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Free L’OCCITANE en Provence Shea Butter Hand Cream

L’OCCITANE en Provence had an offer on their Facebook – for every sign up to their website you got a free hand cream valued at $6. If they reached 6,000 subscribers they would upgrade you to the bigger hand cream valued at $12. They reached 39,000!

The catch was you had to pick up your hand cream in store and we don’t have a store locally.

The hand cream is pretty nice – it is a little thick but absorbs pretty well. It has a pretty nice smell to it too and leaves your hands soft. I am such a hand cream addict, a girl can never have too many. This one is a bit pricey, but a good hand cream can be worth it. The downfall is, there is no where for me to buy this locally if I wanted to.

So yesterday a friend and I drove an hour and half to pick ours up! It was a fun day.

The L’OCCITANE en Provence store was nice – I have been in one before but never really checked it out. It looks like they have some really nice products – bit pricey though. They also loaded the three of us up with some free samples on top of our free hand cream.

Free L'OCCITANE en Provence Shea Butter Hand Cream

Free L’OCCITANE en Provence Shea Butter Mini Hand Cream 30ml
L’OCCITANE en Provence Samples:
Aromachologie Soothing Shampoo 8ml
Aromachologie Soothing Conditioner 8ml
Aromachologie Repairing Shampoo 8ml
Aromachologie Repairing Conditioner 8ml
Almond Milk Concentrate 8ml
Immortelle Eye Balm 1ml
Essential Water for the Face 2ml
Precious Fluid 1ml

While we were there we hit up Old Navy since we don’t have one (yet) – I picked up a couple things. There wasn’t that many great deals, but I found a couple items I liked. I don’t normally pay full price there but I did have a 20% off coupon so it wasn’t too bad. And I really liked what I found – a neon orange t-shirt, woo! We also got to see another one of my really good friends. Had a delicious lunch at Red Robin and hit up American Eagle where I found some $15 jeans. We don’t have any of these places in our town so it was a really fun day. We got lots of walking in too (over 15,000 steps and 35 flights of stairs according to my FitBit).

Great day!

Mail Freebies: Marcelle, RMS Beauty, Marcelle and MORE!

Today was an amazing mail day – the best I have ever had.

amazing mail day

I had 5 packages (and an envelope) waiting for me when I got home! It was almost as good as Christmas morning. I actually feel bad for my poor mail person today. Least we don’t have door to door delivery – they just had to drop them all in a box.

Mail Freebies:  Marcelle, RMS Beauty, Marcelle and MORE!

Free product coupon for CheeCha Puffs (missing from photo)
Free L’Oreal Paris Elnett Hairspray
Free Marcelle BB Cream
Murad T-Zone Gel (used Glymm points, so it was free)
Free RMS Beauty Lip Shine (used Glymm promo code when buying gel)
Free Lean Cuisine Lunch Bag (photo below)
and my FitBit! (gift)

Free product coupon for CheeCha Puffs came from an offer on their Facebook page a week or two ago. L’Oreal Paris Elnett Hairspray came from an contest on their Facebook page before Christmas – it was an instant win prize. Took a while to get.

The Marcelle BB Cream is one of the most exciting freebies I have received yet. I got this for referring 10 friends to sign up for their Facebook page last Tuesday. This came REALLY fast for an amazing freebie. It is full size and worth $22.95 plus tax. I had previously read other bloggers saying how awesome it was and had tried to find it in stores (not knowing it didn’t come out until last Tuesday) so I am extremely excited to try this out.

The Murad T-Zone Gel came from Glymm.com. I used 400 Glymm Points to get it for free – 100 points is worth $10 (you get 100 points for signing up to their monthly box subscription.) I also used a promo code from my January Glymm box to get a Free RMS Beauty Lip Shine (worth $25). I did have to pay tax and shipping on the Murad T-Zone Gel for a total of $11.46. So I guess it wasn’t totally free, but it was pretty darn close. (There will be post on this soon to share my experiences with shopping on Glymm.com.)

The FitBit was a Valentine’s Day gift from my fiancé. Last Thursday I went for dinner with a girlfriend and she gave me all kinds of rave reviews about hers – I came home and was telling him about it and he ordered me one right then and there. I can’t believe a week later it was at my house. It shippied from California and arrived in Canada in under a week (not even 5 full shipping days). You can check out more about the FitBit on their website and order your very own with FREE shipping! In case anyone is wondering, I used the free shipping option and it still came super fast, so save your pennies and don’t bother with any of the paid options. I am sure you will be seeing more posts about my FitBit in the future.

Free Lean Cuisine Lunch Bag
And last but not least, my Free Lean Cuisine Lunch Bag. Last month leancuisine.ca was offering double points on Lean Cuisine pins. Each meal was worth 500 points and you could get a lunch bag for 1500 points (3 meals). Combined with both the Facebook offers for free meals, a friend giving me her pins and a couple I had in the freezer I was able to get TWO lunch bags! The second one should be here soon. It is a really nice bag and a good size. Really happy with it and can’t wait to try it out.

All that came today! CRAZY!!! Earlier in the week I also got a free product coupon for Philadelphia Cooking Creme. And something I forgot to mention – last Monday February 6 – I was the first person to tweet @londondrugs and I won 4 boxes of Keurig K-Cups – got to pick them up last Friday. Bit slow on posting that.
I won 4 boxes of Keurig K-Cups

Anyway, it has been a really great week. Wonder if there will be anything exciting in my mailbox tomorrow? Another lunch bag perhaps?

Amazing Free Kellogg’s Holiday Gift Box 2011

I signed up for this a couple weeks ago – I realized after, it was supposed to be for Ontario only but it came anyway! And it is amazing. Best of all, it was completely FREE!

