream FULL SIZE 100ml $3.99
Simple Eye Makeup Remover 56ml (full size 125ml $9.00)
Simple Facial Wash Gel 50ml (full size 150ml $9.99)
Pandora’s MakeUp Box Lipstick FULL SIZE $16.00
Sebastian Professional Volupt Shampoo FULL SIZE 250 ml $15.78

I use everything that was in this box on a daily basis – happy to finally get a box full of items I will use. The lipstick was packaged very cutely, although – a little too cute for the price. The packaging seems more targeted at pre-teen girls, but what pre-teen spends $16.00 on a lipstick? I must say it smells very good, like vanilla. A nice change for a lipstick. I haven’t tried it yet though.

Pandora's MakeUp Box Lipstick

The GLOSSYBOX subscription is slightly more then the others at $15 a month (includes tax and shipping) – but with a value of $45 I say it is more then worth it. Some of my other boxes has been worth more but filled with items I wouldn’t necessarily use (like small tubes of mega expensive anti wrinkle cream). But all this will get put to use. Looking forward to my next GLOSSYBOX.

I was trying to get myself narrowed down to just one beauty box a month, but with TOPBOX starting next month I am not sure how that is going to be possible.