Amazing Free Kellogg's Holiday Gift Box 2011

Kellogg’s Rice Krispies Gluten Free With Brown Rice
Kellogg’s Mini-Wheats Centres Mixed Berry Flavour
Kellogg’s Cinnamon Pops Cereal
Kellogg’s Rice Krispies Granola Bars Strawberry Flavour
Kellogg’s All-Bran Cereal Bars Orange Cranberry Flavour

Everything was full size. So impressed. Tried the Cinnamon Pops this morning, they were delicious! To make the box even better; as if it wasn’t already amazing – there were some high value coupons!

$2.50 off Rice Krispies
$2.50 off Mini-Wheats
$2.00 off All-Bran Bars
$2.50 off Cinnamon Pops or Corn Pops
$2 off Rice Krispies Granola Bars or Rice Krispies Squares
$2 off Nutri-Grain Bars

With these coupons and sales I should be able to get some more snacks and cereal very cheap or even free! Awesome.

Free Neutrogena & Listerine – Cheap O.B., Multibionta & L’Oréal

Went back to London Drugs to get more cheap O.B. tampons and free Neutrogena Norwegian Formula Soothing Wrap Body Lotion – unfortunately you weren’t supposed to be able to stack coupons according to the wording on the in store London Drugs coupons for the Neutrogena. Oops. The cashier pointed it out today – guess I need to read the coupons a little closer. So I did one and one, found a 20 pack of tampons in there today for the $2.99 price.

Free Neutrogena & Listerine - Cheap O.B., Multibionta & L'Oréal

$12.44 after tax - Saved $33.99 in coupons (73% Coupons Savings)

London Drugs
1 x O.B Tampons 20’s $2.99 – $2.00 printable (at the end of the video) = $0.99
1 x O.B Tampons 20’s $2.99 – bought to get the free Neutrogena Lotion = $2.99
1 x Neutrogena Norwegian Formula Soothing Wrap Body Lotion 250ml $9.99 – FREE in store coupon (for buying the O.B.) = FREE

Subtotal: $3.96
Tax: $0.30
Total: $4.26
Saved: $11.99

74% Coupon Savings

Shoppers Drug Mart
2 x Listerine Whitening plus Restoring 473ml $4.99 – $5.00 tear pad coupon = FREE
2 x Multibionta Probiotic Multivitamin 30’s $6.99 – $5.00 printable for joining website = $1.99
1 x L’Oréal Studio Hair Paste @ 2.99 – $2.00 coupon from tear pads = $0.99

Subtotal: $4.95
Tax: $3.23
Total: $8.18
Saved: $50.00
($22.00 in coupons and $28.00 for shopping sale prices)
86% Savings (73% Coupon Savings)

FREE Neutrogena Norwegian Formula Soothing Wrap Body Lotion For Buying Cheap O.B. Tampons

Can I just say I REALLY REALLY love London Drugs. The staff there is so amazing and friendly and helpful and the deals – WOW. Wish I had of started shopping there years ago… also wish I had of started couponing sooner – but don’t we all. Super excited for today’s sore – the toilet paper was whatever, I only have two rolls left and don’t want to run out. Gonna try and get some at Shoppers Drug Mart on their Sunday/Monday deals. Anyway on to today.

I couldn’t find the right free gift with purchase. The coupon for the FREE Neutrogena Norwegian Formula Soothing Wrap Body Lotion was in front of the wrong-but-almost the same product so I made the mistake at first of trying to buy it. Everyone was really nice in helping me find the right product – turns out it was at the customer service desk because it is not something they keep in stock! phew, I thought maybe they had run out already. Anyway they found it for me. What a deal on it’s own, buy $2.99 tampons and get a free $10 body lotion? To top it off I had a $2.00 off coupon for the O.B. making them $0.99! The lotions are perfect for my Mom and Grandma’s stocking!

FREE Neutrogena Norwegian Formula Soothing Wrap Body Lotion For Buying Cheap O.B. Tampons

Paid $6.87 after tax and saved $24.98

1 x Cascades Enviro Premium Toilet Paper 12 double roll $4.99 – $1.00 printable from website = $3.99
2 x O.B. Tampons 18’s $2.99 – $2.00 printable (at the end of the video) = $0.99
2 x Neutrogena Norwegian Formula Soothing Wrap Body Lotion 250ml $9.99 – FREE in store coupon (for buying the O.B.) = FREE

Subtotal: $5.97
Tax: $0.90
Total: $6.87
Saved: $24.98
in coupons probably another $9.00ish dollars for shopping sale price, but forgot to check
78% Coupon Savings

Seriously super excited about today’s shop. It’s not my highest savings or anything so I dunno why but it was awesome. :)

Happy weekend everyone!

Bath and Body Works Free Gift With Home Fragrance Purchase

Busy day today! Have a few posts to make but first I am going to start with Bath and Body works since it was my first stop of the morning.

I LOVE Bath and Body Works – even love isn’t a strong enough word for how much I enjoy their products. Pretty much all the employees recognize me when I walk in the door. I had to go for the free gift – I picked up some Christmas gifts while I was there so it was okay. ;) Christmas gifts and a free gift for me? Something like that.

This offer was today only from 10am-3pm – you got the free gift with any home fragrance purchase.

The gift:
Bath and Body Works Free Gift
Bath and Body Works tote tote, Wallflower Nightlight Starter, Single Bulb and Scentportable!

Pretty excited. Some good stocking stuffers or for me…

After Bath and Body Works we went to Costco, just for the regular food and stuff but scored a free roll of toilet paper sample – pretty awesome right? Who doesn’t love free toilet paper?